Funny advert

Hemos encontrado este divertido anuncio que muestra lo importante que es saber inglés en determinadas situaciones.  ¿Sabrías distinguir “sinking” y “thinking”?


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  1. Diego González Fariña

    I think I had seen it, but I’m not sure. It’s as amusing as instructive, I was laughing for a while. It’s also a good way of becoming people conscious about the importance of a language, not just a language but the considered as the global language, the one you could use everywhere, that is, the most useful. We really ignore how useful it could be in our daily activity. As Hanoch said, we are not aware of how important it is, we only want to improve in English to get good marks in the subject, to be happy about the result of hard working in the subject, but we don’t realize yet about English is not a subject at school, it’s a subject in the life and this advert is an example of it, yes, it’s incredibly funny!, but would be funny this event in the real life? Imagine you see the news and you hear about that, would you laugh? I don’t think so, and the worst is that things like that are happening constantly, not only related with the language but with many others. This is not a teaching for English classes, this is a teaching that reminds we gotta take education more seriously, because the main cause of accident is the fault of seriousness and a bad formation.

  2. Cristian Dorta

    This video is very funny in it we can realize the importance of the knowledge of English and how this knowledge may help in many situations in our lives. The knowledge of English is not a tradition, people learn it is because they are very interested in the advantages of this idiom. The English speaking as a school subject is not a subject as the others because this subject can help you to a higher level. The english could open doors or also could closes.
    In the video we can realize how English is not just grammar, pronunciation is very important because the objective of study english is to try to keep in touch with another person in an entertaining way. The simple fact of not pronounce a word of a correct form can change the meaning of a sentence.
    Spanish is also a very important language because it is considered one of the world’s major languages, as we learn English here, in Ireland they learn Spanish. Not because Spanish is an important language we settle for this. We have to adapt to the dominant language and do not settle for the easy.

  3. Hanoch Hemmerich

    I had already seen this advert, and it’s really funny, even more if you have heard germans that speak english like the man in the video. As this video shows very well, I think most people are not aware enough about the importance of learning English because we are not used to need it, where do we need a good English level? I think at least in our age just in the school to get a good mark in this subject, because in other things it could be useful but it isn’t really necessary, but maybe we should think in our future, when we are trying to get a job it won’t be only useful it will be the key to be hired in stead of others that don’t speak English, because there’s no doubt that Spanish is an important language, but it can’t be compared with English, because any information you look for would be always avialable in English, and maybe in other languages but in some cases not, and sometimes you will need the information which is only in English.
    Also, learing English is not a part of our culture or traditions, and many of our parents o realitves don’t speak English very well, so that’s another fact that afects to the awareness of learnig English. Maybe that would change in the future when parents had problems to get a job or didn’t get a job because of their English level, they would show their children the importance of learning English.

  4. Javier Encinas Pérez

    I did not think the video would end this way, ohh poor man!
    I found this video an example of the importance of language and especially its pronunciation, and this is something that can happen to anyone.
    When we learn a language and we think we handled it very well, maybe can happen something like this. However, we don’t realize that the most important part of language is to learn to use it, and practice it. For complete language learning, we need to be willing to learn and patience. We need practice it a lot and try to use it every day and whenever we can.
    Nowadays, everyone should know about at least two or three languages, because in our own work we need it, and perhaps a very important situation. When we use English, we don’t realize that there’re many similar words, and that can completely change the message.
    The unfortunate boy of the video cannot understand what they are saying, and this can have consequences. I felt sorry for this man, because maybe he hadn’t blame for what happened, and he spent a very embarrassing moment.
    However, this is a simple advert in which we can see a complete disaster with the English, and encourages us to not have the same error. Therefore, if we want to be safe we have to ‘get our act together’.

  5. Gustavo Castaño González

    The video is really interesting, since despite to be funny, this speaks of a touchy subject, since sometimes we need a language in crisis situations, either to pull through and even save a life, or just to communicate something.
    For this reason, we should be aware of at least two languages, one being the most important of today, English.
    Likewise, we should have knowledge of at least two languages, one being the most important of today, English. Not only because it can help in a particular despair situation, but having this tool, you could say that the doors that open to us in our lives will be much as today, most of the work requested ask a minimum English proficiency.
    In addition, English is very important in Canary Islands, as they practically live on tourism, so that languages are an essential tool for Canarian people and for everyone else in general.

  6. In Spain and in especial in Canary Island the tourism is one of the ways where the country get economy incomes, for this the people who work in the tourism, they need to know a lot of languages, usually the English, Spanish, French, German… However the Spanish society, Do you think they are aware enough about the importance of learning English? For example for use in the tourism.
    One reasons is that learn English isn’t a tradition for the Spanish society due to the elderly people don’t learning English while they were studying in the school. Nevertheless On the other hand, the reason can be that the Spanish language is considered on the languages more important of the world, although the Spanish language isn´t the more important. Furthermore in the Spanish society, the most of the people are aware the learn English is very important for the live.
    In conclusion the Spanish society should consider English as a tool for the daily life and don’t consider any subject.

