Mobiles phones have evolved very much in the last few years. Watch the following video to see their evolution. Have you got a mobile?, what kind of mobile is it?, what do you use it for?, could you live without your mobile?, do you see any disadvantage in its use?. Leave a comment.


15 Respuestas a “Mobiles

  1. Amanda Morales

    I think that the mobiles are very useful, because with the correct tools you can find any information through it.
    Nowadays the mobiles are important for factories, countries, etc… ‘Cause it help in the businesses and in the communication.
    Also the mobiles are a little dangerous, because it emit radiations and this is unhealthy.
    In my case, for example, I only uses the mobile for do calls, chat with my friends and looking for information. When I’m going to sleep I off the mobile, because it emit radiations.
    My friend has Blackberries, Samsungs, etc… They used a lot.

  2. Diego González González 3ºA

    The video is very striking because it looks very well as mobile phones have changed over the years.
    I have a mobile since I was ten years old ,more or less.
    My first mobile, my mum bought it because she needed talk with me much time. It was a nokia, very bad but resistant.
    The second was another nokia, but a little better.
    The third was a samsung, with touch screen. When it was one year or less, my mum bought me a blackberry (I like it so much, and I don’t know why, people says that Blackberry it’s bad).
    I use it for chatting, calling, listening to music, etc. I use it for a lots of things, but the battery doesn’t last much time, and I have to charge the mobile phone a lots of times.
    Really, I’m hooked to the mobile phone, so I think that I couldn’t live without mobile.
    The disadvantages that I see are:
    -The phone distract you and you can’t see the landscape, nature …
    -Cause illnesses.

  3. Victoria H. 3ºC

    I have a mobile, a nokia and the evolution is incredible of these. Nowadays the people give him very much use to the mobile because now they have many applications and have Internet to be able to look for things. I do not use very much the mobile since I do not have Internet, not wi-fi, not anything. I my mobile use it to send and to receive messages, to make and to receive calls and to listen to music.
    The youth of nowadays uses very much the new mobiles with new applications to communicate with the rest of the people, but the habitual
    use of this can go up to addictions like that the people have to organize and not to stick the whole day stuck to the new technologies (mobiles, computers, etc.)
    My opinion is that a mobile you need it to make and to receive calls though also it is very useful because it takes applications as the dicionario of the RAE that it is very useful or also that there are applications to practise

  4. Álvaro Brito Ferrer, 3A

    This video is very entertaining and I liked so much.
    I have a mobile phone since 2008. When I had my first mobile was because I had to was connection with my parents. My first mobile was a very very simple mobile, only call and write, so is very bad mobile.
    In the next summer I had a samsung is better than the other mobile but is a difficult mobile to use and it broke.
    After that I asked to my mum for a blackberry, at the begining was a very good mobile and I very happy but when the blackberry was 3 or 4 month it started to broke, the buttons didn´t work and I very furious. The blackberry is a very very bad mobile and I throw the blackberry to the bin. I used the blackberry for all things is very very very adictive and I hate because the people are very stuffy.
    And now my mobile is a simple nokia and I use the mobile for listen the radio, calll and write messages the life is better that´s.
    I´ve life without mobile same than now.
    And one disadvantage in the use of mobiles is the waves that it has, is dangerous for ours bodies

  5. pablo mogollon

    I do have a mobile nowadays, i find it that having a mobile isn´t important in some ways and it is in other ways. For example, you dont need to use your mobile all day, because its bad for you and you shouldent use it so much because it can cause you problems, but i think that it is importat in a way because, imagine you are in the road and your car suddenly breaks, you couldent do anything without a mobile, and you would just have to hope for help,on the other hand if you ahd a mobile, you could instantly call for help.
    My mobile is a blackberry curve 9300. I personally think that this mobile is very bad, because it breaks really quickly (I got it on January and its allready starting to break), and it starts haveing problems with the keyboard and all the buttons, for example, my center button usually doesent work, and then, on the next day it suddenly works. So thats why I think its not very good. I think that the only good thing about this mobile is the fact that it has access to the internet and that it has blackberry messenger, to speak with friends that have a blackberry. I had my first mobile phone when i was about 12 years old because before that i didint really need one. My opinion is that people should start haveng mobiles at the age of 10-12. Because i think that it is when you really start using it.
    I mostly use my mobile to chat with friends, because i have internet and i can have access to tuenti, blackberry messenger, facebook…etc, so, if I have paid for the internet, ther is no point in wasting it.
    I also use my mobile for calling people (mostly my parents, because i can already chat with my fiends with the social networks).
    I also use my mobile for searching things in the internet, and one of the thing i use quite often is look for words up in the dictionary on the mobile. I find this really useful because if you dont have a dictionary, you can search it up on the internet.
    I also use my mobile for listening to music, but its one of the thing i use it the least, because i already have an ipod and i put all my music there, so if some day i cant use the ipod, then i use the mobile.
    I think that I could live without a mobile because i dont think it is extremley necesary (although it is a bit). But on the other hand, i would find it a bit difficult in some ocations because sometimes when you go out with your friends your parents can call you to know where you are, and i think that is a problem, but it isnt that much of a problem actually because you can easily just ask your dad to lend you his mobile for one night.
    So the disadvantages i see in its use is pretty much what i said before, that you cant call someone when you really DO need to call them, but as i also said, you can fix that problem easily just asking you dad or mum to lend you his/hers.
    So by all of this said, i come to the conlcussion that the mobile is useful but it isnt necesary.

