Healthy eating

Una alumna de 2º bachillerato ha hecho una interesante reflexión sobre la comida “poco saludable” que se vende habitualmente en los institutos.


3 Respuestas a “Healthy eating

  1. to be in good health you should do more sport and sleep around 7 hours then try to laugh watching a comedian film because laughing is healthy

  2. I think the cafeteria should have healthier food, because yunk food lead to many health problems, it makes you fat and gives you heart problems and many other problems … we should eat more vegetables and less chocolate and sodas… healthy food makes happy students.

  3. David Fraga Fariña

    I think the schools should have more kinds of food and a big cafeteria with tables, chairs so that people are confortable.I agree there are many fat boys because they dont eat well


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