What’s the best accent?

Una de las preguntas más recurrentes de quienes intentan aprender inglés es “¿cuál es mejor acento, el británico o el americano?,  el profesor Mr Duncan lo explica perfectamente en el siguiente vídeo.


9 Respuestas a “What’s the best accent?

  1. María López Cantero 3ºA

    I agree with Mr Duncan , I think the best accent is everyone have. In my opinion both accents are interesting. In the school teach us the british accent so as we are used to hear since we was young, we think that is more easy. The Brithish accent probably is more clear but is using less. The american accent you can find it anywhere. The films, the series…
    Each one is who decide what accent does prefer.

  2. I agree with MR DUNCAN , I think the best accent is everyone have. This is the best accent. =)

  3. I think that British accent is more clear than american, but I speak, like MR DUNCAN says: Like me.
    I think that I mix the two accents, it´s more funny!:)

  4. I think the British accent is the easiest to understand. This accent pronounces the words better and it makes better understanding. It speaks clearly and slowly. Yeah, I like this accent more than the American accent.=)

  5. Have you ever realize that American people who learn Spanish speak like they are Mexican?

    Britishs must think the same when they hear us speaking in an American way, which is inevitable, and I’ll tell you why.

    A good way to learn English is by watching films. I really prefer to watch TV series. That’s simple: The more minutes you see people speaking English, the more you learn.

    Most of TV series and films are American, and that’s the reason why we get this accent. I got it this way.

    Anyway, the most important film is to feel confortable and to be understood. It does not matter the way you talk.

  6. Pablo Casas Cabrera

    British accent, it isn´t only more clear, it´s more genteel…British accent, is the main, since the american accent was born.

    Finaly I prefer British accent .

  7. I think the best accent is British because it’s more clear and, for that, easier to understand. In spite of that, I like more American accent!! 😛

  8. grat video!! 😉 in my opinion the best is American accent cause it’s more cute!! jeje 🙂

  9. In my opinion it’s easier British accent because means best!


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