Another lesson by Mr Duncan

Dada la buena aceptación que tuvo el primer vídeo del profesor Mr Duncan, (si no lo has visto, lo puedes hacer aún entrando en la categoría de “listening” en el menú de la derecha) mostramos otro excelente vídeo suyo esta vez referido al tema de “Health and exercise”. Tras verlo, puedes dejar aquí tu opinión contestando a la pregunta: Do you think you are a healthy person?

13 Respuestas a “Another lesson by Mr Duncan

  1. I think everybody should practise sport, and eat a healthy food every day. This is very importan for yourself

  2. I think I am a healthy person because I eat healthy food and I sometimes do sport.
    I agree with Mr Duncan’s opinion, everybody have to keep a healhy life.

  3. i think that i am a healthy person because i eat a really good food because i eat vegetable, meat, fruits and i don’t eat nothings of fast food, and i go to train three times a week and i have time the days that i haven’t football i go to job. I don’t smoke and neither I drink

  4. I agree with Mr Duncan. I think that it is healthy practise a sport and avoid fats.I try to eat healthy food every day. I never eat junk food.

  5. I think that i’m a healthy person because i do sport and i eat healthy food and i have something, is very important for be a healthy person: is sleep well and more than eight hours.I have some hobbies but my favourite is volleyball.I love it!the junk food is not healthy is very bad for our body.

  6. I think it is healthy and beneficial as this man says. I also believe that everyone should do exercise occasionally, which is good for us. My diet is not very good because I eat too many sweets, but I like exercise. Mr Duncan is a good teacher and learn a lot with their classes. =)

  7. I think that I´m a healthy person because I try to eat ealthy food , I train with my football team twice a week and I try to sleep well , but when i have to wake up early , I can’t eat always.

  8. In my opinion a healthy person is that try to practise sport and avoid eat fast food. Me for examples, I train 8 hours a weeks with my team of indoor football and I only eat fast food the weekends.

  9. In a certain way a lot of people aren’t fit because they eat much food, food with fats. Avoid the fast food is good for have a healthy life.Also I agree in learn inglish with mr Duncan because he talk about being healthy and this is important for me.

  10. I think that I’m a healthy boy because I eat healthy food, I do indoor soccer twice a week and I go to run for the weekend to keep fit.

  11. I’ve always thought that this man is half crazy, because when he gives his English lessons, he motivates and explains everything very enthusiastically. But if we have to say that everything he says, in its way, is true and is quite right.

  12. I agree with the Mr Duncan’s opinion.
    I think that everybody should have a healthy life and keep-fit. Doing sport once or twice a week, it’s a good commence. Or not smok and eat healthy food.
    I think that I’m a healthy person because I do sport and I don’t smoke. I always try eat healthy, althought sometimes I can’t resist to the sweets…

  13. Mr Duncan shows us in this video any exercices for have a healthy life,for example swim,run,jog etc…He says that keep-fit you need eat well,do the sport and don’t smoke.


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