Who do you admire most?

Do you know the difference between “what’s she like?”, “what does she look like?” and “what does she like?” if not, clic here, you may also find many adjectives to describe someone’s personality. Do you admire people because of his/her physical appearance or because of his/her personality? Who do you admire most?  singers, actors, actresses, footballers, or perhaps any ordinary people? .
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57 Respuestas a “Who do you admire most?

  1. María López Cantero

    I admire most Michael Jackson (Referred to as the King of Pop, or by his initials MJ )was a singer and dancer who teased his fans with tantalising tunes while remaining at arms length, never giving too much of his personal life away and leaving his death open to conspiracy theories. He debuted on the professional music scene along with his brothers as a member of The Jackson 5 with his brothers and he began his solo career in 1971.
    Although he didn’t invent pop music he did much to embody it. He was for many the greatest pop singer alive during the 20th Century and he was worshipped by fans and impersonated by many the world over. During his lifetime over 100 million copies of his six solo albums were sold worldwide and he had eight entries in the Guinness Book of World Records. In death his work has flown off the shelves of music stores as the world mourns the legend that was Michael Jackson, beloved for his fans.

    I love all his songs.

  2. Trusianna Delgado 3ºA ESO.

    One of the person I admire most is my mother, because he always is happy and she never is bitter, when I am sad she always help me and I love her because is my mother and she is the best.
    other person I admire is my father, he is incredible and he is the best father of the world.

  3. Adrián Valiente Oliva

    The person I admire most is my mother, because she is a very important person for me. She is a good mother and she is very funny too.
    I love she.

  4. javier garcia 1ºbch b

    The person I most admire is Lionel Messi. He is a very good soccer player and a good person according to all his teammates. He began playing at a young age and made his debut for Barcelona when Frank Rijkaard coached the team .He has got 2 gold balls and nowadays is the best player in the world.

  5. Klara Hemmerich 1 BACH B

    I really admire Rosie Hardy. She’s a 21 year old photographer based in Manchester, UK. She isn’t what you would call “worldwide known”, but taking into account that she started as a teenager who fell in love with photographer and learned all she knows now on her own, she has come pretty far.
    Her photos were mostly selfportraits at the begining. But she soon started to take portaits of other people too. And GIMP (an editing software which is quite similar to the wellknown Photoshop) has always been a helpful tool for her though her photographic journey.
    She started doing little photoshoots, and then she began to shoot weddings. Now she has an incredibly full schedule as a wedding and event photographer. Appart from that she also does a lot of workshops for people who live near London, were she’s currently living, and who want to know more about photography and editing.
    A huge step in her career as a proffesional photographer was the photo she did for the new album Maroon 5 brought out recently. They saw a photo that in their opinion did fit the theme of the album very well and got in touch with her to do something similar for the cover.
    That’s bassically why I admire her. She started from scratch, without any knowledge of photography and ended up photographing the cover for a really welknown band and taking the engagement or wedding photos of lots of happy couples!

  6. Álvaro López 1ºA

    One of the persons who i admire most is the singer Bob Marley, first because i love his music. He was the creator of reggae music and i like that kind of music.

  7. jennifer garcia luis 1B

    One of the persons who I most admire is Marilyn monroe, because she had a pretty bad past and in spite of that to follow later and she got to fulfill his dream to be a Hollywood star. Although his childhood was not a normal girl. She was raped by her foster parents and by her stepfather, and now she was also being greater agreciones phicológicas victim of their ex-husbands. So much to admire Marilyn Monroe at all times did his best to move forward.

  8. Right now my icon is Cristiano Ronaldo, because I wish to become half of what he is, he is a super athlete, power and intelligence at play is envied by many people in the world. He has won many individual awards including: a ball of gold, several gold shoes … A delighted me coming to play in Spain and Real Madrid because he is my favorite team. If I were born again, I would like to be like him.

  9. Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 1º Bach B

    I admire Casillas because he has won a lot of trophies. Also, because he is the best football goalkeeper of football of the world for me.
    He is 30 years old and he plays for the Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, being the captain of both. In 2008 he led the Spanish national team to their first European Championship in 44 years, and in 2010, to win the World Cup, being also named the tournament’s best goalkeeper.

  10. Flavio Correa Alfaro 1ºBACH B

    I’m not sure about who I admire most…
    I think I can admire anyone, but usually singers, famous people, or closer people.
    I admire many singers, one of them is gack. He has a really nice personality and his music has very deep feelings. Also he has a really cool style writing his songs, because of that I “admire” him.
    Also I admire people who helps other and try to.
    Finally, I admire my mom and family because of always try to give us all the best.

