Anne Frank

Ana Frank fue una niña judía alemana que se hizo famosa  tras publicarse su diario “The Diary of Anne Frank”, éste relata sus vivencias durante 2 años y medio que estuvo oculta en un piso de Amsterdam huyendo de los Nazis. Merece la pena visitar la página web del museo que en la actualidad recoge la historia de toda una época durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. De esta web extraemos la siguiente información para ser analizada en clase:

a) Vídeo resumen de la vida de Ana Frank. Ver.

b) Vídeo de la casa y el escondite en el que pasó más de dos años. Ver.

c) Información resumida para trabajar un proyecto. Ver.

4 Respuestas a “Anne Frank

  1. Virginia R. Hdez.

    Before watching the video I didn’t know a lot about Anne Frank, her name looked me quite familiar but I didn’t know about all she lived.
    Now, after watching the video I’m pretty surprised because I cannot imagine how her family and she could stay in a so small place for too long. I also think the living together would be very hard and tired, because, as a video says, they must keep in totally silent for the day. Day by day all they had to stay in a fewer square meters, what it’s usually to produce arguments and fights among all of them. That’s why I think that experience had to be a little traumatic.
    Obviously, her story is pretty sad, but thanks to her famous diary she became a brilliant example of fighter person. I think she was really smart when she decided to write everything in a diary because it is a really great idea on behalf of Anne Frank, so, in that way, she could show someday to the rest of the world what she had to live while she was hiding and to make us conscious how brave she had to be.
    Finally, in my opinion, I think it would be interesting to read a little bit of the diary to can understand her and even, by I’ve read and watch by now, I also amaze her for what she does and I think a lot of people should be proud of her.

  2. I have been watching the summary of the Anne Frank life’s and I think that is very interesting because is a story striking. It’s would incredible can read the diary and discover as felt her and her family. Be in a room with scare to die.

  3. I’ve seen the video summary of Anne’s life was very sad what happened to her and her family. The idea of hiding from the Nazis wasn’t cowardly, but brave people and they think of your family.
    I’ve also seen the video of the house, gave me a little afraid that house, because it seems the typical houses of horror films.
    On the one hand, it seems incredible that behind a simple wardrobe has a house like that. But on the other hand, it seems even more incredible that a family has lived there for two and a half years.
    Seeing the house in 3D can see everything they had, but I prefer having a house me, big, where it can live peacefully with my family, without hiding, etc.
    The house looks like a maze, full of rooms and stairs.
    I wouldn’t wish the life had Anne and her family one, because living so must be very hard and disagreeable.
    Although that house gives me a little scared, I would like to see it in reality, it sincerely is INCREDIBLE!!!

  4. This topic is really fantastic and interesting…I could understand all about the story of Anne Frank and her diary…it´s incredible can read some pages in a simple diary about the Hitler´s movement and the the damage caused many years ago.
    It´s an unhappy story…but now, It´s very important and famouse.


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