  6. Alejandra Pérez Quintana

    I have got a mobile phone, it’s kind of samsumg. I don´t like my mobile phone because is very boring; It hasn’t got internet, game and whatsapp. I don’t abuse of my mobile phone.
    I use my phone for call my mother or my father, listen music and send the messages, I use the mobile phone only in my free time, in the other time I mustn’t use the mobile because I stay in a school, in the bus, in the tram, etc .
    I think the phone is addictive because the people cannot live without their phone, they need the phone to do all of their daily life.
    The young people want always a new phone, never a old mobile. Some disadvantages that I see about the mobile are: that interrupt face to face conversation, takes away time for our education, also takes away time with our friends…but also has many advantages such as emergency calls, call someone anywhere, locate people …
    The mobile has many advantages but disadvantages as well, you mustn’t abuse the mobile phone

  7. Adrián Cruz 3ºB

    Nowadays I have got a Samsung Corby. I´ve had it since 2010. I normally use my mobile phone to call people but I used it to listen music and surf the internet too.
    Before this phone I had a Sony Ericsson very ugly and big. My parents bought it for me to can talk with them in 2008, when I was eleven years old.
    I don´t like my mobile because it don´t have WI-FI, I must pay a lot of money to be conecting internet and I don´t have Whatsapp or Tuenti. I would like to buy a Samsung Galaxy or a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro.
    I think I could live without a mobile phone but I prefer to have one :).
    There are many disadvantages like:
    -The radiation emitted by mobile phones is bad for health.
    -Causes problems in our brain.
    -It can produce adiction.
    I think a lot of people are adicted to movile phone and that has changed our lives.

  8. OH – MY – GOD!
    I think this is an AMAZING video.
    I knew that technology has advanced a lot but I didn’t know that it was so bestial. If we think it, in the future the mobiles will be able to control us! The mobile phones will kill us instead of the aliens. ( Maybe you wont see it but probably your grandchil will see it).
    If one time we could live without the mobiles, I think we can do it now but we need more the mobile because we do other things that we didn´t do before. The mobile is a good resource but if we have an abuse of this, it will be bad.
    Nowadays, the best the best way to get in touch with the people is the mobile. I’ve seen lots of childrens with a mobile phone and I think they still shouldn´t have one. Of course each rule have its exception but in the most cases it´s bad.
    Lot of people buy a mobile phone each year. I´ve had different and inherited mobiles and now I have a Nokia.
    One of the disadvantages is the fashion: The Blackberry is in fashion now, and the most people have one. Is a disadvantage because if we stop using the mobiles… What happends with those ? Some people give it to someone, other people keep it. The best thing to do is recycle it and thus make the most of the resulting products without polluting.
    Other disadvantage is that we become dependent on the mobile, it´s meaning that we need it for everything. If we have to go shopping, we took it. If we have to go to the doctor, we took it too. It´s really stressfull! I have been weeks without my mobile, really I don´t use it too much. But other people, won’t be able to have a normal live without their mobiles and it is a problem.
    Another problem is that mobile phones emit radiations which affect to our brain or affects to another part of our body. For example: There are people who sleep with the mobile under the pillow because they use it for the alarm clock.
    Other problem: WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT OUR MOBILES. In the high schools is HORRIBLE. You’re walking around and all you see are people with their phones, talking to each other …BUT THEY ARE TALKING BY THE PHONE!
    We are antisocial due to the fact that we let that the mobiles are eating our brain
    But like all things, the mobile have advantages too.
    If you have some problem, you can use it.
    I use the phone mostly to keep in touch with some people like my family and friends. If my mum wants to know where, she calls me. I also use it to listen music.

    I think we can use the phone, but in moderation. It depends on how and for what we use it. And always the abuse of this will be bad.

    And You? How do you use your mobile phone?

