Archivo mensual: octubre 2011

Practise with songs

ESL is  an excellent web with many resources, in which you can practise with videos, in this case, we are showing the link to a very popular song, “blowing the wind”, and its quiz. Click here.


Who do you admire most?

Do you know the difference between “what’s she like?”, “what does she look like?” and “what does she like?” if not, clic here, you may also find many adjectives to describe someone’s personality. Do you admire people because of his/her physical appearance or because of his/her personality? Who do you admire most?  singers, actors, actresses, footballers, or perhaps any ordinary people? .
If you are interested in working on biographies, here you have some links:

a) Famous people               b) BBC history               c) Bio



Health and Food

Here you have a webquest to work on this topic:


Homeschooling is the education of children at home, normally by parents or tutors. This option has advantages but also disadvantages. Once we’ve talked about this topic in class, look at this video in which a man explains its benefits. Then, you may leave a comment: would you like to be taught at home? or would you like to teach your children at home?