Atrás ha quedado el verano y queremos dar la bienvenida a este nuevo curso a quienes visitan y participan de alguna manera en este blog. Esperamos continuar con la línea iniciada el pasado curso, pero con nuevas secciones y aportaciones de quien tenga deseo de mejorar en la lengua inglesa. El primer “post” del curso que publicamos tiene mucho que ver con el pasado verano y con el mundial de fútbol, Shakira convirtió esta canción en un auténtico himno, aquí dejamos el video y la letra de la canción. Si deseas recordar la canción con la que abrimos este blog (“TONIGHT, TONIGHT”) y que fue otro éxito en el verano del 2009, hazlo con un clic aquí.

Para recordar el campeonato del mundo conseguido por ” THE SPANISH TEAM” , puedes leer la crónica en inglés publicada en la página de la FIFA  de la final en la que España derrotó a Holanda. Ver.

Por último, puedes dejar un comentario (en inglés) sobre cómo viviste la final.


37 Respuestas a “Welcome

  1. On July all my family saw the World Champion Final in South Africa. I remember that my parentes and I were in the house, and we were watching the game on TV, while we dinner. When Andrés Iniesta scored we jumped and screamed. My father screamed because the Holandeses made many tramps, and my mother was saw the final very concentrated.

  2. On July It took place the World Champion Final in South Africa. I remember that I was at my house with my parents, my uncle, my aunt and my cousins. We were in the living room and we were watching the game on TV, while we were eating some snacks and drinking sodas. The moment when Andrés Iniesta scored everybody in my house jumped and screamed because they were very happy but I couldn’t see the goal because Ihad gone to the kitchen to get some cookies.

  3. Valentín Acosta Díaz

    I watched the final of the World Cup at home with my father. I generally don’t like football but I really enjoyed this match, and I was very surprised with the spanish team which went so far this time and achieved the World Cup.
    When the spanish team won, a lot of people in Araya went to the square to dance and enjoy the victory of our team. when the match finnished there were a lot of fireworks around the island and people making noise everywhere.
    When Spain reached 1-0 in the marker I tried to phone Hanoch because he said me Spain were going to lose but he didn´t pick up the phone… ( I don´t know why ).
    I hope Spain keep on winning so much and get the Europa Cup again and I wish good luck to our team!

  4. Hanoch Hemmerich

    I don´t really like football, but I found this last match of the world cup interesnting and I enjoyed it. I was for Germany wanted them to win until they were out.
    I saw the final with my family, it was really strange for me because it was 3 years ago from the last time I saw football in german and the spanish commentator are funnier and active than german commentator.
    And it was funny when Iniste shot the goal, everyone got crazy, my neighbors went out to their cars to make noise with their horn and even more when the match ended. I think it was an interesting match until the las minute because Netherlands didn´t stop fighting to get a goal but they couldn’t and so Spain won his first World Cup.

  5. Jennifer Casanova Glez

    The day of the final was really incredible.
    I was at home with my family, because that day we had met to eat and watch the game. I was very impatient, I wanted the game will begin as soon as posible, I do not really like football, depends on which team plays, I see it or not. But that game I had to see it.
    There was much tension in the first part, I am disappointed to see that Spain did not scored goals. I was nervous, and much more to see my family pissed off with the referee because we suffered much from seeing that drew many yellow cards for silly things. I was watching the game until finally came the second part, worried even because they hadn’t scored any goals. In the second part, my family and I had a big thrill like other Spanish because we thought they had scored a goal but was not a goal, then we lowered morale. Finally we had a very bad until in the last minutes of the game Andres Iniesta scored goal. When he scored the goal, I and my family jump of joy at that moment was when we thought Octopus Paul. It was very good, because it’s been years since we won the World Cup. I hope to have this experience

  6. Virginia R. Hdez.

    Everybody remembers the day of the final because Spain won. But, actually, I didn’t watch the match. That day I just stayed at home and I didn’t turn on the Tv at that hour because I knew most channels would be talking about the match. I decided not to watch it because I’ve never liked football and even, I didn’t think they were to win. Finally, I was wrong.
    I will never forget 2 things of that day. The first one, are the shoutes people did meanwhile and after the match, also, I knew Spain won because of my neighbour’s shoutes. I could know when there was a goal or not. Another thing I won’t forget is the fact that I was hearing honrs from cars than go throught my street until almost midnight because there were people who were celebrating it.
    The other one, is the proud you could see the days after in the people, in papaernews or in TV. There was no-one who wasn’t talking about the match or something related to it. At once, a lot of people felt really proud of being Spanish, and the victory was a very important experience for all us, as a country.
    So, that’s why, I think the day of the final, it’s a nice day to remember.

