Learn English with songs

As we have already said in some previous posts “listening to music” is one of the best ways to improve your English, here you have some interesting links to practise with songs:

a) Someone like you (by Adele). 

        b) Warwick avenue (by Duffy).         

c) I will always love you (by Whitney Houston)    

                  d) Six songs.

  • Which is your favourite? 


10 Respuestas a “Learn English with songs

  1. Estefanía 3ºC

    My favourite songs are “No more you” by Akon (he missed his girlfriend and he is alone) and “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston. I like this song because is a GREAT song, and the artist has a exelent voice.
    Other of my favourite songs (they aren’t in the blog) are: Levels by Avicci, We found love by Rihanna and Calvin Harris, Never be alone by Deepside Deejays, Sorry for party rocking by LMFAO and Turn me on by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj.
    I like pop music, electronic music….Every day when I do my homework or I’m chat, I listen music because I like it and entertains me.

  2. My favorite song is ” I will always love you” performanced by Whitney Houston, that also is my favorite singer and artist. In my opinion, she was one of the most beautiful women in the world of music. I like her music because her voice is INCREIBLE!. For me, and for many people, was the best singer in the world, because her tone of voice was unique and her music goes very deep.
    This song is the theme for the movie “The bodyguard”, and appears in the scene in which she dismisses him forever and realizes that she loves him and returns running into his arms. The movie and the song are beautiful.
    Also I like “Someone like you” by Adele is amazing, because her voice is different and her style too. I really like this singer because it fails a prototype of the pop music star.
    They are fantastics professionals and singers!

  3. Fabián Andrés Pereira Fasanella 3ºA

    The song that I like most is I’ll love you by Whitney Houston. I think is a great song because she is a great singer and she has a great voice too.
    This songs is about a girl who leaves a relationchip and she say I’ll love you because she goes to another place and she is saying goodbay.
    It is a typical love song that tell us like is the love. So, Its so beautiful I think.
    I like some kinds of music. The kind of music that Iike most is hip-hop but this song, I think is different that’s why I like it.
    I think It’s sad that Whitney Houston has died because she was a beautiful girl and she had greats songs like ” I look to you”. This is a good song, but I prefer “I’ll will love you” It’s my favourite Whitney’s song.

  4. Álvaro Brito Ferrer, 3A

    My favourite song is “Redemption song” by Bob Marley. This is my favourite singer, he is the best. I actually don´t like any of this songs but Bob is really good. There is another song that I like, is “someone like you” by Adele. It is a beautiful song. And her voice is perfect.
    The life of Bob Marle is really amazing, he had 14 sons and daughters with diferent women. And he died with 36 years after getting shot in his house in America. Is my idol.
    In my personal opinion is the best singer of the history and is an example to follow. The people don’t know him and his songs, if they knew him, they would think he was the best singer in the history of the music.

  5. Of all those songs my favorite is “Better together” by Jack Johnson, because it’s a song where, he expresses his feelings and the song has a good pace. This song talk about how the singer feels when he is with her girlfriend or friend.
    I almost always listen music because I like it and I relaxes me. I like almost all music in general, I don’t like heavy metal, but I really like pop and rock.
    My favorite singer is Rihanna because she has a very good voice and I think she is amazing. I like all her songs.

  6. Alejandra Pérez Quintana

    My favourite “song is no more you, by akon” Because I love his songs, moreover they reflect your feelings and emotions. This song is perfect for when you feel alone because the song talks about for this topic.
    I like also “someone like you, by Adele” because is different something I never imagined listen.
    I love “I will always love you “by Whitney Houston although she already can’t sing this song remains one of her best song that even touches heart.

  7. My favourite song is “Wonderwall, by Oasis” because I heard this song at the first time when I was a child. I remember that it was the first song I had in my mp3. I love it, and it´s also my alarm song. This magical song is incredible to get up.

    In my opinion Oasis is a great group, they have an sweet and wonderful voice. They have other great songs like “Whatever”, “Don´t look back in anger” and the popular song “Stand by me” I really like these songs. I always sing all of them while I´m having a shower.

    I like all kind of music, but I like very much the the giants of the music. I like AC/DC, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Foo Figthers…

    I also listen more music : The music is life and my life is the music.

  8. All these songs that I have just listen , I think are very good.
    I like all kinds of music , but I prefer pop and rock music.
    I usually listen to music . I listen to music in my free time because the music relaxes me.
    I love the song “No more you by , Akon” because I like the pace it has.
    This song talks about how the boy is alone, misses his girl.
    I also liked the song Adele. Adele is a good singer, She is one of my favourite artists. She has an amazing voice!!!.
    Her songs are special, it are different from the songs of other artist.
    my favourite song Adele is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGHw__rjakM&feature=fvst
    This song is my favourite because she expressed all her feelings. the song is sincere and very nice.

  9. Adriana González González 3º C

    the favourite song is “someone like you” but I like Redemption Song by Bob Marley , because he talks about freedom , the generation that goes forward.
    I like Redemption song and Bob Marley is the best .
    Also the song “I will always love you “by Whitney Houston is one that I like , because love is very beautiful , and she is as good as Bob Marley they were fabulous singuers

  10. Carla Cabrera Urbano, 3ºC

    My favourite song is “someone like you, by Adele” because this song is different to the rest love songs. In this song you can imagine all the situation that Adele is telling us. All the love songs say the same, a person who is confused because he or she has just left a relationship and he or she is suffering. But on this song, Adele try to be happy and she says that she will find someone like he, and she wants to he be happy too.
    On the song she says something like when she goes back to her house, she realizes that her ex-boyfriend is married and he gets his dreams with another girl. Adele doesn’t like go back uninvited but she needs to go back and she needs to see him.
    In my opinion Adele is a great singer, she has a good voice, so I think she has the best voice of the singers. Also, her lyrics are the best too. I can identify with some of her lyrics like this.
    She has other great songs like “One and only” or “Rolling in the deep”. I really like these songs.
    I think she deserves all her merits because she has worked very hard to get to the top and I think she hasn’t only a good voice, also she is a great person and she is beautiful. I love it a lot!


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