  11. I admire Billie Joe Amstrong. I admire him for a lot of reasons. He doesn’t care what people think of him and that’s made me think that way too. He’s a great songwriter and performer, I have never seen any other musician perform like he does. Actually I should say I have never seen another band perform like Green Day. I love his music and his way to think.
    I admire his passion and dedication of what he does. He’s truly a hardworking musician, his enthusiasm and energy are amazing!

  12. Samuel Martínez Amaral 1º Bch B

    I admire Usain Bolt because he is a great athlete. Bolt is the best sprinter in the world. He has several world records. In 100 meters he has 9.58 seconds and in 200 meters he has 19.19 seconds. Moreover, in 4 x 100 meters relay he has the world record with the jamaican selection.
    I think that to get this, he worked and fought very much.

  13. Laura Arizmendi 1ºBach-A

    the person I admire is Mario Casas is a very important actor in Spain. He was born in A Coruña on June 12 of 1986, but now, he lives in Madrid for commitments of work. In spite of begin a young boy; he has filmed many movies, “Brian drain”, “Lies and gods” and “At three meters on the sky”. He reached the reputation acting in a series of television like! SMS” and “The men of Paco”. He has black and short hair, and his eyes are small and brown. His nose is small but long, he has a big mouth but his lips are thin, his teeth are white and perfect. His arms, his torso and his back are strong and firm, his hands are big and strong. He is a handsome boy, and all his fans are mad for him. He always dresses with fashion clothes. Now he hasn’t a girlfriend, and he says that in the only thing that he thinks it is in working. He is cheerful, likeable, fighter, charismatic, seducer and his value very much to his family and friends.

  14. Adan de la Rosa Lugo 1º Bach B

    One of the persons I most admire is J. K. Rowling, She’s a really famous writter and film director. She’s famous becouse writed Harry potter, moreover, I like the way she has described the stories because she ‘s really thorough.Also, I admire her ambicions, she is a fighter person and very funny. in second place, i admired her because she donated money to the poor, she is not materialist

  15. Nerea Díaz Pérez

    The person I admire is Harry Judd because he plays the trumpet, piano and drums, he plays drums in the band McFly is from the UK. He learned play drums at sixteen years with Charlie Simpson.
    I love their songs.

  16. Adrián Batista 1ºBACH B

    One of the people I most admire is jamie cullum Because of His way of playing the piano and singing, and all his songs, I’d like to get to play as him someday, is a great musician, is a fun person and always laughs even in concert, is also a good dancer. Also I admire the great variety of musical instruments he can play as a drummer, guitar, bass, keyboards …

  17. Andrea Pérez Quintana 1ºB Bachiller

    I admire actors and actresses, singers etc… but the two people I most admire are my father and my mother. Because they go to work every day for get some money to my sister and me. They give us all that we need and even more. We never say them “thank you”, however they don’t leave of work for us. I admire them so very much although I never have told them anything.
    I admire them also because always they care for us and for our things, although we sometimes think that they are invading our intimity.
    I admire them for this and more, but mainly for this.

  18. Alejandro Cruz García 1º Bachillerato A

    I admire those people who have helped humanity and the world, to which they still do and those who will.
    Therefore, I admire many people who do and try that in this world there is peace, that respects the human rights and to protect our planet.
    Among many people one of the most admire is the Mother Teresa of Calcutta, because she was a woman who fought with all his force and during all his life to aiding, relieve and succour, the sick, the poor, the marginalized, people who are homeless, the dying, orphans and helpless.
    She founded the Order of Missionary of Charity in 1950, which since his beginning has helped and relieved the needy in all the world.
    For his efforts and dedication to humanitarian work, she received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.
    Unfortunately there were people who criticized her for no reason, for humanitarian acts performed, although she did not keep him from his duty and his values to the end.
    For 45 years helped the neediest and proved to humanity that a person can change the world if he tries.
    And I think that people who devote their lives to help others or simply contribute with their bit to improve our humanity and the world, to those people if we should admire them because thanks to them is a thread of hope that gives us force to continue imagining a better future.

  19. Borja González Palmero 1ºBACH A

    The person that I admire is Chris Cole.Chris Cole is a professional skateboarder.He is the person that I admire because i love do the skating and I like his personality,because he’s responsible and he get married and he has a son.He recibed the award oh The Most Skater in the World in 2009.He´s 29 years old and he has traveled around the world for being so good skating,he traveled to China,Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Cologne, Helsinki and many more.

  20. LauraConde 1Bach.C

    I couldn’t have commented before because i have problems with the computer.

