Stand by me

Timon y Pumba interpretan una simpática versión de todo un clásico de la música, “stand by me” (“cuenta conmigo”). Una canción muy fácil de seguir y que en este vídeo aparece con la letra en inglés y traducida al español.


14 Respuestas a “Stand by me

  1. It’s good and beautiful.

  2. Stand by me… Is very funny, because Timon and Pumba are singing.

  3. This video super gallant is, is very enterteining, me my friends are charmed with the truth also.
    A kiss 😀

  4. i like this song because it’s funny and are a little teach song but i pity my of Pumba

  5. this song are great because timon and punba are a clasic and this song is a teach song and timon and pumba are the teachers for the children

  6. I love Timon and Pumbaa. When I was a child, always I liked seeing them. They are very funny … and I love them!
    I like listen to songs from the cartoons because they bring me good memories.

  7. jajajajaja the song is simpathetic.this song remind me when I was a child, I thing that everybody have heard this song when were a childs.

  8. That’s not the original song. The first one was made by Ben. E. King, a popular black singer from 80’s.

    That’s a great song and I like this version. It’s in the Timon and Pumba’s film!

  9. Patricia Rodríguez

    It’s so funny!
    The song is pretty and videoclip is very funny.
    I like it!
    Really,poor Pumba jaja

  10. This is a song very funny because on the one hand the video clip are very interesting because the things that do Timon and pumba!

  11. Poor Pumba!
    I like very much this song. When I was eight years old, I was listening this song all time and also many songs of Timon and Pumba.
    I like them very much!!

  12. They put one of my favorite songs, I’ve heard many times and I like the song. What more can I ask?

  13. I really like this song, and it’s very pretty.
    and.. I like timon and pumba too! jaja

  14. I can’t believe it! I was listenig “Stand by me” played by The Beatles when I saw this post!

    What a coincidence! :O


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