Good lesson

Mr Duncan es un profesor de inglés nacido en inglaterra que tras trabajar durante 4 años en China como profesor de conversación en inglés, regresó a su país  y decidió crear videos gratuitos (subidos a YouTube) para enseñar inglés a todo aquel que quiera aprender online. Éste es el primero que traemos al blog, hace una reflexión interesante sobre la forma de aprender idiomas. Como podrás comprobar, para facilitar la labor, está subtitulado en inglés. En el documento que se abre puedes responder a las preguntas.

4 Respuestas a “Good lesson

  1. Estefanía Guanche

    I have seen Mister Duncan in another video, and the first time that I saw him I thought he was crazy. Currently, I think we can learn English with him, because he has a great pronunciation and he’s very funny.
    Well, he talks about the importance to learn other languages, such as learning English like second language, as it’s the most important language in the world. Because of the Internet and our global economy, we need to learn English, because nowadays it’s the international language; there are people that aren’t employing, because they only can speak their mother tongue and nowadays, if you don’t speak two or more foreign languages you could work in a job that you don’t like or simply, you won’t get a job. If we study English day by day, it won’t be difficult, but it takes a lot of time, patience… and we must learn of our mistakes. You must be a confidence attitude when you are learning English or other languages.
    I think, other ways to learn other languages are:
    *Reading books or watching films in their original version or dubbed into other languages.
    *Listening music and then try to writ it on a notebook.
    *To go to The Official Languages School, but this way to learn some language is difficult than the others, because there are people that couldn’t go at it, because of the money.
    REMEMBER; if you want to learn other languages…

  2. Kristian Martinez 1ºBach B

    I think that learning language to internet can be a good choice to study. For me the most important language is English, I think this videos (good pronunciation, everything is understood) it helps a lot off to understand listening, reading, and above all speaking. I like this video because this person is serious and nice. I like his pronunciation, because I’m going to get like this post.

  3. What a freak man!
    But hes totally right! Self confidence is the most important thing not only to learn English, but to do anything!

    I have another advice for people learning English: MUSIC! Everybody likes music so, why dont you use it as an advantage to learn English?
    Just search the lyrics of the songs you like, and try to translate it. After that, you can sing the song knowing what youre singing!

    Isnt it gr8? I think thats the best way to learn English ‘cos we must practise everyday, and we usually listen to music everyday!

    P.D: Pino, can it be considered as homework? I hope so! 🙂

  4. In my opinion this video it’s good for learn english and practise the listening and learn more vocabulary. The person is a good teacher*, he talking slow and his pronunciation it’s nice


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