Global Warming

Al estudiar aspectos relacionados con el medio ambiente, una de las cuestiones sobre las que se hace más hincapié es el “Global Warming” (calentamiento global). Para familiarizarte con la información y el vocabulario en inglés sobre este tema, haz clic aquí. Además, dejamos este vídeo para el análisis.

Por último, escucha estas dos conversaciones sobre este tema: Saving Energy” y “Eco Tips“.

“What about you? Are  you environmentally conscious?


25 Respuestas a “Global Warming

  1. Estefania ExpositoGil

    I think to recycle is very important and needed although in my house we don’t recycle the trash but we use energy efficent bulbs, we turn off almost all appliances at night and when we aren’t watching Tv or we don’t need light, we tur off them.
    When I am going to have an house, I am going to recycle and teach my children that it is needed for the world where we live because we have to take care it!
    We should separate tash in their contrainers, use energy eficent bulbs, use less water and light, buy what we need…. There are many ways to recycle and also there are many people that they aren’t environmentally consious and that affects us all!! I think everyone should help and so the world is going to lees polluted!
    You should be environmentally consious!!!what are you??

  2. Sheila Hernandez Morales

    This video shows what is happening in reality, is short, but intense at the same time, at least it made me feel bad, because I see that our guilt is destroying the natural habitat of many animals, and very few people are aware of what is happening around them.
    Well I think I’m really create awareness to the environment because I’ve realized what is happening and I think I’m doing everything I can and need to contribute to the environment. For example, expenditure and consumption myself what it takes, I reuse everything I can and I also recycle. I use a minimum of electricity, I save water in various ways and when I buy something, anything to spare me or do not want, if I can recycle, recycle, and if not, then throw it in the bin, never to the ground or sea.

  3. I would first like to say that this video has hit me a lot because shows the hard reality.
    especially at the end, when appear the polar bear above ice block,
    well I must say I’ve seen more shocking videos, where is simply popped the damage we are doing to our planet every day. 😦

    I think we are all aware of the damage we are doing now, but we do nothing about it
    because we think that will occur terrible catastrophes in the world when we will be not alive.
    but we be aware that our children and grandchildren will be the most affected.
    and I don’t wanna this…

    many people spend a lot of time saying that loves the environment and cares about their health,
    but I think that not only would have to talk as if they cared they should also act as such, being more cautious.

    We must work together so that our world doesn’t get worse and we can have a better quality of life for us and for the animals
    because Pollution is bigger every day and affects not only humans but also animals.
    Today there are a lot of endangered animals like polar bears and that is a shame really,
    because they are beautiful animals, innocent of our bad behavior toward the environment.

    i try to help the environment by turning off lights when leaving a room.
    i don’t usually leave the TV on when I’m not using, i don’t leave any dripping faucet and i don’t usually take such long showers.

    also try to recycle, because I think it is very important,is a way to leverage what we do not use in new useful things,
    if all we recycled would have less waste,
    if we all do our bit we can make our world a healthy and clean to live. 🙂

  4. The video is very impressive, because it shows the reality of what’s happening in the world: the climate change, the global warning…And we are those who, in part, are causing it.
    I think I’m environmentally conscious or at least, I try to be it.
    Everyone in my family saves water. For example, we close the tap when we’re having a shower, we purified tap water… And we also save electricity provided that we remember, but I’ll say that many times we don’t realize that we don’t do it. But, for example, I always turn off the light when I’m not in this bedroom and I try to take advantage of sunlight.
    We recycle paper, glass and we try not to use plastic bags.
    And I don’t know what else. I know that it isn’t enough, but if everyone put a little of his part, it could change.

  5. Yes, I think I’m environmentally conscious, because in my house my family and me when we go to get shower, we used to put the tup water into de bucket and this water we use it then to avoid pulling the tank
    Also we have got three containers where we put the rubbish in the different containers, so we separate the rubbish.
    Other things we do is to use recycled paper. And individually we usually turn off the tap while we are brushing the teeth.
    Also we turn off all lights that aren’t used and I turn off the TV well to don’t follow to consuming electricity.

    I think all the people have do the same, because little by little the earth is getting worse by the global warming and this theme is very important.

