We Are The World 25 For Haiti

Julieta Ruiz (alumna de 4º ESO) nos recomienda la nueva versión del clásico “We are the World”, en esta ocasión, un grupo de músicos se unen para recaudar fondos para Haití. Ya en una entrada anterior en este blog, recuperábamos la versión que hace 25 años se creó para ayudar al continente africano (para verla haz clic aquí).


10 Respuestas a “We Are The World 25 For Haiti

  1. I think that it’s so cool!
    They have collected a lot of money to donate it for a solidarity cause. It was a really good idea, because Haiti is having a bad time and we must colaborate to help Haití as fast as possible.

  2. roberto castellano

    This much better this version, because there are appear more better and actually singers.

  3. I really like this song is very beautiful

  4. It is very nice to see as famous people helps persons who have been taken off of everything, is a very noble reason for their part

  5. I agree with their it’s a great idea to collect more money.It’s precious see the famous people cooperate together for Haití.The image about Haití are bleak.All peole should help their!

  6. It’s a great idea! In this way, it can be collect more money to help Haiti.
    All these people haven’t got anything, and if we collaborate together, his tragedy will finish faster. His life is in your hands … Help him!

  7. Aythami Pérez Remedios

    It’s surprising!!! That there are events with so many people to help to affected by Haití earthquake, for they can eat, are a house where stay…

  8. The best part in this song is when appear Michael Jackson. It’s really good song and thank Richie for to meet big singers as Snoop Dogg, Fergie, Will.i.am, Janet Jackson,Celine Dion…all united for one cause!

  9. Oh my God! what a wonderful idea!! The original song was very good, but this version is amazing, I love it! Besides, in it they continue counting MICHAEL JACKSON in!!
    Simply… I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it!

  10. i think that this event is too much catastrophic and that there is to help them in the possible maximum to the Haiti people, because they need it urgently and we can help them, in fact, in our institute we have made a collection of money and have gotten to collect 4.000€ that it will give to a ONG. ALL BY HAITI!


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