Isaac Cabello, alumno de 2º bachillerato, ha realizado la siguiente reflexión sobre el grafiti. Puedes dejar un comentario sobre este tema. ¿Estás de acuerdo con su opinión?


14 Respuestas a “Graffiti

  1. in my opinion, graffiti is not a crime, is an art. And that should not be seen as a slut people boring because some of those people make a living doing graffiti

  2. In my opinion the graffiti is an art and a necessity in some cities, because they are something sad, but making them in places where they have permission to paint without disturbing others persons.

  3. roberto castellano

    I think that graffity is a style of art but shouldn´t be prohibited for the young people,owed to the evil use this arte.It is a way different of expressing.

  4. Aythami Pérez Remedios

    I agree with his opinion because the graffiti is an art
    and a way to express some ideas or opinions. I thik that
    there should be places to the graffiti and it should be allowed like an art.

  5. I agree with him. The graffiti is an urban art, and forms of escaping of the reality for the young people, shouldn’t be prohibit some graffiti have very much expresion. This is urban art.

  6. I agree with Isaac. I think graffiti is an art that it expresses feelings, but if it is painted in places where they can paint. Painting in historical monuments and in places not allowed, it’s an vandalism’s act. For this reason, they have to make places where it can be painted graffitis and like that, they can express their feelings freely without problems.

  7. I agree with Isaac, I think that graffiti is a style of art because well the young people not commits vandalims is a way of entertain.

  8. I think it´s a style of art for some people and more for young people than for old people, and sometimes the graffities are in places where it isn´t art for the most people or these people don´t like graffities that´s because it´s considerated an urban vandalism.

  9. I also agree with Isaac’s opinions,I think that some walls should be paint with graffiti because it’s a beatiful an interesting way to express different feelings and different points of view

  10. I very much agree with the author of this writing, because graffiti is a way of expressing art, but if we use it well.
    The person who paints a old wall with graffiti and makes a work of art there not be a bad person, an ordinary person… on the contrary, maybe that person is more polite and more enjoyable than the person who criticizes and wants to prohibit them to express feelings.

  11. I admire people who can draw graffiti because I think it’s an art and it’s very difficult too (at least for me). Although I like graffiti, I hate to see it on a public wall or on a monument, because then it becomes urban vandalism and not an style of art. For that, I agree with Isaac: there should be some special places in which drawers could express their art.

  12. Patricia Rodríguez

    I agree with Isaac too.
    Graffiti should be a beautiful style of art but It should be a bad urban vandalism.
    The different between us is the respect for homes,monuments…

  13. I agree with Isaac, I think that graffiti is a style of art, but like all, with limits. I don’t agree with the fact that the people who paint the graffitis, paint them wherever they want. Authorities must to take into account this people, and build some walls where they can paint in.

  14. In my opinion, the graffiti is a style of art, although some people do painting urban vandalism in places they shouln’t. So they should give them more sites where they can paint without problem.


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