Tips to go green

Have a look at the following video and you will see 10 ways to be more ecological. Leave a comment answering the following question: Does your family separate rubbish at home?


16 Respuestas a “Tips to go green

  1. Andrea Fernandes Martínez 3º A

    Does your family separate rubbish at home?
    No, my family don’t recycling the rubbish, why? Because is very dificult recycle for the reason of there aren’t container near to my house.
    But, after seeing this video, I think I will start to recycling., because is very important to the enviroment,and if everybody do this, the planet will be better.

  2. pablo mogollon diaz 3º A

    i dont really recycle because its very disturbing, well im actually not sure if we recycle because my parents do it. So im not sure if my parents recycle or not.
    But also, after seeing this video, i think i will start recycling and i think everybody should recycle more because it really helps the enviroment.

  3. .-Does your family separate rubbish at home?
    My family and I don’t recycle at home. No because we don’t care the environment, if not because we have no space to the Recycle Bin.
    Every time we go to mount if we see any trash on the ground, we catch it
    and throw the container properly.
    Recycling is difficult for me but after seeing this video, I hope that in the near future my family and I start recycling.

  4. Adrián Cruz Rivera 3º B

    My family don´t recycle because there are´t any recycling container near my house. I think that the topic of recycling and the environmental protection is very important because anybody wants live in a polluted world with rubbish mountains near their house.

  5. Estefanía Guanche

    In my family, we don’t recycle because we don’t have a recycle bin near our house. I think it is wrong to not recycle because we don’t have containers near because we know how to do it. It’s very simple. This video teaches how we can be more ecological. If everyone does the tips of the video the world would be a place without pollution. I am going to find the container to start recyling.

  6. Carla Cabrera Urbano, 3ºC

    My family and me don’t recycle but after i see this video, I think that in the future if the rest family do the same, the world will be a completly container of rubbish, probably if the situation don’t change, we will live in a mountain of rubbish.I agree with this video because it´s so important that the people are informed about the reason for not recycling like climate change, global warning and more serius problem. However most the people know but they don’t recycle. I think that these people don’t care about climate change.
    So I will try recycle in my house and I will learn to the rest the significance of this accion. Now I know that this accion is very important althoug I know one family that recycling won’t change the world but it would of great help. So if all families recycle, the world could change. Do you want to start?

  7. Diego González González, 3ºA

    Well, in my home not always separated. I don´t know why, maybe for vagrancy, since there aren´t recycling bins near my house, because we know separate, unlike many other families.Recycle (and many other things) is very important because it helps to reduce the level of contamination and have a good future.

  8. In my case, I think my family and I recycle most of the rubbish. We separate the glass and the plastic, but the cardboard and paper we put in the containers wiht the rubbish.
    The recycling containers are near my house, therefore for us, recycling is easy.
    We have to try recycle more, beacuse if we don’t recycle, we live in a big mountain of rubbish.

  9. Karla Palenzuela Rodríguez, 3ºA

    We have to stop for a minute and think about how is our world and then think about what can WE do NOW. People says “that’s not my problem, so why I have to care on?”, that’s our problem and we have to do something now. If you’re really worried about your world, then you can think about if it’s easy or difficult do things like recycling or collect rubbish. I think it is possible if you keep on trying, and my family also think so. So we go to talks about the enviroment, how to recycle and those things. We are really informed about this topic and we obvious try to recycle everyday and always we can. Not only in our house, if not wherever we are.
    I’m sure we can get it on! So common, try it! It’s easy!

  10. Andrea Cabello 3ºA

    Does your family separate rubbish at home?
    Yes my family and me always try separate,
    Is very difficult .
    we try to separate as we know. In four containers diferent in the blue paper and cardboard, in the yellow plastic in the green glass and black in the organic waste

  11. María López Cantero

    Does your family separate rubbish at home?
    Yes, we do. My family and I recycle always. In my house there are four recycling bins: One black, other yellow, other blue and other green. We throw out the rubbish like in the recycling containers: In the black bin we throw out the waste. In the yellow bin we throw out the plastics bottles, the cans… But we don´t throw out the plastics bags, we keep it because cost about 5 cents, is little but if you buy so much plastics bags finish are expensive. In the blue bin we throw out cardboards and papers, and in the green bin we throw out the crystal bottles. Nowadays not much people recycle and it´s very important because we are killing the Earth and killing the life of all the animals and plants.

    Do you know that ?
    • About 70% of all the rubbish that we produce can be recycled.
    • When we recycle an aluminium can we are saving about a 90% of the energy needed to produced other can.
    • To make the paper of the notebooks die a lots of trees that can be release oxygen to the atmosphere. But if you recycle the paper you are seaving the life of thousands trees.

  12. Camila Cardonda 3ºC

    my family and I always recycle at home, but sometimes we have difficulties with energy conservation and we spend more light than we need.
    I almost always try to throw trash in appropriate containers and if there’s containers carry with me until I can throw it.
    I really like the ecological projects and almost always pointed to them to help the environment.

  13. Trusianna Delgado 3ºA ESO.

    In my case, my family and me never recycle because we don’t know, and I could like learn when do it; if we recycle more, we can change the world, and we can help to don’t live in a big mountain of rubbish.
    Containers bin are near my house, and I go to try recycle every day, It’s very easy, but sometimes i’ts very difficult, because always I don’t remember that the world is much cleaner if I recycle my rubbish.

  14. Brenda Perez 3ºB

    My family and I recycle sometimes. It is very easy, and next to my house there are recycling bins.
    We tend to recycle the bottles, containers, sometimes the paper and oil.
    What we do wrong is that we spend a lot of water and light.

  15. Alejandra pérez quintana, 3º ESO 'B'

    My family don’t recycle because we don’t have recycling containers near my house, actually in my neighborhood there aren’t this type of container, but after watching this video, I will try to recycle, and also encourage my family to recycle they too, because we are contributing to the death of our planet.The solicity of the town hall that put the recycling containers in my neighborhood, but we don’t located still.

  16. After seeing this video, I think that we have to recycle. My family and I don´t recycle. We don´t recycle because there aren´t containers near our house.
    To have a good environment isn´t only to recycle , this is also use less water, choose products with less packaging, …
    I think that if we recycle all , we will obtain a world clean and with few pollution.
    I will try to recycle although the containers are far.


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