What is that?

Tener paciencia es, sin duda, una virtud y como bien dice la autora de “el blog para aprender Inglés“, “imprescindible tanto para enseñar como para aprender inglés”. En su blog, hemos encontrado este hermoso vídeo. Qué lo disfruten!! No tiene desperdicio!! (Está en griego pero con subtítulos en inglés, es fácil de seguir).

Si prefieres verlo con subtítutlos en español, haz clic aquí.


6 Respuestas a “What is that?

  1. This small story shows us what it’s to have patience. Don’t losing your temper teaches a lot about a person. It’s a good comparison with the English, because it’s a language you don’t learn fast, we must have patience and time to learn it.

  2. I think the father has alzehimers and his son get angry because his child doesn´t remember that the father is sick. Finally the child remembers the problem of his father and they embrace.

  3. roberto castellano

    I don´t see the grace but the one that provokes the discussion is the sparrow and the father who wasn´t kept silent is a bit sressful but later ultimately they are excused and embrace each other.

  4. I liked the video for terms that were father and son.

  5. Diego G Palmero

    Jeje, is a nice relation between father and son, the sparrow caused problems but in the final they embraced.

  6. The father gave the son a lesson of patience


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