The Meaning of War

Excelente testimonio el que mostramos aquí, se trata de Mike Prysner,  un veterano de guerra que da un discurso diciendo lo que realmente es una guerra, ya que él la vivió desde el peor sitio, desde dentro. Con  subtítulos en español para no perderse nada.


4 Respuestas a “The Meaning of War

  1. OH! this boy talk to true life and he is right.i agree with this video and he has been brave saying the feeling people that go to fight, in fact they fight without reason.We don’t take care of the consequences and I’m really moved with this video!

  2. Everything he says, it’s the real life. The war is a unnecessary fact, where many innocent people die. It’s very hard to kill a person without any reason, and the harder it’s see as they suffer because of your fault. Make a war, it’s to have no heart.

  3. Patricia Rodríguez

    It’s true. He’s talking about the real life.
    Powerful people lie about the war but we should think…What could happen if our people died in war?
    We could see the war with different eyes.

  4. I agree with him, I hate the army ,is a way of killing people.I feel embarrassed to see this video.


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