Great song

Gracias a la propuesta de una alumna de 1º bachillerato rescatamos aquí una canción de hace 24 años, “We are the World“, una iniciativa que unió a los mejores artistas del momento con el objetivo de recaudar dinero para África. Sin duda, ha sido una de las grandes canciones de la historia de la música. aquí la dejamos, así como una pequeña reseña de cómo se gestó, con la participación de Michael Jackson.


6 Respuestas a “Great song

  1. Aythami Pérez Remedios

    I think is wonderful that there are people that help to more needy, already that it is gratifying.

  2. It’s a incredible song because transmit a lot of values that are important for our life.I love this song because is lovely.

  3. lara perez galdon

    It´s great! the song is very beautiful and i love the letter XD

  4. It´s great! , the singers of this song are Fantastic, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan etc.. it´s a fusion style for a cause, Help Africa!

  5. WOW! What else can make possible a meeting of so many extraordinary people? It’s not only Michael, it’s stevie wonder, IT’S BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!! Have you heard all this strenght in his voice!!?

    This blog is doing it again! It was summercat at first, and know it’s making me love another song!



    in this song,met important artists to sing to children who have nothing.


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