  6. I think that we got to stop it as soon as possible. In future we must stop consuming so much energy, We have to recycle because the world in which we live is getting hurt. And we have to arrange it in order that the grandsons of our grandsons have a world to live. We could start to reduce the water Consumption and avoiding unnecessary expenses. I think it’s a nice video to realize that the world is suffering. We can change it 🙂

  7. Moisés Pérez Mora

    Well, I tink, this video is about the global warming, because a lot of animals haven´t got a place to live in the north pole. I´m not green, I don´t recycle. I don´t have any folder where I can put paper or plastic… but I also do good things, I use a lot of sheets of paper that aren´t used to take notes, and I also turn off the lights that aren’t necessary, and I turn of the TV or computer when I´m not use them… XD
    So, finally I think I´m not green, but I am going to try to improve to take care of our world

  8. We should be more aware about this problem because we can realize that the global warming is causing a change in the weather world. One of the most important problems is that many of the species that were endangered have disappeared and now there are a lot of new endangered species. The habitat where the animals live is changing and now many of the foods they had in those places don’t grow.
    I think should be aware not only for us but also for them because we not only polluted our world also it is the world of them. The statistics say that if we don’t stop polluting the world will be crazy soon and the effects caused by the pollution will be irreversible.
    If everyone put their grain of sand will get to change the world. Everything depends on us. Also the future depends on us and our children will live in the world in which we live now and if we polluted the world now they won’t can anything in order to change the world.

  9. Jennifer Casanova González

    Global warming is increasing every day more and must be stopped.
    This video is very important, means that many people realize what they are doing. I’d like people to collaborate a little more on the subject of the environment. I would like to change the minds of some people that just pollute the planet. If we continue down the same path in the future there will be nothing in nature, will be all full of houses, buildings, factories, etc. things will only contamimen and even there is no room for people. People believe that it is too late to correct others, but I believe that with will and ezfuerzo can be achieved.
    The unic there are to do is raise awareness of what will happen, because too many people do not know how important it is.

  10. people generally think that global warming is a problem far but the reality is that this is a very serious problem that can affect us now and we have to protect the environment not for us but for our children, the future generations have the right to have a planet ours with the same resources. This video shows that this is a problem that can affect animals now and we need to stop it, I really like the video because it makes you see what animals feel in this situations. We need to care the world now in order to give a good future to the next generations.

  11. Well, I loved this video. It’s perfect, it is simple and shows the reality of what is happening in the world. These animals do not deserve what is happening because it’s not their fault, the fault is the people.

    I consider myself aware of the situation in which lies the planet. We are the people, the creators of the pollution, the creators of the terrible situation in which we live.
    I was a very consumer of unnecessary things, but since I started watching documentaries on TV about the problems of the world I decided to end the unnecessary consumption. I also decided to talk with my parents to try to reduce consumption at home. For example, we buy a water filter to purify tap water instead of buying bottled water.
    In my opinion, if people want to do something to improve the environment, the situation could be improve. It just takes effort, but I’m afraid people do not do anything about it. People are getting, with little effort, make changes in the world should also help the other people to be conscious.

  12. Wou! The video is relly shocking! It’s pretty short but at the same time it shows the authentic reality perfectly! I have just shoked with the video just in the moment in which I saw the polar bear trying to go out from the piece of ice.
    I think I’m pretty conscious about environment and its health but I feel really impotent because I can do nothing alone. Most people I know say they can’t do anything if the rest of the people doesn’t do anything and thinking like that it’s impossible doing nothing. There are people who are very conscious about the big health problems of the planet, but most people not, so it doesn’t matter there will have few people who want to do anything for the planet if the rest of the world doesn’t want. Global Warming is a huge problem which affects the whole planet and we can just stop if we are all together united. For this reason, the first who must take measures are the different governments of the world, since all of them should make an agreement to make compulsory different habits to save the planet, because if people aren’t required do nothing.
    In my opinion, animals are the authentic injured because they are the only which pay the consequences of something they haven’t done, and it for this the previous video shocked me so.

  13. Alexandra Carballo

    This video shows the hard reality. Life is becoming more complicated because there is much pollution and it affects not only humans but also to the animals. Every time, there are more and more animals that they are in endangered because their habitats are destroyed. And unfortunately, we are the causing of this problem.
    I am aware of climate change and that there is a lot of pollution. On the one hand, I try to work with the environment: I turn off the lights when I am not in a room, I don’t leave the TV on, I shut off the water when I’m not using it… and most importantly, I RECYCLE. Recycling is very important because we reuse the things. It’s a way to avoid contamination and working with the environment. Also we help not to destroy trees. On the other hand, this isn’t want to say that a person do everything, because it is useless that someone helps the environment when ten people are polluting by the other side. It’s very important that everyone work together because it’s our planet. It’s where we live until we die and where our children will live. We must work together so that our world doesn’t get worse and we can have a better quality of life. Just a matter of will and now it’s the time to help stop pollution. The world is in your hands. You don’t miss this opportunity.
    Definitely, I think I am very environmentally conscious.. and you? How much longer do you go to wait?