  7. Alexandra Carballo

    This is the first time that I see the World Cup final and I liked it. I hate football but this time, it was fun. I met with my friends to see it. We wore the Spain’s shirt and we paint the Spain’s flag in our face. The first part of the match, we saw it while we were eating a snack and the second part, we saw it in a bar where there were many people. Everyone was excited and intrigued because we didn’t see the time that a Spain’s player will score the goal. When Spain scored the goal, everyone started screaming and jumping for joy because we had just won the World Cup final. It was a goal eagerly awaited by everyone. On the street, everyone was excited, even the people were in their cars honking. Others, however, went down the street screaming for joy. Also, there were people who went swimming at the beach at night like my friends. They are so crazy! But it was fun. I hope to see the next World Cup final and that Spain win again.

  8. Irene Díaz Santos

    The day of the final was the best! I don’t like football very much, but I really like watching the world cup. I enjoyed it very much but not only the last match, I enjoyed all matches, including the first one!
    This day I was in my home with many people, we saw all together the final world cup. So many people carried the spanish’ T-Shirt, others prefer painted theirs face with spanish flags. We had all the house decorated with red and yellow balloons! In the middle of the living room we had a huge table with chips, sandwiches, candies… we had all kind of fizzy drinks like Fanta or CocaCola.
    We were very worried about the match because, we were on the second part and we hadn’t scored a goal yet. But in the latest minutes of the match Andrés Iniesta score the goal that gave Spain the victory becoming it into the World Champions!
    When we realized that we had won, we heard many firecrackers on our neighbor house, and we were so excited because of this fact! After that, we got into the swimming pool with our clothes!
    It was a fantastic day!
    I hope to live this experience in the next world cup.

  9. Patricia Rodríguez

    The day of the final was amazing, I was in my house with all my family! we were very excited and nervous all the match.
    During the first time I thought that we won’t win and everybody was very angry because the team was playing against Spain gave many kicks and my father was screaming like a crazy man.
    The second time arrived and Spain hadn’t score any goal we were so nervous.
    So, Iniesta scored the victory goal and all my family jumped and screamed, we were very happy and excited and everybody screamed at the street, after this, we went to streets for celebrate the victory and the streets was full and everybody was really very happy.

  10. I remember exactly that day, I was on vacation in Key West, where people don’t support too much the soccer. I was watching the game intermittently between a bar and a cafe, although I could watch the end in a sport bar, where everyone were watching baseball in different screens a small Spanish group watched the final in a small corner .In Florida the team finished at 6 pm, so we arrived on time for the celebration in Española Way in Miami, where Spanish and Latin people occupied bars and streets celebrating the victory

  11. Wooo! It was an incredible day! I was in Venezuela, in a square called Las Mercedes. Had approximately 9000 people. In Venezuela there are many people who support Spain, so a Football World Cup was lived with enthusiasm.
    I was with my friends, and when Iniesta scored the goal, we all jumped, laughed and some even cried. It was an unforgettable moment, although I would have liked to celebrate here in Spain but… IT WAS AMAZING ANYWAY!

  12. Ouuuuuu!! Even remember this time when Iniesta scored a goal against Netherlands.I was very nervous because the match was tough.It’s was incredible match. I also remember the octopus Paul who predicted the football match and finally to got rigth.The best went Casillas kissed to Sara Carbonero his girlfriend because of emotion of the win the campionship.In my house everybody shouted like crazy ajajajja was a show. I think that day we’ll never forget.I hope that the next championship we have the same good luck.

  13. I can´t remember my face when Iniesta scored the goal of the victory…was very rare haha…I was in my house..with my family…in the tipic “Family food”…sincerely I didn´t care that who won…but I was nervous because was a difficult match because Dutch team played very unfair…Everytime they tried to catch the ball they hit to others players…one of this moment…one of the Dutch´s players hit the chest of the Spain´s player “Pique”
    Was an interesting match…Spain team deserved victory, and it was.

  14. Estela Bravo Pérez

    That day I was in my uncle’s house. My aunt said that Spain would win. My cousins and me were very nervous. To be sincere I believed that Spain would lose, so I bet with my cousin that if Spain win I would throw myself to the swimming pool. I really have bad luck because one minute later Spain scored the goal . When Iniesta scored the goal everybody were shouting, from my uncle’s house we heard shouting the people. Finally, I throw myself to the swimming pool but they throw too. It was a funny day!

  15. The day of de final, I was in a bar in Caletillas with my friends, my friends and me were very nervous. The match was really fantastic and I know that Iniesta scored the goal but I think that Casillas was the best of the match because Robben couldn’t score any goal and because the kiss with Sara Carbonero. I’ll always remember that and I’m proud to be spanish.

