International Women’s Day 2010

Con motivo del Día Internacional de la Mujer que se celebra el 8 de marzo, la organización “WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME” ha lanzado el siguiente vídeo, alertando sobre la situación de pobreza que sufren las mujeres en algunos países y solicitando un mensaje de solidaridad hacia ellas. Para leer los mensajes que han enviado personas de todo el mundo, haz clic aquí.


10 Respuestas a “International Women’s Day 2010

  1. In this video we can see the reality about the women. This day is very important for their. why we don’t help?

  2. If there isn’t any International Men’s Day, why is there an International Women’s Day?
    I think this is something which doesn’t show equality between men a women…
    I reckon it there should be an International Humanity’s Day and not one day for women or one day for men.

    • Men don’t need an international day, they have had all the days for themselves from the past till now. Just think what would have happened if women hadn’t been recognized as equal to men. Women Day is just there to remind us that there still exists discrimination.

  3. this video and this day is very important for the woman because there are many women that they haven’t nothing to eat.
    as santy as other little help from Sergio to all the women

  4. This video is very important for women.This one is the reality of the persons who do not have money to survive.
    Them it is necessary to help.

  5. Pablo Casas Cabrera

    We can´t live without equality…If the women suffer violence, poverty…Why world´s government don´t help …We can change the reality, but we have to do it now .

  6. This day is very important for women, but many poor women in the world that have nothing to eat. We should help as much as we can so these people can eat.
    With a little help do a lot to them. =)

  7. roberto castellano

    In this video we see the reality of the woman in the third world, so much in the work, in the food, in the studies … since they are girls.

  8. This video is very important for women, we must all take a hand in order to end poverty worldwide

  9. This video shows shocking images. They are very bleak, but it’s the harsh reality. Thousands of women haven’t got anything to eat and for to eat, they have to work very hard. For this reason, we should help these people for that they will have the same living conditions as we do. You must collaborate. Help them!


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