A new song

Hace algunas semanas que no incluíamos ninguna canción en el blog,  hoy lo retomamos y recogemos la petición de un grupo de alumnas de 3º ESO. Aquí dejamos la letra (“the lyrics”) del tema de Leona Lewis “Better in Time”.


15 Respuestas a “A new song

  1. This song is fantastic I like it It’s very beautiful

  2. This and all her song are so beautiful.

  3. it’fantastic

  4. The song is very romantic and Leona Lewis is a fantastic singer.I like Leona Lewis and her music too! It is incredible!

  5. is abeautifull song i love leona lewis muac muac!

  6. this is fantastic

  7. This song is fantastic I like it It’s very beautiful. And Leona Lewis is very popular around the world. I think she’s the best women singer who I have seen.

  8. I had listened this song but I didn’t know it was played by Leona Lewis. I like the song! The music is very beutiful, but if you know the lyric, it likes you more!

  9. i agree with abel this is a relax song and also it is sensitive song.
    Leona Lewis is a great singer and she is a pretty woman jajajjajjajj

  10. This song is nice.Leona Lewis is a spectacular singer,I listen to this song to relax.
    Bye Bye =)

  11. Pablo Casas Cabrera

    It´s very wonderfull, you can hear the song when you are listless, and you change your face..because it give you force.
    Good contribution.

  12. I love this song.because Leona Lewis is a fantastic singer, has an incredible voice.
    This song is so pretty.

  13. this song is very emotional, but it is very catchy. Leona lewis is a great singer so she makes this song.

  14. I like so much this song, It is incredible!!.
    I listen to it when i’m sad, and it help me to get happy easily.
    Leona Lewis is a fantastic singer and her song are very goods!

  15. Aythami Pérez Remedios

    This is a song of best singer and it’s a song very hear to many people because Leona Lewis has many fans and also she sing very good. Leona Lewis is the best singer!!!


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