  16. The day that Spain won the world was fantastic. Spain only lost one game during all the competition. This day was fantastic for all Spanish. There were a lot of giant screens. In Santa Cruz there was a screen at “La Plaza del Principe”.
    The day of the final I was working in our bar with my family. In the bar there were many people watching the game. People were very excited and they were shouting like crazy. For me it was a double celebration because the next day it was my birthday. That night I had a great time.
    I hope that Spain win the next World Championship.

  17. Wow! I can’t forget those moment because it was really incredible!
    I had already bought my own Spanish t-shirt so I wore it, besides, I drew two Spanish flags on my face and I took my Spanish flag in my jeans.
    I met with two friends to watch the match. There was a problem and we had to watch first part of the match at Candel Burger, but then, during the break, we went running to a Venezolan pub, and there we watched the rest of the match.
    The pub was really full and all people were very very excited because Spain hadn’t scored any goal yet. Finally, Andrés Iniesta scored the only goal which gave victory to Spain!
    It was the first time Spain won a Football World Cup and everybody was really happy, really crazy! So we started to hug each other and to shout while we were running next to the cars in the avenue. After that, when we were pretty tired, we took off our clothes and took a bath in the beach!
    11th July 2010= UNFORGOTTABLE!

  18. I saw the match at home, with my family. I have to admit that I was a bit dissapointed, beacause I wanted Germany to win the world cup, or at least get to the final match. I’m also not a big football fan, but during the match I got really nervous and a bit annoyed, because it looked more like a rugby match than a football game! And after all those unfair faults, I wanted Spain to win, so at the end I celebrated it too!

  19. That day I went to Plaza España with my boyfriend.
    The first I think that Spain will lose the match, but finally they won the match and we celebrate it too much.
    In Plaza España there were many people and it was very difficult to find a place to watch it match.
    It was a match very boring, at finally it was very interesting, but I was very nervous.
    After that when Andrés Iniesta scored the goal in the minute 116 everybody went to the fountain.
    It was really enjoyed.

  20. The day of the final, I was in the young center with many friends. We were very very nervous, but I was trusting to Spain will win the match. We saw the match in a cinema. The match was a bit difficult but Iker was incredible, he stopped two launches of Robben very importants. Finally, when all was thinking that the final would come to the penaltys, Iniesta scored a gol, a great gol. I started to cry, it was a day of the happiest of my life!

  21. Brian Jeús Pérez González

    This day I was very exited by the nervous of having come to the final. It was a wonderful day because we won and I felt very happy to be a Spanish. This day I was in house of my aunt with my grandparents and my mother. It was a day very important for me. After that I went to the beach with my family. It was very funny.

  22. Sheila Hernández Morales

    The final of the Spain was currently fantastic! The people was very attentive because Spain could lose. I was in the garage with my family. We were very nervous and angry too, because the Dutches were very tricky.
    We were very impatient but when Iniesta scored the goal we jumped all at once and them threw firecrackers to celebrate. Was incredible!

  23. The day of the final was very incredible. I came from La Gomera and watched the match in house of friend of my parents. I din’t see the complete match
    I thought that Spain would not win because passed the time and don’t score a goal.When Iniesta marked the goal,it’s was spectacular. We were very happy.
    Spain was the best team in the world. This night of emotion I didn’t sleep the emotion.

  24. Jennifer Pérez Lugo

    It was a amazing day,I was so nervous because I thought we gonna lose.
    I was in my house with all my family, we were so impatient.
    But when Iniesta scored the goal everybody started to scream and celebrate.
    I went out to the balcony and started to shout, I was so happy enough.
    It was a unforgettable day!

  25. I saw that match in the same place where I saw all the World Cup and that match It was the best. The team was very equal, Netherland was attacking a lot but Spain was able to stop it. There were many cards and the team was very crazy, Spain had the possession during more time than Netherland and when the most of people though that the team would go to extending but Andres Iniesta socored a goal. Although the goal of Andres Iniesta come late, the goal come and that is important because without that goal maybe we wouldn´t be World Chapions. It was the first time what we got the World Cup and for those It is a match unforgettable for all the Spaniards.

    • That day I was in my house with my parents. We were very nervous, impatients and very excited. My parents didn’t stop a minute screaming and blowing the whistle.
      I heard many comments, that I didn’t know what to think about the match result. But when Iniesta scored the goal, I knew that Spain would win the match. My brother from the begining of the match was saying : Spain will win! Spain will win! and when Spain scored the goal everybody knew it. Spain will win the match.
      When the match finished I went to Punta Larga’s mall with my parents to see how the people were celebrating the victory. It was amazing, everybody were screaming and crying for the happines of been the champions.
      It was an incredible and unforgettable day.

