Jobs and Professions

Have a look at this presentation to revise the vocabulary and useful expressions related to “Jobs and Professions”. Then leave a comment answering the question “What job would you like to have in the future?”

21 Respuestas a “Jobs and Professions

  1. Adriana González González 3º C

    I would like to work as a journalist, and spend my time on meeting and interviewing to people, and make them happy.
    I make happy to people because they want to appear on TV, and share some of their life with the world.
    A journalist is someone who reports news on TV, radio, Newspaper….
    The news are about the misfortunes that there are in the world, and it is very sad.
    It is very interesting to be a journalist.
    I think that I’m good at related with people.
    If I want to be a journalist I need to have good marks, and study.
    I have wanted this work since 2008.
    The subjects I like are: English, Spanish language, biology and P.E .This subject are important to work on what I want.
    My parents want me to be happy, and choose the job that I like , but they want me to be a person honest , sincere and hardworking .

    Another job that I’d like to be is a lawyer, as my mother.
    My parents are honest and hardworking people, and my parents want that I was this type of person.

  2. At the moment, im not entirely sure what i want to do when im older. Obviously, i would like to get a job in which you earn a lot of money, seen that nowadays we are in crisis and i think it could be the best for me to find a job that gives me a lot of money. Of course, if that doesent happen, i´m not going to sit in my house not doing a thing, i will try to get the first job that i have the chance to do.
    Also, if i would get a gob that gives me a lot of money, i wouldnt be selfish and just keep all the money, i would rather donate some money to those who are in need of it.
    But i cant get all this without studying, so i will try my best to get the best marks i can, because the higher the marks, the better the job.
    So i hope all this comes true and i can live happily in the future.

  3. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do in the future. When I was in the school, I loved everything related to teaching. I wanted to grow up fast to start teaching young children. I grew up and I realized that what I liked most was write, talk, tell things, inform people… So, I thought it was better to be a journalist. In the summer of 2009 I was in a summer camp and I was taking care of a special girl. She was 9 years old and and she is autistic. I was taking care of her two summers followed. It was an exhausting experience but it was so nice. I know that’s a hard profession, but I think that it is what I really want to be. Apart from that, I want to go to live in England, that means learning English very well to be able find work. And I think it will be very difficult if I want to dedicate to that. My parents want me to be a teacher and that I live here or in the peninsula. I don’t agree with them because I love the idea of ​​going to live in England. Maybe I have to stop and think what is best for me.They are adults, they know more than me.

  4. Well, I would like to be a singer, it´s my dream. My parents agree with my election, but they prefer I work on a sure thing because singer it´s not a sure thing. Now I prepare for what I want to be and I´m sure I will succeed. But as it is safe, I study for my future, for me. My marks are good, but still need to improved. Also I would like to be a veterinary, I love all animals! One day I found a street dog and I thought, what could have happened to the dog?
    Later, when the social service commission came to pick up the dog, they told me that the dog had been abused. When they told me that I was amazed, ´cause it was cruel… Past few months I decided that if my dream could not be true, I’ll be a veterinary.
    PD: But I´m going to be a singer!

  5. Karla Palenzuela

    I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do in the future because there are too many possibilities for me… Actually, my family wants me to work in a very important job and to study too much because nowadays, in the country, is very difficult to earn money or just to have a job. That’s why I’m not sure what will I study… My parents never ask me to do my homework or to study for a exam because I do it by myself, but in this case they really think that their opinion is very important although I have to do what I wantI don’t know what to think ‘cause I would like to have a job in which I can save lifes or just to help people. But my likes doesn’t say the same, for example, my passion is photography and I’m good at thar but, how can I save a life or help someone doing photos? Maybe reporting the pictures in a newspaper or working in the news. That’s ok, I just think that I won’t earn too much money… My marks would have to be excelent to be a great photographer. I don’t know, I’m really confused! I know that money isn’t important if I’m doing what I like and I have family and friends supporting me. In this way, I will do better my job and I won’t be unhappy.
    I think the world will be better if people make their dreams come true 🙂

  6. Camila Cardona 3ºC

    In the future i would like graphic designer,because i love desing and art. My favorite subject is art,be good at arts is my speciality because my attitude to this subject is very positive because is very important for my. My mother agrees with my choice and y agree too because arts are my passion since I was little.
    The graphic design is well paid and in this job there is sometime free time but is really fun and exitement.

  7. alfonso Torices Serra 3ºA

    I’ve always been clear that I want to be more. I’m really interested in biology, because I love dealing with animals and nature.
    I would like to work as a marine biologist, I think it’s because I love the sea and also everything related to it that I love.
    My parents agree with this decision.
    This profession is well-paid, and I have fun so much because it’s what I love.
    The level of stress is low.
    You need be very responsibility for work in this profession.

  8. In the future I would like to be a pediatrician but I’m not sure yet, because this profession is very complicated and long, and can be the notes don’t come to me to the average. I would like to be a physiotherapist, architect, decotator or… I’m not sure yet.
    My parents tell me that I choose a profession that I like and I don’t get bored of it, but I think there are many jobs that I like and I can not decide now.