    I am going to do the work on Adam Lambert:
    Adam Lambert is a young American singer and is one of my favorites.
    This singer is bold, sexy apart from attraction.
    I like his songs because they are very animated and I am an active teenager.

  21. Alejandro Gil Hernández

    The person I admire is Leo Messi because he is the best player football, he is a good example for many people, because his life has been very difficult, but he never surrendered and now is the best player football in the world.

  22. Rocío Jara Rodríguez 1º BACH C

    The person that I admire is Michael Jackson, I think he is a fantastic dancer and a magnific singer and he shined because of his talent. He had a lot of problems in his life. When he was a child his father abused of his tanlent and he lost his childhood and the fans valuated more his talent than his family. He had a lot of complex too, but he was an important pop star and he gave us his fantastic music, and when he died he left us his good work, in this case his songs.

  23. I love Lady GAGA she’s the best because she’s more extravagant and beutiful when I saw i know she have beutiful songs and she is the best singer in the world she is a beutiful clothes her hair is dead and she is very tall. END

  24. I admire Adriana Lima, she’s a Victoria Secret’s angels. She’s gorgeus and has got a good type. When a saw in TV I know be how her. She has got very luck for her to be so famous.

  25. erika 1º bachillerato a

    the person I admire is angelina jolie because she is a great actress, princial has the earmarks of a very rich and it seems a bit selfish but I think we have desmotrado which is a strong woman, adopting as many children is very friendly and something that defines it as a good woman.

  26. Estefania Exposito

    I admire Sylvester Stallone, he is my perfect man!
    At first, when I saw him in some film, I could’t change of channel because I liked how he looked, talked, moved… I fell in love!!!!!
    Then my mother told me that he did the famous films of Rocky Balboa, John Cobra or Rambo and I couldn’t belive, I became crazy so I started to download all those films and other.
    Every day I watched one film of Rocky and when I finished watching Rocky, I started to watch Rambo and then I started to download other films for example Cobra, The Specialist… I was a little obsessed!
    I like him because in their film he is very sexy, romantic, strong, protected and shy a the same time. He also fights very well and when he is acting I look him into their eyes and I believe what is happening and I think that is very important. A good actor has to transmit what is happening in the film!

  27. I admire Amy Winehouse because she was a very strong girl and although she had clear ideas, she was a role mode, how you can get things you want, if you put your mind.

  28. Omar Delgado 1º Bach B

    the person who I admire is Leo Messi, he is the star of FC Barcelona. I admire him because he is a fantastic football player and I think he’s the best player in the world. So I think he will win the Golden Ball this year. He is a very complete player, as it has dodge, power, speed, shooting foults, etc..

  29. One person that I admire most is Jessica Parker, she’s an actress and producer of film.
    I started to admire her when I saw Sex and the City. I love how she interprets her role.
    She interprets a girl who is looking the perfect man and together her friends help her to find him.
    I think I admire her because I feel identified with her in the series.
    A part of the series, she also there are two films. I’ve seen all chapters and the two films. I love it!!!
    On the other hand, I like her dress, there are some items that aren’t pretty, but she looks good. I’m sure if I put them, I wouldn’t stay well.
    The series she is called Carrie Bradshaw, and in real life she is much like his character, at least when fashion.

  30. Susana rodríguez fariña 1ºC

    I admire stefan dohr because he play de horn and he is considered the best horn player in the world. He is the principal horn player of the Berlin philharmonic orchestra. last year i went to one concerts in murcia and now when i think in the beautiful moment, i yet get nervious.

    it`s was a great experience.

  31. Natacha Méndez 1ºA

    I admire Michael Jordan. He’s considered the best basketball player in history. He has many basketball awards. He was five times the MVP of the NBA season, he played fourteen times in the All-Star games, he has two Olympic gold medals, so on. One of the things that I think that it’s impressive is that he scored fourty points or more in 211 matches.
    I think he should feel very lucky because he’s an important person and an impressive basketball player. He’s the idol of many people, like me. I think he is a role model because he can inspire you to progress and to improve everyday. He can help you to be a good basketball player if you try to learn things that he did.
    When I watch him playing I want to do the same things that he does and be as good as he and I always think “I’d like to be like him”. Everything he does when he’s playing is amazing. I guess he feels very proud of all the achievements he has obtained.
    I really admire him and I hope to see him in person someday.

  32. Jacqueline Navarro Cabrera

    The person I most admire is John Lennon because apart from being a great musician multi-instrumentalist and composer English, one of the best of the time, John Lennon fought for peace. He opposed the war in Vietnam led to numerous attempts by the Nixon administration to expel the country, while their songs were adopted as anthems for the movement against the war. No doubt it was a great person.