    • Estefania Exposito

      That day was very important for everybody.I was very nervous and crazy at my home with my parents.I never watch football but that day and everydays of the World I was watching football.On everyoccasion of gol I got up and I screamed!I was uneasy and I sometimes thought we would lose and we would be on the verge!Even I saw all the comments after the match because I couldn’t belive it and everydays I watched tv when they went to the Palace, to celebrate it in Madrid…!
      I think so all players did a excellent match but Casillas was the best!
      When the match finished in Araya rang fireworks and in all places were days of celebration! I am very happy with Spanish selection! SPAIN, SPAIN….!

  26. Helena Martín Ávila

    That day I was at my house with my parents and some friends. We were very nervous because It was an important and special day for all the spanish. I admit I thought we were going to lose. It was a difficult match because there were a lot of faults and the Dutches played very dirty. But when Iniesta scored the goal, everybody definitely thought we were champions of Spain. It was an incredible afternoon and with many nerves!
    But without doubt, the best of the night was the kiss between Casillas and Sara Carbonero and I think that many people think like me!
    It was very exciting to celebrate the victory of the championship.

  27. That day was very important for all Spaniards and Spain all whole stood to support their team, their heroes. It was an unforgettable day for all and assumed that the whole country stopped to watch the young footballers who created Spain and have achieved many things.
    The day of the World Cup final, I was at home waiting for the game started. The previous match I had seen it in a bar and I had been crazy a bit.
    When the match, I was very nervous because that day everything could happen. But we won the World Cup, and I was very excited.
    Spain seems that all that time he jumped, and all with the Spanish flag, thanks to Iniesta scored in the last minute.
    And I was eating a ice-cream from Mc Donnald, with a huge screen and others that they too were watching it.
    The next day at high school all we talked about this historic event.

  28. It was a incredible day. I stayed at home because Andrea and her parents came to my house. When we were watching the match, we were very nervous and impatient. When Iniesta scored the goal and they won, we were very happy and we celebrated it. It was an important day.

  29. The final was incredible. I don’t really like football but that day I was so nervous as a lifelong fan. Never forget that day.
    I saw this great game with the best company; my friends, some chips, pipes and many cool beer jajajaja.
    We are all hair stood on end with every goal and every decision and every time our team scores a goal, shouted with excitement and sounded the whistle.
    After the mach decided that Spain was the World Champion team, we all went to the Basilica of Candelaria, where there were many people celebrating. Here we continue with the party and end the night we took a big dip in the beach jejej, that crazy day!

  30. Patrick De Souza

    This day I was nervous and bad-tempered because people who was born in Spain and people who know I was born in Brazil repeted to me a lot of times: Holland won the match disputed with Brazil… Finally Spain won the match but I don’t like this world cup and I don’t like Spain won the match ¬¬

  31. javier herrero alonso 4 eso

    the final day I was in my house with my family, we were happy because we knew spain was going to win, we had trumpets and drums and we were screaming all the time but when iniesta scored the goal we were screming more. when the match finished we started to dancing and this was my final!

  32. hum.. This day I was at my home, my family were watching it
    but as I dont like football.. i was ok.. i didnt care if they won or not..
    it was a normal day like other. ^^*

  33. Diego González Fariña

    What Gustavo says is true, I was with him at Santa Cruz and we’ll always remember that, I could say it was the most exciting moment of my life, celebrate the championship with our people was incredible! I was excited about it for a few days! It was so amazing that I don’t realise we have a world cup yet.

  34. Gustavo Castaño

    The final was incredible. I was in La Plaza del Príncipe in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There were more than two hundred people in the plaza, all waiting for the victory of Spain. It was a very difficult game, with many faults and many targeted. Every time you beat the Netherlands to Spain, the taste that was in the square threw water bottles against the screen and shouted with great force a lot of profanity. The match was very tense, things were out of control, and Netherlands was attacking a lot, but Casillas stopped long shots Robben. In the last minutes of the extension, Iniesta scored the only goal of the game. At that time everyone in the square stood up and shouted with all his strength until hoarse. When he finished the game singing the Waka Waka, and all were bathed in beer. Then my friends and I went running through La Plaza España and we bathe in the fountain celebrating the victory.
    Four hours later I was in my house to tell my mother.

  35. Moisés Pérez Mora

    The day of the final of Spain I was on holiday in Funchal (Madeira), but the owner of the hotel put the television and I could see it with my family and the rest of Spanish who were in the hotel.


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