Enseñando inglés

Aquí dejamos un simpático vídeo en el que los dos porteros de la selección española,  Pepe Reina e Iker Casillas se enfentan al inglés, uno como profesor y  otro como alumno.

8 Respuestas a “Enseñando inglés

  1. roberto castellano

    The interview is very funny,pepe speak english excellent! and Iker Casillas have to practise pronunciation.This video is vey good for to begin speak english.

  2. Iker looks a little bit nervous, but he knows how to speak in english. I think this video is very good idea because it encourages people to learn others languages.

  3. The interview is funny, Iker defend well, but is better in stopping balls 😄

  4. The interview is very funny. Pepe speak english very good it is “profesional”.

  5. Is a very funny interview. I think Iker would have to practice pronunciation, because he has to pronounce better. =)

  6. In this small class of English that Iker has been shown that although only plays football, he also knows to speak another language. As written in the previous comment, with these small videos the children will want to learn English, just to be like his idol.

  7. It’s a good way for children will want to speak in English. They see their football’s idols speaking in English and then, they also want to speak it.

  8. jajajajajaj is a good interview Iker looks any nervous with his english lesson.


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