An Egyptian tale

Egypto ha sido uno de los temas trabajados de manera conjunta entre las asignatura de Historia e Inglés. Consecuencia de ese trabajo han resultado numerosos relatos elaborados por el alumnado de 4º ESO.  Aquí mostramos uno de ellos, titulado “The Manuscript”, escrito por la alumna Alba Fariña. Te invitamos a leerlo y si lo deseas puedes dejar un comentario.

20 Respuestas a “An Egyptian tale

  1. Congratulations Albaaaa! It´s a fantastic story and you are a great writer, but I think that the end is the best part of the story because anyone waited an end like this, It´s very original.

  2. Edurne Sánchez 4ºC

    Alba congratulations, you have a lot of imagination this story is very beautiful. I think is incredible how you can write a story of Egypt and the love, you did a very good work. When I was reading the story it was about if I was living it. You explain very well the feelings and the situations and it makes that the story will be more easy to understand and to read.
    Really I like it, I hope other story!!

  3. Congratulations Alba!!,This story is interesting and beautiful,because the Manuscript tells a story of love between two people Nerit and Zaid.The boy have and accident and dead,for me this part was so sad because,when i was reading the story i was thinking that the girl finished with Zaid, but It couldn t be…It was terrible, but the final of The Manuscript is better because the girl dead in the tomb of Zaid,because she hoped that he went to revive!!.
    The story it was beautiful Alba ,congratulations,I think that you should be a writer…

  4. María Magariños 4º A

    Congratulations Alba! The story is incredible. I loved the way of you write, when you describe the characters, the action that the characters realized. I liked how you put two times in the story, when the girl started to imagine and the story pass to be a romantic story.
    I think you should dedicate to write more stories because you are a fantastic writer! And you are an intelligent person and this is very good because you can put all the information that you know in your stories.

  5. Arantxa Curbelo 4º B

    Alba, I think that is a beautiful story, and if I were you, I think will be writer. You write very well, and I think that the story’s final is a bit sad, but I like so much the story, is a true love. When Pino read the story, all the time I was intrigued, and you know that who entertein people when you write.
    Congratulations Alba, is a great story, and I think that the environment it’s fantastic like the Ancient Egypt.
    Congratulations, I love the story, is nice.

  6. María de los Ángeles Domínguez Socorro 4ºB

    Congratulations, my dear friend Alba!!! This story is fantastic like the others that you have done…. You always do an excelent job and put all your heart in it, I think that it’s a very intresting text and it’s reflex perfectly all the egyptian society… I love the way that you mixed love, mistery and sadness. I always enjoy a lot reading your works it wasn’t diffferent.

  7. I think that this is a very beautiful love story and Alba made a good work. The only think that I don’t like is the sadness, because the two lovers died in very unlucky ways.

  8. Siomara Viera Calo.

    Alba congratulations!! I think that the story is very well and interesting. I don’t change nothing about the story because a like it!
    You are very well, you have a lot of imagination and you should to follow writing.

  9. Natalia Villarrubia. 4ºB

    I think this story is very beautifull and well. Is very interesting and I enjoyed when I was read it. I think this story is a good work and i love it. Is very fantastic and you would a fantastic writer for me.
    Congratulations and thanks for your story.

  10. Alba… I think that your story is fantastic it had love and mystery I liked it.
    The end is the part that I like most.,generally I think that your story had exiting,nice and intriguer moments=) I have to tell you congratulations because it’s a elaborate story and I know that you have a lot of imagination and I like this of you ^^ You are very hard-working and with this story you have gone 😉 Congratulations

  11. Alexandra Serpa 4toA

    I think that this story is a very beautiful love story, I enjoyed when I read it, because it is very entertaining and I like a lot love stories.
    Congratulations Alba ! The story is write very well and it is very interesting.
    The best part for me is the end.

  12. It’s a beautifull love story.I like the part of the story when she looks Anubis left the wall, because the story described with perffection everything. I would like that the end went different for example she die and could stay with the boy in other world.
    In general, it’s a great story.

  13. Eduardo Pérez 4ºB

    This Story is about History jajaja I think that’s so good and Alba is also great, I ‘m a fan of this kind of stories, mystery, horror, and a bit of romantic, I hope in the end the girl had got scape, but suddernly, I remind the beggining…

  14. This story is beautiful for readers who love the mistery novels, I have to say you congratulations, because you have a great imagination and you write very good. I read the story two times yet, and I found it more perfect when I read it again.
    Congrats Alba!

  15. Fabiola Salcedo 4ºC

    This is a very beautiful story! I’d like it so much because it’s very enjoy and has a beautiful love story. So congratulations Alba, you have done a great work. I liked how did you make it and I have to tell that Alba has got an amazing imagination. I hoped another thing in the end but, then I thought is perfect and congratulations again!!

  16. Rita Domínguez

    Congratulations Alba, I was really nervous when I read this story because I didn’t know what would happen.
    The story was very interesting, I was attentive to the end of history.
    I really like a lot of this story. It was make with a lot of imagination.


  18. Congratulations Alba, your story is very good, your story has a lot issues as the eternal love, the intrigue. I think that it’s a story very complete, but I change only one thing, the end, I would like to write that the boy appeared her as a ghost and say her that she didn’t worry that he is always with her.
    I encourage you, to continue writing these fantastic stories.

  19. This story is very nice and interesting. When I was reading had intrigued to know the story’s final. I wouldn’t change nothing about the text because I like everything. The best part for me is when the girl take the manuscript…
    Congratulations for Alba because her story is fantastic!

  20. Mérida 4 eso C

    I think that this story is very well written and I enjoyed so much with this story; it is very nice and open to the imagination. The finish I found perfect. I loved!


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