  14. Flavio Correa Alfaro

    well, the video it’s a bit weird, but it’s ok…
    anyway, I think i’m not really, because I usually don’t unplug the computer or the television. Also I don’t usually recycle. Maybe when I have a lot of papers, I go to the blue containers.^^
    I’m be aware of the global warming and the climate change, but I think the people is lazy, so they doesn’t recycle…
    I support the new energies, such as the solar and so on..
    Everybody must help a bit for our earth ,,

  15. Andrea Sophía Sánchez

    Yes, I think I’m environmentally conscious, and to avoid the global warning, the climate change, etc…
    I recycle. I have a folder where I put used paper for reusing them and doing that I reduce the use of new papers.
    I recycle too, putting each thing in their appropriate containers.
    I also have energy efficient bulbs, I unplug appliances when I’m not using them, and…I don’t know, I do what everybody supposed to do.
    I turn off the lights when I’m not using them, and the tap while I’m brushing my teeth. But something that I should do, but I don’t do it, is don’t leave the computer on standby, I always leave it.
    So, I think that I’m environmentally conscious, but I should take care of more things to have a healthier life in the future.

  16. This video is very shocking because exposed an reality experience in this planet. If this men pass in the reality many person be concerned in this problem but the government and industry don’t want to know because don’t have too money. So we have to improved Now because within a few years there will be no solution. Also we have realize that this go to bad. People don’t not understand this problem and not intended improved.

  17. Well, I really like this video because it’s so beautiful and it shows what is happening in the world. I conscious that the world is changing and I think that everybody should help for the world improve. If we don’t do anything for this, later we’ll see the consequences, which will affect us in the future.
    I know that now I don’t do much for the environment, and I’m aware of I have to change. Well, I also do good things, like when I’m having a shower I close the tap while I’m washing my hair or when I’m brushing my teeth. I also turn off the lights that aren’t necessary and I try avoid use a lot of plastic bags. I’ll try to recycle because now I don’t do it.
    Well, I think that if everybody colaborate a little, the world could improve.

  18. This video shows reality and should be seen everyone.
    We must reduce pollution, to avoid global warming and give them a chance for many animals, such as: the polar bears. For our fault they’re dying because they are losing their surface and their habitat.
    I never have taught me to recycle because this process wasn’t used much, but at least can attempt to contaminate our world, our place of living.
    To change this we have to put all of us, but many people still aren’t concerned over the serious problem that planet Earth is suffering. But as we said Dorta, we are the future of this world are the ones who can change everything if we seek it.

  19. First of all I want to say that the video is very significant for me, it shows the reality of what is happening in the world, sometimes we don’t see the importance of turning off the lights when we are leaving a room, or the importance of keeping the tap close or simply not to have long showers. Because of those facts, we are destroying the environment in where we live. Nowadays there are a lot of endangered animals, like the polar bears, they are losing their “home” because of our activity and it is a completely a shame!
    I prefer not to think about it but I can’t. I try to do all that is on my hand to save our world (recycling, saving as water as possible…) But it isn’t a question of one person, it’s a question of a group of people. Also I think that people are becoming conscious with this fact. Unfortunately there are people who don’t put anything on their part to protect the environment.
    According to the question, I think I’m environmentally conscious because I know what is happening in the world every day and I try to solve this doing what I can. Also I encourage my family and friends to do it because I think it is very important.
    The world depends on us and we have to do all in order to protect it!

  20. Brian Jesús Pérez González

    The video is to show the change that is giving life to the greenhouse effect. Climate change is causing the extinction of many species of animals and plants could reach our own extinction if we continue down this path.
    A person can not do anything about this disaster but if all the people we support and help, we will be able to save our planet. We could start saving water, avoiding unnecessary purchases, reserve energy, energy use renobables, move whatever you can walk, recycle, etc.
    People do not do any of these things for vagrancy or because they think they are doing well and so we have to demonstrate how they should do things and set an example for those who do not know how to do.
    We must be aware of the damage caused and try to change our habits for a better life for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren because it is not just our fault that the consecuncias than for others.
    From my point of view, I consider myself a person who cares about the environment and I have the hope that this decrease greenhouse in order to save our world.

