Ir de compras (“go shopping“) es una de las acciones más habituales que hacemos y conocer las expresiones y vocabulario para desenvolvernos en inglés en esta situación no resulta complejo pero si requiere de práctica. Para ello dejamos este video de una de las escenas más famosas de la películaPretty Woman“, en ella Julia Roberts (en el papel de una prostituta) intenta comprar en una boutique de lujo.

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26 Respuestas a “Shopping

  1. Irene Díaz Santos

    I really like going shopping! Is one of my favorites’ hobbies!
    Of course most times I go shopping but not for buy clothes but for have a look! I like going shopping with my mother or mi sister, we usually go together and we have a really good time. Sometimes I go with my grandmother.
    By the other hand I hate going shopping for buy Xmas present because I get very depress if I don’t get the things I’m looking for, and then I feel uncomfortable with myself.
    Concerning to the film, I have seen this film and I really like it, I saw it with my mother and we had a good time because of those kinds of scenes that make you laugh like this one! It’s a very good film and I recommend it to all people 😀

  2. OMG! Of course I love going shopping , with my mum ,my cousins or my friends. I love the film is one of my favourites I think that is very beautiful film. My favourite part is when she converted in a lady.

  3. Yes, of course, I love going shopping, I think it’s very fun to do something different from time to time, what I like best is to buy clothing and accessories. Whenever I go shopping I always go to Bershka, Stradivarius zara, Blanco… because these sell clothing and accessories very pretty and spectacular, but then I do not like going to those stores when there are many people and I have to do a long line or when something it’s suit me and there aren’t my size, I get stresed
    I love shopping with my friends, I have so much fun, especially When we take pictures in change rooms, the only bad thing to go with them is that I have to pay everything myself, which is why I am also going with my mother cause she buys me everything I want, but I get bored a lot with her because she always goes into all the shops that I don’t like of the commercial center and I have to wait for hours to decide to buy something. At birthday or Navidad I do not like to go with my mother because she forces me to try on boy clothes to see if the size of my brothers and to give my personal opinion, jajajaj it’s very funny indeed but I prefer girls clothes, jajaja
    The good thing about going on rebates is that everything is much cheaper and you can buy many more things because everything is a bargain, but you also have to wait hours in all the stores because everyone wants to buy

  4. of course,
    I love shopping especially when I’m with my friends but mostly I don’t normally express to buy when I go out there and I see something I like I buy but I prefer only go to buy because I enjoy if I go with my Friends of course. always takes between 100 and 200 euros to spend on clothes and then going to eat something almost always going to mc donalds.
    the shops are going to more pull and Bear, Zara, Bershka and springfield.

    I’m sorry for wrote it late but I didn’t have internet.

  5. Helena Martín Ávila

    Yes of course, I love going shopping! But what I love to buy is clothes, any type of clothes.
    It´s a way to relax and I feel really good when I find what I´m looking for. On the other hand, when I don´t find what I want or I find it but there isn´t my size I get a bit angry and sometimes I don´t want to continue shopping.
    I like going shopping with my friends because it´s more fun. We like to choose ugly clothes and try them, we laugh a lot! I don´t understand why guys never want to come with us…We have so fun! The only bad thing to go with my friends is that I have to pay with my own money, and I don´t like it! So, sometimes I prefer to go with my mum because she´s who pay everything haha!
    I always go shopping on Saturdays because it´s when I have nothing to do. I hate going shopping on sales because even it´s cheaper there is a lot people and I get stressed.
    I don´t understand why queues are so long in Stradivarius if all the clothes are the same. So I prefer to buy at other shops like Zara, Bershka…
    Well, I don´t know what else to say, I think it has become clear that I love shopping!

  6. Of course!I like go shopping, becouse I have fun providing and looking clothes.
    I like buying jewerly, shoes, trousers and tee-shirt.
    I like going with my friend but I sometimes go with my mum.I go shopping the weekend,normally on saturday.
    I extresed when a shop is disordered.
    I like buying in the modern shop, your clothes is nice and to fashion.I usually buy in Bershka, stradivarius, encuentro…!
    I don’t like buying in the era of king becouse there are many people and the shops are tidy little.

  7. Of course, I love shopping, but only when I have money.
    I usually go to Castle Street, because it’s the site where there are more variety of clothing. I usually go to shopping with my best friend or with my boyfriend, also I go to shopping with my mother, because is she who pay.
    But I can’t stand go to shopping when there are sales, when I look for some clothes I get stressed, because everything are very disordered, but I like go to shopping when there are sales because prices are very low.
    I get stressed when I see something I like but they don’t have my size.
    For a day I would like buy all the clothes that I like, but I don’t have money.