  9. I haven´t decided yet but I´d like to be an engineer because it´s well-paid. For this I´m need be good at all kinds of subjects. My parents love it, but they say that the level of stress is a little high.
    I´m really interested in this job, I love it.
    All depends on my marks

  10. I haven´t decided yet, my parents are working in the medicine and I think is very interested and they saves lots of lifes but I don´t like to work in that. My brother is in the university and he is studying an engineering, I´m good at Physics and Chemist and in Technology too, my marks in this subjects are really high but I don´t know if I would like to work in that.
    When I was a child, I liked to do experiments with all kind of things. I don´t know what I can to be because I don´t see myself working in anything. I´m worried about the level of unemployment and in the future I would like to work and if it can to be, I would like to work in a well-paid job. Like all the people I suppose. I hope that in the job that I´m going to work the level of stress can be low because I always be stressed.
    One year ago if you asked to me “What job would you like to have in the future?” probably I answered you “I would like to be Journalist.” But the things change, or not? Now I have Physics and Chemist and I think that is very interested. I always think that Maths are very interested too.
    My parents want me to be something, they only want that I have some job that I want to be. I agree with them, I have to work and want to be happy with that job.
    So I don´t know what I want to be. I hope I´ll know it early.

  11. Adrián Cruz Rivera 3º B

    I have already decided it, I would like to study Environmental Engineering or Civil Engineering and I want to get a Master in Renewables Energies because I´m good in Tecnology and I think it´s possible live without to burn petroleum. My parents agree with me. I would like to learn two languages too: English and Portuguese. I would like to have a business related with renewables because this is a developing sector and I like it.

  12. Andrea Fernandes Martínez 3ºA ESO.

    If I have clear what I do in the future, I want to be a veterinarian or an architect. But my family does not agree with this decision, they want it to be a doctor, but I know whatever I do I will support them at all times, so now I have to work more for tomorrow is what I want to be.

  13. I haven´t decided yet ,I´m good at sciences and physics but I´m bad at maths.I want to be a engineer because I think so it´s a important profession,where you can help very people but you do the planes of theirs houses. It is well-paid and you have a private life.You have a free time and you can to spend time whit friends or family. In my opinion this job it´s perfect.
    My parent want me to be a good professional and a happy person.

  14. Alejandra Pérez Quintana

    I haven´t decided yet but I like defend the people, I hate the injustices but my grandparent don’t agree with this decision. They prefer that I am architect but I don’t like it. This job is very boring. Although this job is well-paid and I would have enough free time to spend with my family and friends. That decision depends to me and my marks. Also I like to do slightly related to the cosmetics or the kitchen.

  15. Trusianna Delgado 3ºA ESO.

    I think the future depends on your attitude and your studies now, but most of you want to study something in the future. I would like to study tourism but my parents doesn’t agree with them, they want me to study medicine but I think that it’s very boring and difficult; this job is well-paid but you can’t spend time with your friends and family , so I prefer to study tourism because is well-paid, this job is very fun , and you can spend time with your friends and familly , the level of stress is low and you need to be very responsible and I have that quality, I am very responsible. so I will study tourism and I think so.

  16. I haven´t decided yet, but I´m good at Math and Biology.
    When I was little, I liked to be a Math teacher of children . Today I don´t know if want to be a teacher because I are liking other professions . But if I´m a teacher I would have a flexible work schedules. This work is well-paid.
    Also I´m really interested in biology because it teaches thing new. I think that a biologist is well-paid .
    My attitude to two works is very interesting because they teaches thing important on the life .
    I could study this two subjects for to have a greater benefit.

  17. Ainhoa Lorenzo 3ºC

    I have clear what I’m going to studies in my future now, but I haven’t clear is that subjects should choose me to study what I study 3 languages​​: Spanish, English and German, but I want to study international law and I want to get a Masters in Environmental Management.
    I would like to study these things because I like the language though I don’t exert way too into them, I also like the laws and that has to do with it, apart from these two reasons, I also love to care for the environment, and I can think of many ideas to improve products so I want to study environmental management.

  18. fabián Andrés

    I haven´t decided yet, but I think that I chut buy the same like my dad: electronic engineer. but the future is something that hasn´t written yet. I would like to be a professional football player, like Leo Messi .
    Always I think that I will work in Venezuela.

  19. In the future I would like to work like a teacher because I like kids and my marks are good. I love it this job. Then I would like to work like a psychologist because this job is more interesting than a teacher, because you can help people with their problems. I haven’t decided yet what i do.

  20. Carla Cabrera Urbano, 3ºC

    I think that the future is a thing very important, so I have always been worried about this. My parents think the same, the always say that “you should have a great job like doctor or lawyer” In my opinion, be lawyer is better because I really like defends rights persons but on the other hand, doctor is a important job because sometimes the life of some people is in your hands so, you have a great responsibility.
    I haven’t decide yet, but I think that what my parents say, is the better for my future.

  21. I have not decided yet, but my favorite subject is math so I’ll go for the business career working in a bank and my parents agree with this decision. This is a good job because I have free time to spend with my friends and my family, is well-paid and not much stress. My attitude to this work is very interesting because my marks in math is quite high, and would give me much benefit.


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