  33. Diego Fierro Herrera 1ºC Bachiller

    The person that I admire is Charls I of Spain and V of Germany because he was the best king of Spain.Other reason that I like is because Iike the history in general and spanish history in particular.

  34. Miriam Díaz 1º BACH-A

    One of the person I most admire is Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars is singer, composer and lyricist. He started his career like a music producer then He became in a famous singer. His genre is pop, soul, reggae fusion, comtemporary R&B.Their best known album is Doo-Wops & Hooligans, my favourite song is The Lazy Song because this song talk about do nothing and his music video is very funny. In this year he was nominated in the MTV EMA’S 2011 like the best push, the best male artist and the best revelation artist. He won awards: The best push and the best revelation artist.

  35. Andrea Díaz García 1º Bach A

    Bruno Mars is one of the most famous people who I admire. He’s a singer, but also he is composer, drummer and producer. His life hasn’t been easy, because when he was a child, his familiy had no money, so he decided to move to LA and there he began his career as a musician to earn money for his family. Another reason for I admire him is that the lyrics of their songs have a niche message and they are influenced by Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, other people who I amire. So I think Bruno Mars is a sensible and humble person, despite his wealth and his numerous awards.

  36. Alejandro Glez. Alonso

    The person I admire the most is Paul Rodriguez, he is a Mexican-American professional street skateboarder. I admire him because one of my favorite hobbies is to skate and I would like someday to be like him and I love what he does. Apart from fame, money, etc.

    In conclusion, Paul Rodriguez is the person i most admire because he enjoy skating as much or more than me:)

  37. Daniel Pérez Rodríguez 1º BACH C

    the person I admire is Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays the role of Harry Potter. I like Harry Potter films since I was a child and I have all of the books of adventurous of Harry Potter. I think he is a very good actor and good person

  38. Moisés Pérez Mora

    Well, the person who I most admire is my best friend, she is seventeen years old, she is the best person I konw, she is friendly, generous, socieble, good person, honest, and a good student 🙂 she never is shy or rude, always is very polite. I met her when we were children and we always were frinds, I think she is the best friend for the people.

  39. Tamara Alonso León.1B Bachto.

    The person who i admire is my brother, he has his own defects, but anyone will became like he, he is the normal person like you like me but he always is here when you need something, he help me, he advised me, is amazing he didn’t konw nothing about my problems but he came to me and told me: don’t worry Tamara,will come to you other better ,he isn’t enough to you and he gave me chocolate.Is so special to me, he is the better friends that i have now, he is my family me ,he is Tahiche. I love you.

  40. Adrián Glez 1º bachB

    the person I admire most is Vicente del Bosque I think he´s a good coach, he is the spanish team coach and by the other hand he´s a quiet person, he never critical anyone and he always speak well about all person.
    another thing wich Iadmire is because he has a son with down syndrome and when spain won the”mundial” he took his son on the bus whit the players.

  41. Corina Díaz Rivero 1ºC

    The character they admire is Wiz Khalifa, it is one of the favorite singers, I love your music and I also admire your video clips. I hear many songs from it and never get tired of them. I would love to be like in many ways. It has taken many familiar songs such as: Black and Yellow, Roll up, no sleep …
    To my Wiz Khalifa is the best singer in the world.

  42. Kevin Castro 1º Bach A

    One of the persons who I most admire is Aunng San Suu Kuy, because she is an extraordinary person, because she fights again the government of her country to defend the human rights.
    She resists house arrest and the jail. She couldn’t see her husband before he died. And she could leave his country but she preferred stay there and defend her ideals. And for this she received the Novel Prize.

  43. Carlos Glez 1º Bach B

    One of the people I admire is kiko rivera, better known as paquirrin. I admire him because he is always happy and content and is one of the nicest people in the world. He currently serves on the public of “you if you’re worth,” but recently starred in a program called survivors. In addition, he is expecting a baby right now. It has a good physique, but hasn´t fhisical problems.

  44. Mónica Hinojosa 1 Bachiller A

    One of the persons I most admire is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as Eminem. For me he’s the best rapper in the world. A few songs he Incredible though but sometimes criticized famous for his physique and attitude. But he has managed to continue with his life even though his mother was a single mother and they didn’t got money. He got through his music on with your life, and have a family, but because of external problems he got into drugs, but struggled and managed to get out of this world. For me he’s the most amazing person in the world and I love him.

