Ready for the Olympics?

The Olympic games is an international event in which thousands of athletes participate in many sports. The Games are currently held every two years, with Summer and Winter Olympic Games alternating. The city of London wil be the host city of the XXX Olympic Summer Games. Let’s know The London 2012 Olympic Games.


3 Respuestas a “Ready for the Olympics?

  1. Tomas Barroso von Guggenberg

    The first olympic games were held in olympid, greece in 776 bc and they continued until 393 ad , when they were stopped by Theodosius . There were no gold , silver or broncemedals the athletes were given wreaths of laurel leaves . There was a statue of Zeus Cone of the seven wonders of the world) was erected in olympia . The were fewer events and only areek speakers could participate.
    Nowadays the modern olympics are held every two years , the summer games and the winter games . there is also a paralympic olimpics for athletes with a disability . There were cancelled in 1916 , 1940 , 1945 . More than 13.000 athletes participate in the games there are 33 different sports and 400 events.
    The olypic games bring many countries together. Countries that many years ago were at war. Its a sign of peace that countries can share week living together , competing against each and at the end be friends

  2. Susana Rodríguez Fariña1º C

    I think the Olympics are pretty good for young people because young people now do not usually do much sport because they see a lot of TV, spend much time on the computer or playing video games.
    see the Olympics to motivate me to exercise because sonn fun and healthy. do this job helped me to discover things they did not know about the Olympics

  3. I think that the Olimpic games are the compelling argument that move the sport.The Olimpic games are the actual creators of the essence of sport.
    The athletes train hard for the Olympic games.The athletes know that there is competition for train knowing that all is possible.

    The Olimpic games changes significantly the economy of the countries that the house,who benefit by the influx of spectators to the stadium,positively affects to the restaurants,bars and souvenirs of the area,…

    In short,the Olimpic games are in my opinion about of the inventions that more perfomance has given to man.


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