  7. We live in a period in which the tourism is very important. Therefore, the English is an important tool for can communicate with the tourists. But, is the Spanish society conscious of this?
    On the one hand, for many Spanish, learn English is not a tradition because their families have not custom of learn English. Also, the Spanish consider the Spanish language as an important language, so they not learn English and they consider the English as another subject in the school.
    On the other hand, we should be conscious and learn English. When we travel to any European country, we should can communicate with other people. We can learn: looking films in English with subtitles, reading books…
    In conclusion, we should consider the English as an important subject for can learn a basic idiom.

  8. Alexandra Carballo

    This situation is very funny and it gets showing the reality and the importance of learning to speak another language, in this case, it’s the English.
    Nowadays there is a great need to learn this language and in the video can be seen clearly that a misunderstanding, it can change the whole meaning of what you’re trying to express.
    In my opinion, I think most people aren’t aware of the importance of learning English and this may be because aforetime wasn’t necessary, that is to say, there wasn’t tradition of learning another language because you didn’t need it. There was a possibility of finding job but everybody spoke the same language. The English was considered as other subject of the school and we gave more importance to the Spanish. We used to say: “I don’t need to speak English because I’m fine with Spanish “, but this statement is a greatly mistaken. Currently we live of the tourism and for the most of the jobs, it’s necessary to speak English. If you want a good job with a good pay, you have to speak English. Now there isn’t excuse to not learning English and being aware of it. Not only it’s a job question, but also it’s a cultural question, that is to say, if you want to travel to another country and you want to connect with another person because you need it, you have to know something about her language so that she can understand you. On the other hand, when you get to connect with another person who doesn’t know your language, you feel good because you got it. You have achieved communicate with another person and that means that you can.
    For this reason, you have to try it. If you have got the opportunity to learn English, you must to learn it and not to be afraid to learn another language. Tomorrow you will end up thanking.

  9. Patricia Rodríguez

    This video is very funny but it shows an important fact: people aren’t realize about the importance of learning foreigh lenguages.
    In canary islands, people aren’t aware enough about learning English because the fact that learn a foreigh lenguage isn’t a tradition.This fact is strange because there are very tourists at canary islands and our economy is based on the tourism.
    On the other hand, many people think that learn English isn’t necessary because they never have needed it, one of the reasons is that Spanish is an important lenguage.So, many people from other cultures learn Spanish.
    Most students think English is only a subject, but it isn’t the reality.Really,English is an important “tool” to looking for jobs.
    Also, the fact of learning English have many advantages.For example, if you can speak English,you’ll watch subtitled or english films without problems and you’ll can speak with a native english,So you could meet new and interesting people.

  10. Oh my God! This advert is really funny! His first day and his first sinking! Poor sailors who are going to the seabed… I think this advertise shows really well the authentic reality about the importance of learning different languages, because if the man had could speak English he would have helped to the sailors.
    People aren’t really aware of the importance of speaking other languages apart from mother tongue and that’s a big problem, specially on these moments on which it’s being necessary to migrate to foreign countries. For example, Angela Merkel, president of Germany, is looking for people from other countries to work in fields related to engineering and tourism and few days ago, I could watch on TV the languages schools were full of people who wanted to study German due to this offert.
    Maybe people are starting to be aware of its importance being that if they aren’t able to speak at least another different language, their working options will down too much.

  11. Virginia Robayna Hdez

    Although this video looks pretty funny, also shows a true reality because there are people who aren’t aware enough of the fact that learning English is very important, not only to us, but also to the society, because, due to the commercial, we can need the help of somebody and we can get into troubles if we can’t communicate our problem because we don’t know other language which is not the tongue language.
    Mainly, English is a very important tool for all of us because develop our mind and our possibilities but learning another language can be also a great way to get better because nowadays lot of jobs require a knowledge of more than one language, but the problem of the society is that we aren’t conscious enough because we’ve used to work and live with only our tongue language and we think we can get a job without learning English but that is getting over and people who haven’t seen the importance of languages now have to be studying it when there have been years since they finished their studies. On the another hand, most of young people don’t see how important is the English, but this is caused because there are a lot of teenagers who aren’t conscious about the importance of having a good career with good extra-studies because they are looking for the easier way every time. Also the fact that they have had English as a subject have made them to think is something they have to do in a compulsory way and as it usually happens with maths, English looks like a boring and useless subject, although it’s not.
    But this situation only would be changed if we start seeing a second language in our routine to assess how important English is.

  12. Poor man!
    This advert is very funny but on the other hand, it shows an important reality that exists nowadays in our society.
    People are not aware of learning English because they don’t take into account the fact that English (apart from get a better culture), is a very important language which we have to learn at least to understand what foreign people are saying.
    It’s very important especially in the Canary Islands where most of the economy is based on the tourism. Not only is important to learn English but also learning German and French that are the most important languages (Apart from Spanish of course, but we know how to speak in Spanish because it’s our mother tongue).
    We are promoting English, because it could be useful for our life, for example when we want to look for a job in foreign countries ( And now with the economic crisis this fact is too important). Also we are promoting English in the school as a subject , but few people don’t take it seriously because they think English is another subject that they have to pass, and not to learn it.
    So now ,that we have the opportunity, we have to improve our English in order to be better on it and ( in the case of the advert’s man) in order to do our job as good as possible


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