  21. Gustavo Castaño González

    I really liked this video because it shows us the overpopulation that is increasing. This does that animals lose his territory and this causes that this animals and most of plants will extinct.
    Another factor causing the extinction of living things and also it is bad for the environment, is the pollution caused by industry. If the system of production and the increasing population continues so, we will finish with the planet quite soon, so we must be aware of this, and try to avoid it.
    Yes I am aware of it, and to prevent damage to the environment, I try to reduce, reuse and recycle the product I bought. For example, if I buy a water bottle, I try do not throw it in the trash after you drink it, what I do is save it, and I take it my home. Then I try to use it Several Times Before discarding. Finally, I throw it in a plastic recycling container .
    Also I try to reduce water consumption and electric power at home and at school. For example, in my house, I always turn out the lights in rooms when nobody is there, and also I try to save water when I shower, scrub the dishes, wash my hands, brush my teeth, etc.. On the other hand, when I’m in high school, for example, when I am in the bathrooms, sometimes I notice that my fellow left open the faucet after washing hands, this seems an act pretty sloppy and rude. Whenever I see this, I close the tap and immediately I’m going to tell that person that I leave it open and I say him that close it after use.
    To sum up I think if we all contribute our bit, however small it may seem, I am sure that will change the course of things, and to help improve our living conditions which are becoming worse due to pollution . If all work together, we will save the environment, and we will create a better future for our children and grandchildren.

  22. Virginia Robayna Hdez

    In first place I have to say that I really like this video because it shows the truth of what it’s happening to these animals, who don’t deserve what we are doing to them because they aren’t guilt of what the humanity is doing but the are the first who are having the consequences.
    According to the question I think I’m a person who is conscious about what is happening to the planet every year, about how we are producing pollution and increasing bad factors to environment. That’s why I’m always trying to save energy or water as possible as I can, for example when I go out of a room I always turn off the lights, when I taking a shower or when I wash the dishes I always try to keep the tap close as long time as it’s possible. Also, I’m always telling my family or friends to turn off the lights or close the tap when they forget it. Even, when I’m school and I go into a class where there’s a fan on I always turn it off when the windows are closed or we are in winter.
    Also, there’s always a way to be more carefully with environment and that’s something every single person have to work on but, of course, it’s not enough because if we want to keep our environment in his best state, all of us must be conscious about it. That’s why I’m always trying to make people know the importance of caring about the energy, the water, the rubbish and the better way to use it or recycle it.
    So, if we try to teach every single person how to take into account about the environment we can make more people worry about it, and in this way we will be more every time.

  23. Patricia Rodríguez

    This video is shoking and it’s a good video for showing the reality. The human activities generate global warming and I think that everybody should be concious about this fact because we’re destroying our own home.
    At home, we try to recycle everything and I don’t throw rubbish in the street. People don’t know the importance of this facts because most people think that the effort of a person isn’t important. Really, if we’re united against global warming we’ll protect the planet.

  24. Diego González Fariña

    This video could seem even like an original and beautiful video, but it hides a strong protest on it.
    It’s shown a man who lives as nothing is happening but really his home is getting too small to him day by day, it’s an analogy between that house and our world. We are in constant development and increment and however, the human being is reducing his own home. If we compare what we’re doing with the earth and any other animal species which destroy their home, we’d say what they do is something stupid, so, according to this, we are even more stupid than those animal, since, additionally, we are destroying the home of many other species, not only ours.
    I realise that this is not a work for a person, it’s a assignment for all the population, but it begins with a personally collaboration, therefore, at home, I try to reuse all that I can, reduce my expenses and to recycle.
    The Earth’s life depends on us, are we gonna throw in the towel?

  25. Javier Encinas Pérez

    This video is very significant and shocking. I think if everyone did something to prevent global warming, this could be avoided. But so far we have not worried about the environment and we have polluted it, and now it is very difficult to solve.
    I’ve always said that one day we will not have place to live, because everything will be full of buildings and factories. Besides can you imagine a world with the black sky and we cannot see the sun? It’s a very sensitive issue and I would like the vision of people change and we do something together with OUR WORLD.


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