  8. Of course! I love going shopping because I like buying new things.
    Sometimes when I go shopping I would like buy all the shop, but however, then I think that it’s impossible. Normally I go shopping with my mum because she’s who pay. But on the other hand, I love going shopping with my friends because I enjoy it. I usually go on Saturdays. I don’t go on Friday, Monday or Wednesday because I have to train. And also when there are sales.
    I like buying a lot of things. But especially clothes: jeans, t-shirts, sweaters… because they are my favorites clothes. I hardly ever buy skirts or dress. Altough sometimes I buy shoes or trainers.
    When I go shopping I feel very good because I love it. Altough sometimes I get stressed when I don’t find my size pants, or when there are many people in the queue. It’s very boring.
    Well, I love going shopping!

  9. Yes, of course I like going shopping! I enjoy it a lot to go trough lots of shops looking for clothes. I usually look for shirts, some jeans or just something that I like.
    Mostly, I go with my friends or my mum.
    Sometimes I get a bit frustrated when I don’t find what I’m looking for, or if I see something really beatifull and it looks horrible when I try it on.
    Maybe, the thing I like most of going shopping with friends is to choose the ugliest or funniest clothes of the whole shop and try them on! Although you get strange looks from other people in the changing romm, it’s lots of fun!
    So, yes, I really like going shopping!

  10. Flavio Correa Alfaro

    Uhm.. maybe I like going shopping, but not always. Sometimes go shopping is a bit tired… When i go shopping, normally, I go with my family., because my mom has the money, haha.
    Also I go window with my friends, it’s really funny go with them.
    I like buy clothes, but also I like buy games, and so on.
    Finally, I think it is too cool, so that i spend all the day outside because of that, I can’t get bored buying . xDD

  11. Pedro J. Brito Castro

    I like going shopping. Many people have specifically shops where they go to buy clothes, but I’d rather have a look around in many shops and after that, I make a decision, I buy things related with my style. I normally buy my clothes in C&A and in El Corte Inglés.
    The flee markets catches my attention because you can find a lot of different things and they’re cheaper. I have found many bargains.
    I also love brand clothes because I think these kind of clothes have very much quality than others. I have some brand trousers and a lot of brand shoes. I like shoes and T-shirts. These are my favourite item of clothing.

  12. Yes, I like to go shopping but not much, because normally the clothes of the shops is always the same. I don’t like follow fashion, on the other hand, if I like a skirt and is fashionable it doesn’t matter for me and I buy it myself, but normally I don’t like the clothes that is fashionable. Because of it, always I go to the same shops, where usually there’re clothes that I like.
    I usually go to shopping with my friends,my sister or my mum.
    To be sincere, I really like the clothes though it’s difficult to me to find something that I like.

  13. Sheila Hernández Morales

    Oh, no! I don’t like shopping. In fact I hate it, because i don’t like try on clothes. But, sometimes I go to shopping what I need. I like buying jeans and t-shirts. I usually go on chistmas or when it’s my birthday. I like to go with my friends because they tell me what it suits me, but I hate to go with my family because they are very boring and go with they is bore. When I go to shopping I’m bore may when I go out with all the clothes I’m happy because I have new clothes.

  14. well i like to go shopping with my friends and family i think
    is really fun going shopping and see that you get something
    new ,there is some people that cant even effort going shopping
    becouse they dont got money ,And when you go shopping it takes
    off your streess.

    The most important thing is to mak sure you have fun and enjoy
    what you buy , I think in my situation it runs in the family going shopping
    eather for food or cloth .

  15. Brian Jesús Pérez González

    yes, of course, go shopping is very fun when you’re with friends. I like buy a lot of jeans and shoes. I sometimes go shopping with my mum becuase she will not let me go alone ¬¬….jjajaja. When I go shopping, my mother just buying more for her than for me. Go shopping is very fun of course but go shopping whit my mother is very boring because is more fun when your friends are with you. When I go shopping I´m fell relaxed and exited at the same time. 🙂 xd

  16. yes, I like go shopping but only with my friends or with my sister because with my father couldn’t buy because is very bored and my mum is very fam. I like buying t-shirt, trainers and trousers. I sually go shopping after holidays because is when there are more clothes and is when my mum give me money.
    When I go shopping I feel good but not always because I almost sometimes find what I’m looking for, that’s when stress begins . jajajjajaja

  17. I like to go shopping but I’m not a fan. I usually go to shopping center but I like to go to locals street in La Laguna, because there aren’t a lot of people and you have many places where you can buy everything you want. I like shopping in the departement store, like &tradivarious, but many other shops are too expensive.
    When I go shopping, I feel very nice, because I love it. But I feel stressed too, when people buy and buy a lot of clothes. They don’t know, they are a fashion victim.

  18. I like go shopping but if you go shopping with girls, you’re crazy! More than girls go shopping and visit the shopping centre for hours looking the clothes. I like buying trousers and T-shirts specially.. I go shopping on holidays and when I don’t have anything to do. I like go to shopping centre to look clothes because clear one’s mind too. Also the clothes are expensive and you can like all the clothes’s shop but you can’t buy that. If you have money and time, you a great time in the shopping centre.

