You buy more than you think

El corto  “Compras más de lo que crees” denuncia las condiciones de trabajo en las fábricas de textil en la India. Mientras una parte del mundo consume más de lo que necesita, la otra parte malvive en condiciones de pobreza. Más información sobre el corto, aquí.  Lo dejamos para la reflexión.


3 Respuestas a “You buy more than you think

  1. Javier Encinas Pérez

    Before seeing this video, I did not believe that this was so. The video has things that are very important, and we can see in it the lives of two people, that possibly they are very far apart.
    I believe that this situation should improve, because we are all equal and with equal rights. A person who lives in an underdeveloped country cannot have a normal life, because they always have to be working and then they only receive a small payment.
    We can see on the right of the video a man, who is working on a normal day, and he’s using a last generation machine and it can be programmed. And on the other hand, there is a man who is working all day and in poor condition, but they pay him a pittance. However, this shows that many people have to get to live.
    We often complain about our problems and we don’t like the money that our company pays us. But we don’t realize that there are many people who spend all day working and they can’t do anything to fix it.

  2. Yaqueline Navarro

    I do recycle at my home ground and use energy saving light bulbs.
    I think people are not fully aware of the situation in which the world is, we believe that the consequences of not recycling, among other things, are distant, but in reality we are already living.


  3. I find it very bad the different types of life that can carry two people: one is in metro and surrounding landscape is beautiful, another is on a train and the scenery is very sad; one works with modern machinery and other works with basics; a man is allowed a lot of money in trainers and the man who has done the same shoes you don’t receive even a quarter of the benefits of that product.
    It’s a sad reality, but is reality.


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