Serenade from the stars

Alejandra Ginett nos sugiere esta estupenda canción del histórico grupo  americano  Steve Miller Band, existe una versión en español del grupo M-Clan con el título “Llamando a la tierra”. Aquí dejamos la letra de la canción para que la disfrutes. ¿Qué tipo de música escuchas?, ¿cuándo lo haces?,  ¿te ayuda la música? cuál es tu canción y cantante o grupo favorito?. Déja aquí tu comentario.


16 Respuestas a “Serenade from the stars

  1. Moisés Pérez Mora

    -Well, I love listening music… normally, I listen to music when I come from the hight school and I finish the homework, I listen to music to relax, though if I´m bored also I listen to music.
    I don´t like to listen rock music , but I really like the pop music, and South American paces and and often I listen to folklore because I´m in a folk group. I listen to music, for the mobile and the computer, I don´t have MP3 , MP4 or MP5.
    Definitively, to listen to music is one of my favorite hoobys, jejeje¡¡¡

  2. Of course! I love listening music. I listen all kinds of music because I like listening to different styles. Altough I don’t like heavy metal and rock. I prefer pop music. I’m always listening to music, all the time because it relaxes me and it helps me forget bad things or my problems. However, it also makes me remember some things, good things.
    I think music is special because it makes you dream and imagine things.
    I haven’t got a favourite song, but one of them is Secrets, by One Republic. I think this song is very nice. I haven’t got a favourite singer, however, I like Leona Lewis, Alicia Keys, Akon…
    Well, I love listening music
    I haven’t got a favourite song, but one of them

  3. Flavio Correa Alfaro

    Well, I think I love listening to music. I really like all kind of music, such as.. pop, ballad, dance, so on. I listen to music everyday, while I’m studying, doing my homework, or just when I’m lying on my bed. The music help me when I want to sleep, or when I’m not good, or only bored, but when I have a headache, I can’t stand it (hardly ever).
    I can’t choose a favorite one, because I have a lot. Depends if is male or female, is a band or a singer, kind of music, country…
    Normally I listen to it by the cell phone or mp3, I can’t be without them.

  4. Jennifer Pérez Lugo

    I like so much listen to music,when I have free time I take this opportunity to listen to music.
    The music helps me to relax,or when I’m sad it makes me feel right.
    I have many favourites songs Firework,Tik Tok,California Gurls,Loca,Poker Face and much more!… now my favourite is Shine a Light of McFly.
    My favourite singers are Lady GaGa,Katy Perry,Shakira and Kesha,and for the moment I haven’t got a favourite band.
    I don’t listen music when I’m studying because deconcentration me,I do not usually listen to sad songs I listen songs that make me feel happy and enjoy life.

  5. I love listening to music. I listen to music almost 24 hours a day, from I wake in the morning until I go to bed.
    The kind of music I listen depend of the moment and how I feel that day. If I’m sad I listen to sad songs, but it doesn´t help to make me feel better!. And when I have a good day, I´m happy or I’m with my friends I hear songs like Only Girl, Memories or Club can´t handle me.
    I also listen to music when I´m doing my homework or i´m studying because it helps me to concentrate.
    When I have a lot of things on my head and I don´t know what should I do and I´m confused, music helps me to think and make me feel better.
    I haven´t got a favourite song. Neither a favourite group or singer. I like different songs and groups. But, if have to choose, I prefer that songs that bring me beautiful moments or remind me something or someone.

  6. Ohhhh it’s a song very beautiful, it’s one of my favourite songs.
    I listen to music always because music is my passion, music helps me to relax. I listen to all kind of music except “folclore, Rock and punchi punchi”
    Ilisten to one kind of music depending on how I feel.
    I’m always listening to music because I LOVE MUSIC.
    I feel very excited.

  7. Sheila Hernandez Morales

    I love this song, since I was little I’ve heard, because my father also likes a lot, but my favourite style of music, in fact, it’s reggae. I love reggae, I listen since I was little and I remember always relaxed me a lot.

    I listen to music when I’m bored, nervous or when I want to sleep because as I said before, music in general, it relaxes me.

    My favorite singer is Bob Marley, as he was the king of reggae and I love the way he has to sing, makes me see things in a more positive way.

  8. Wow! This song it´s very old, but was a hit in Rock´s music style.
    I heard the M-Clan version too, but, personally, I prefer this because It´s the original.
    My favourite kind of music It´s Rap music…but also I hear Rock, Pop, electronic music, and others.

    I love Rap music because since I was a child, I heard this kind of music, I remember that was my uncle who gave me my first record of Eminem.
    Since that moment, I’m interested in it.

    I hear music when I´m waiting for something or I´m boring.
    Music helped me when I´m depressed or nervous, It´s a nice tool for find tranquility.

    Finally, my favourite singer (of rap music) is Xhelazz, because his letters reflect the real life of everybody… He write about situation of other people, and you feel identified.

