Song for peace

En la presente edición del recital de poesía que hacemos cada año en el centro, con motivo del Día Escolar de la No-violencia y la Paz, una alumna de 1º bachillerato  leerá un extracto de la canción “Heal the World” de Michael Jackson. Aqúi dejamos el vídeo con subtítulos en inglés y español.


11 Respuestas a “Song for peace

  1. this is the star 😀

  2. I love the Michael Jackson (L).

  3. Michael is the best.This song it’s precious and i agree with him we shoul make a better place because we are destroyed.

  4. This song is beautiful. Its words expresses many feeling.
    It’s the dream that we want. Everybody can have a better world if we help each to other.

  5. omg that song is awesome!!! i can’t stop listering to it!! 😀

    I love ladies merry!!! (AYM)

  6. he is right, love is strong!
    I never had listened this song, it’s lyrics are so beautiful that I almost cry!

  7. Dear Alejandra: I should write in English, but Spanish is my passion … Kisses!!!

  8. Is a song with very nice lyrics. I never had listened this song but I loved it. Is a very nice song.

  9. Loly! You must speak in English!

    I never had listened this song and I think it’s really fantastic!

    If everybody thought like Michel Jackson that wonderful would be the world!

    Concerning to the poetic reading: it was very interesting and full of feeling (at least for me).

  10. Is a song precious the message transmitting is really moving, at least in my opinion

  11. Entrañable la canción. ¡Enhorabuena a los alumnos que han participado, sacrificando sus recreos! A todos, ¡GRACIAS!


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