Gotta keep reading

Qué buena idea la que ha tenido una escuela de Florida en Estados Unidos, han hecho esta versión de la famosa “I gotta feeling” de Black Eyed Peas para fomentar la lectura. Ahora el título es ” Gotta keep reading”.


16 Respuestas a “Gotta keep reading

  1. OMG!
    It’s amazing, i really like it. Maybe we have to do something like this Fran haha 🙂
    The lyrics is awesome!

  2. very good idea xD it’s funny and i like the lyric is perfect!!!

  3. The video it´s very funny. It´s a good idea and it´s a different form for reading books, and the music and dance are very good. It´s fantastic.

  4. It is great!! Sounds good that they promote reading with a song because then they see with good eyes. this could be a new beginning for reading.

  5. It`s a good idea! Is a very fun and lively song.

  6. Is a good idea!!, that hadn’t occurred to me.

  7. it´s great and very funny.

  8. The true this video is very funny and I like it, but, do you really think singing a song and dancing with a book is going to improve reading?

    Because I don’t think so…

  9. it’s very, very cool. IES Santa Ana has got something like this. What you think, Fran? jeje.

  10. roberto castellano

    It is a good idea but to practise it in class jaja, the truth that this version of the this song very well.

  11. a very interesting idea to read. I had never thought about it

  12. Diego G Palmero

    Great!! this song is one of my favourites in the music, this version for promote reading is very clever and a good idea. Very funny this video!

  13. OH MY GOD!
    It is a perfect idea to improve Reading because it’s like an advertising. Apart of improving Reading it makes FUNNY reading. Most people think that the fact of read is too boring, but I think that is funny (Obviously if you like the book). I like the coordinated movements that theymake and the song’s lyric is too original.
    I like it very much! 🙂

  14. JAJAJA… is very funny, jumping and dancing all. Is a great idea for promote reading

  15. Jajaja, that’s funny and good idea!. It is very worked.

  16. What a great idea! We should practice it on a Thursday, April!


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