  9. I listen all kind of music, especially pop and salsa.
    I normally listen to music when I do my homework , surf to internet and I’m stressed.
    Music help me to think about my problems.
    I like listening to music that describes my mood at the moment.
    My favourite song is “ya lo sabes” (Andrez Orozco and Luis Fonsi).
    My favourite singers are Juan Luis Guerra and Luis Fonsi.
    My favourite band is “El canto del loco”.
    I like listening to Spanish music because the English music bores me!

  10. Javier Encinas Pérez

    Of course I heard. This success is one of the songs I usually listen to and it has been an inspiration to some other styles like House. And the House is one of my favorite styles, apart from Electro, Techno, Minimal…. I think that music is a part of us, for example it helps me to study. It makes me disconnect from the world and all isn’t so boring!

  11. Yes I know that this song is amazing, in fact, it’s one of my favourite songs right now!
    I LOVE LISTENING TO MUSIC! For me music is very, very important because it ‘s always with me. When I feel sad, I listen to music and it helps me to feel better. Also when I’m happy I listen to music and it makes me be happier. When I’m doing my homework, music helps me to do it because I get concentration with it and I do the homework better.
    I always wear my MP3 or my mobile phone or my PSP with me because I need going out with my own music, so I’m always listening to music, every kind of music!
    I like all kind of music, in fact, my MP3 has a big mixture of music: from Fito & Fitipaldis, M-Clan, Café Quijano and Alejandro Sanz until Oscar de León, Iggy Pop, Bob Marley, Lady Gaga and U2, passing for David Guetta, Pedro Guerra, Raphael, Don Omar or even Mozart and Beethoven.
    Yes, if you can access to my I-Pod you can listen to music from many different times.
    However, I haven’t got any favourite group or singer because I like everybody, even Wendy Sulca!

  12. Patricia Rodríguez

    I like listening to music and I usually listen music in the afternoons in my home.I usually listen all kind of music like rock,rap, pop…but I don’t like many pop singers because many of them only have an atractive appearance, and they have a normal talent.
    However, they sold a lot of records all around the world.I hate this fact.
    I don’t have a determinate favorite singer or group and I usually like two or three songs of each singer.
    I love listening slow music when I feel bad, this fact makes me feel worse but this way I vent.On the other hand when I feel happy or excited I love listening music with happy lyrics.I think that this kind of music makes people feel better and this fact improve the health.

  13. Alexandra Carballo

    I usually listen to music at all hours. I haven’t got a determined kinds of music. I like pop, house, salsa, rock… Really, I like all kinds of music less the heavy metal. I don’t like heavy metal because most of the time they’re screaming, and in my opinion, it hasn’t got talent. I think good songs are the ones with a nice lyric with contents, that is to say, there are some songs you like, but it’s because the lyrics are catchy and draws you, but really the songs that worth they are the ones that have a topic. For example, when I feel bad, the slow songs with a beautiful lyrics helps me and makes me feel better, or when I’m happy, the lyrics makes me feel happier. Sometimes, a lyric of a song makes you feel identified with it, and that’s what usually happens in most cases. For each moment, there is a song. It’s according to your mood. Also the singers have to do with the lyrics. I haven’t got a determined favorite singer or group because I like many songs but they aren’t the same singer or group. Although there are some that I like better than others, for example, I love the singer called “Camila” and the group called “Maldita Nerea”. They have very beautiful songs and I identify with some of them.

  14. Well, I listen all kind of music, but what I really like is rock and pop. But I also like listening to merengue.
    I listen to music 24 hours a day haha, I love listening to music.
    Music helps me to think about thing I’ve done and to remember memories of my life.
    One of my favorites songs is “mirando al cielo”, but most of the songs that I listen are in english.
    My favorites groups are Three Days Grace, Simple Plan, Nickelback and Aerosmith, and if is in Spanish I like Juan Luis Guerra.

  15. Virginia R. Hdez.

    I think I’m a person who is always listening music because it’s pretty relaxing to me so I really like listening music. In special, I hear music in afternoons when I’m in home, but I also usually hear it where I’m walking through the street because it helps to make it shorter.
    About what I listen I haven’t just one kind of favourite music so I like rock, pop, rap, dance and so on. But what I listen it depends on how I feel or what I’m doing, for example, when I’m happy or I need to start doing my homework I listen songs which makes me energy, when I’m exhausted or it’s a little late I hear slow songs, and when I’m tired or in the morning I can’t stand the house or dance music. Therefore the music is related to what you are in mood to do or not.
    Finally, related to my favourite group or singer, I don’t have just one. Even, I don’t usually like all the songs of one group; I usually like just one or two songs because a singer has different kind of songs.

  16. I hear all tipe of music, especially pop and rock. I normally hear in the afternoon. I use the music for many things, for example relax for study a test with classical music.
    And personaly… this song I don´t like…


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