  19. yes, I like go shopping, when I go shopping I spend all my money, I usually buy t-shirt and some jeans but I buy jumpers too, I usually go shopping on weekends,because my mother come with me and I buy all way of clothes.
    I like go shopping but when I go with my mother is horrible because my mum stop in all of shop windows and she tries on very clothes in a changing room!
    I like the “mercadilos” because in the “mercadillos” there are very bargains but I don,t like because there are very costumers.
    in general I like go shopping!

  20. Jennifer Pérez Lugo

    Yes,I like go shopping and spend all my money in clothes jaja.
    I like buy t-shirts,jeans and shoes.I ussually go shopping when I got free time for not be stressed.I go shopping whith my friends,my mum and my cousins.
    I feel good because I love go shopping,but sometimes when I like something and they don’t have my size I don’t like it,and when I spend much money in something expensive because is very beautiful and I can’t contain myself jajaja.
    But ussually I love go shopping.

    • Estefania Exposito

      Yes!! I love to go shopping but if I am a lot of time, after I hurt the head. I like to buy jeans, t-shirts many bracelet and big earrings, dress and coat for winter.
      I go to shopping when I have got money and when somebody takes me for the shopping center.
      I love to go shopping with my cousin Rachel because we are equal. We are a long time in a shop and we walk a lot of for the shopping center.
      I feel free because I walk, buy and choose my clothes how I want.

  21. Yes, I like go shopping but only with my friends because if I go with my mum, I get bored a lot.
    I like buying all tipe of clothes but specially trousers and t-shirts, although I usually buy sweaters and shoes.
    I usually go shopping on holidays (cristhmas, summer…) because is when there are more variety of clothes and in the sales.
    When I go shopping, I like go with my friends because is funny but sometimes I go with my sister (she advises me very good) or my mum because she pays xD.
    When I go shopping I feel happy if I find that I was looking for or angry if I don’t find that I was looking for. When I go shopping, I never feel stressed, I’m a calm person! jaja

  22. Moisés Pérez Mora

    Oh,no.. I don´t like to go shopping,I HATE TO GO SHOPPING,
    because I´m not taste. I hate to look at the shop windows without buying anything like the majority of the girls do. I sometimes go shopping and if I go to shopping I buy a jeans, a t-shirt, shirt, sweaters, …at week-end or holiday but it isn´t normaly in my. When I go to shopping I go with my friends,and my mother , but I don´t support that she stops to look at all the shop windows of the shops without buying anything for hours jajaja¡¡
    When I go to shopping I feel boring, stressed, I don´t fell funny or happy…

  23. Oh, yes! I like to go shopphing because I have fun and I enjoy looking clothes.
    I like buying a lot of shirts and sweaters. I also like buying jeans and shoes, but I usually buy more shirts and sweaters than jeans or shoes.
    I usually go shopping on weekends and when there’re sales. I almost always go with my friends, but sometime I also go with my mum, so she pay everything jaja..
    When I go shopping I feel good, but not always, because I almost never find what I’m looking for, that’s when stress begins. Almost always are jeans what I look for and I don’t find, but on the other hand, I often find all the shirts that I look for.
    So well, I have to admit that I do like going shopping.

  24. Of course! I like to go shopping because I spend a different and fun day with my friends.
    Shopping is sometimes a little stressful.
    We are going from shop to shop looking and buying clothes.
    We usually go to shopping center and Castle Street in Santa Cruz, because there often have shops with fashionable clothes and I like a good price.
    The days that we go to shopping we usually walk a lot because we like to go through all places, without leaving behind any clothing or accessories shops. Although seem unusual we usually also enter the clothing shop boy, because we like to look at the clothes available to them and see if anything we like for our brothers and boyfriends.
    We usually go to shops such as Stradivarius, Bershka, Blanco, Zara …and to buy shoes …we usually go to shops such as Pecas, Mary Paz, Carolina Boix … But sometimes we don’t buy many things because with the crisis there isn’t much money and things are becoming more expensive.
    What I dislike about shopping is all the money you spend on a few things and then have to carry all the bags until you get home.
    On the one hand I wish I could buy all the clothes I like, but I don’t look at the material, that is to say, I like what I have.

  25. Oh yes! What an amazing film! This scene is a little hard, but then when she arrives again very changed wearing very expensive clothes, the staffs don’t recognize her and they wanted to help her, but Vivian (Julia Roberts) teaches them a lesson (Yes, I like the film).

    Concerning to the question, I love going shopping! I think it is very funny and I can spend all my time looking, looking and looking. It’s fantastic, but it would be more beautiful if I were rich or if I had a boyfriend like Richard Gere, jeje…


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