  45. javier herrero alonso 1 bach B

    the person who I admire is derrick rose,he was the last mvp in NBA basketball league,but not only I admire for that,I admire him because when he was a child when his father died,he left the studies and he went to work away from his family,he kept his family with the money of his job. but he never left the basket he train in the night every day with a university team,and litle by litle he became in a profesional basketball player. nowadays he keeps his family because he married the last summer.

  46. One of the person who I admire most is Mesut Özil. I thinks he’s one of the most talented football player in the world. He looks so elegant when he plays and, in my opinion, he makes art when he’s inspired. I also admire him because is a reference for me, I think we have similar ways of play football and also we have similar character inside and out the field.
    On the other hand, he’s very humble and I enjoy when I see him playing, he makes all so easy. The problem who has this player is that he’s a little bit irregular. Sometimes when Real Madrid needs him, he’s not able to appear. Forgetting this, I think is a player who has a great path, he’s young and maybe he could be one of the most important players in the history.

  47. Daniel Khabbaz González 1º Bach. B

    One person that I actually admire is the football player of F.C. Barcelona Andrés Iniesta. I think he is one of the best midfield players currently in the world. In my opinion, he makes together with Xavi Hernández and Cesc Fábregas, the best midfield of the world. Despite being a small player, he can do incredible things inside the field. He always gives important goals to the team and uses to be the protagonist of most of the trascendental matches. His main characteristic is his humility. He is shy and quiet. He always respects the opponent and by looking at his way of play we see that he is very intelligent. I think his best day was the 11th July 2010 in Southafrica when he scored the goal which gave us the World Cup and that’s why I’m sure that Andrés Iniesta is admired and also loved by all over Spain.

  48. Alejandro Flores Hernández

    The person who I admire is Edwin moses, the athlete who has won two gold medals in the 400 metres hurdles in Olimpics games and two gold medals in 400 metres hurdles in world championship.I admire him becouse he has 400 metres hurdles and I too.Moreover he has a world record, and I think that he is a great person becouse he fight against doping in sport.

  49. The person who I most admire is Sergio Rodríguez, a basketball player. He was the first Canario in the NBA. He started to play basketball at C.B. Unelco, the team where I play basketball. When he was 17 years old he won a award “Jugador mas valioso del campeonato europeo junior para menores de 18 años”. After this a lot of team began calling to play basketball at professional teams.

  50. Kristian Martinez 1ºBach B

    One of the person I most admire is Nick Vujicic, He is one person without arms and legs, but he has exceeded their problems since from born. He is a great motivator of the life, I have seen there are any videos in Youtube and I think we should value ours more life, he change my opinion and now I think things through before acting and try to live their best.
    here a link to be seen:

  51. Andrea Sophía Sánchez 1ºBach B.

    One of the persons who I most admire is Will Smith because he has so much talent as an actor and rapper. He is the only actor who has participated in eight consecutive movies that have reached number 1 on its release. He was also nominated for an Oscar to the best actor, in the movie: ‘Ali’, in 2001.
    One of his movies that I like most is Hitch, I saw it like three or four time in a month haha.
    I think Will Smith is very good at his work and it’s a good example to his children.
    So I hope he continues being just like he has been until nowadays, and that he can achieve everything he wants because he deserves it.

  52. david aretaga 1ºb-bach

    The person who i amdire is Cristiano Ronaldo, first because he is probably the best player who has ever played in Real Madrid also he has won two “Botas de oro” . Second i admire him because he has got this with a lot of effort, and i like it

  53. Joel Díaz 1ºBACH B

    I admire Rene Perez, better known as “Resident”. René is the lead singer of the group famous Calle 13. I admire him because in his songs talks about how the world actually is. He also criticizes politicians, which I think is good. Because they usually do bad things and someone has to say.
    Also I admire him because he is my favorite singer and I’ve been listening for a long time.

  54. Lara Pérez 1ºBACH B

    I admire the Greenpeace, because in my opinion all the people have to fight for a better world in a pacific way. Thanks to them, we save many animals and protect the plants and ecosystems that help the world and the people because without them, we could not live.
    For this reason in the future I wanna be in this organization, because I want to help the world and his inhabitants.

  55. The person I most admire is my grandmother, because since she was little she has had to work to help her family. she went to another country because of war and could have a good life with my grandfather, and over the years she has had a good job and a good home.

  56. the person I admire the most is Laura Gallego Garcia, the writer of “Memories of Idhun”, a fantasy book. I admire her because she is a good writer and have made a lot of good books that I like, and I think she must be very imaginative, a quality I take into account.


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