Yaiza Tejera (3º ESO) nos propone esta canción del cantante americano-senegalés Akon, aquí dejamos el vídeo con “The lyrics” , una vez lo hayas visto puedes hacer la siguente actividad para completar la letra.  Para conocer un poco más sobre este artista, hazlo aquí. También puedes añadir tu comentario sobre la canción.


9 Respuestas a “Song


    Always I have liked Akon I have the whole discography of. This song is one of the current mas where the this song is the most listened very well. Akon is the best.

  2. Akon is a big singer and this song is easy to understand. Good Song!

  3. I really like this song!
    It’s amazing!
    And I love Akon too, I think Akon is the greatest singer in the world, his voice is so relaxing and the song’s lyric is very beautiful.
    I’ve heard this song many times and I think that it’s easy to understand 😀

  4. It´s a good song and the singer its good. this song is easy. I Like this rate

  5. I think that this song is easy and I like the song and the singer besides in a moment he was my favourite singer.

  6. I don’t like this kind of music, but this song isn’t bad, well really I like the song, and I understand it!

  7. He’s the best singer.
    This is my favorite song of this singer.
    I love Akon.

  8. I liked the lyric,I think it’s easy, understandable and beautiful but I didn’t like very much the music…

  9. Aythami Pérez Remedios

    This song is very good to learn english because it’s a colloquial language and it understand. I liked it.


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