  9. Karla Palenzuela Rodríguez, 3ºA

    It’s incredible how the mobile phone has evolved these last years. Since I was born, I’ve always known what a mobile phone is… What I try to say is that for people like my mother or even my grandma, mobile phone is something new, something that it didn’t exist years ago… But since I was born, mobile phone exist, so nowadays is difficult for me to imagine people living without mobile phone.
    But I think that I could live without mobile phone. I had my first mobile phone at the age of eleven just to keep in contact with my parents when I got out with friends, but I didn’t really use it. Years later, I met people from other places of the world and I started using my mobile phone to talk with them. Also, when I got a mobile phone with camera, I couldn’t stop of taking photos with my friends! So I used my mobile phone for many things… Listening to music too! I’ve always loved music!
    But it was just for some months. Then, I realized that I love meeting people and talk face to face… So I stopped talking people through the mobile phone for hours… Also, I got a nice camera!!! So I stopped taking photos with my mobile phone… And I got a music player too, so I stopped using my mobile phone for listening to music…
    So I think I could live without my mobile phone! Mainly, because I hate the fact that people abuse the phone and they aren’t worried about meeting people or have a interesting conversation face to face… Nowadays, people are always listening to music, chating… and nothing more!
    I think that technology’s evolution has been made for make the life easier, no for disuniting people…

  10. adriana gonzalez gonzalez

    I have got a mobile phone ,it is the kind Nokia . I don’t like my mobile, because it hasn’t got wassup or internet connection . i don’t abuse the phone , as other people .
    Some people use it with moderate use , like me , but others abuse it .
    I can live without the phone , …….. but I can’t live without the social Networks as Tuenti, Twiter, Facebook, My space…
    I thing that the phone is a type of slavery , due to , nowadays it has been created the wassup , that is a type of instantaneous free messenger company , and also the mobiles have evolved as the years went . The evolution of the mobiles also has supposed a problem, because the people want to have the fashionable mobiles, but ……. the mobiles evolve.
    Some disadvantages that I see about the mobile is: that we are removing us part of our education ;for example :when we talk with someone and interrupt a face-to-face conversation to take call, , You don’t speak with anybody when you are walking along the street because you are speaking for telephone…but also there are a lot of advanteges because :
    -You can use it in emergency situations
    -you can call someone wherefrom it wants that you are
    – They are small and easy to transport
    Conclusión :
    The mobile is good if you use it moderately, but also it is bad if you abuse him

  11. In this video we can see, how the mobile phones has evolved. This can be very good on one hand, but bad for other one too.
    Formerly the mobiles phones only were used for calling or send messages and only when it was necessary. Nowadays the mobiles phones are very advanced and it’s like if you were carrying with you a computer. You can calling, listen to music, search in Internet, playing video games, taking photos and videos, send messages, etc.
    Fortunately this is something wonderful, because it means that we have advanced, we have advanced very much!!.
    I have a blackberry and I use it for chatting with my friends and my families listen to music, take photos, as alarm clock… I sincerely could live without blackberry, but I would cost a lot, because I am accustomed to it.
    Many people say that this is harmful to the health because they emit radiations and because we abuse them. Actually it is true, but, what serious of us if the current mobiles were not like that? It would mean that we not advanced and if we hadn’t advanced in this, we had not done it in the rest either. For example the medicine.
    I think we should use ours mobile phone often but not abused.

  12. Fabián Andrés Pereira Fasanella, 3ºA

    Nowadays I have a Samsung Corby a kind of a mobile phone and I dont like it because I prefer other ind of a mobile like a Blackberry or a I phone because are better.
    I have a mobile phone since 2009 and I only have it to listen to music and call my mum when I have balance but it isn’t usually! I only use my mobile
    for it because I haven’t got internet in my mobile. I think if I have internet I will use my mobile more.
    Today a lot of people use their mobile and those people are addicted with the internet and I hate it because when I’m talking with a friend he or she always use the mobile.
    Mobiles has a lot of disadvantage like:
    -listen to music a lot of time cause a terrible headache
    -when you call someone the phone emit radiation
    -the mobile cause addiction
    -when you see a lot of time to the screen, you can lose sight ´
    -your mobile can cause diseasses
    Finally I hope to get a better mobile but I hope to not be addicted to it.

  13. This video is about how cell phones evolve after year. Many years before , phones were big and is only used to call , were used for the need.
    The mobiles each year are made more and more modern. Today cell phones are small and have internet. Most people it use to talk on social networks.
    Fashion greatly influences people using the phone.For example, I remember appeared the blackberrys, at first no one knew, but as many people began to buy them ,today almost everyone has one blackberry.
    I have a blackberry and I admit that I bought for fashion, because all my friends had one. But I’m not addicted to the phone. I can stop using the mobile at any moment. But some people are addicted to the use of mobile and they can not live without the mobile, many of them sleep with the mobile.
    I think one reason that many people abuse the phone is that whenever people get a mobile very young . For example, children 9 years nowdays with have a phone and I remember that my first mobile were with 12 years.
    the mobile causes various problems such as:
    – Causes problems in the mind
    – Abuse causes tired
    – Driving while using mobile , this causes accidents
    – Talking to the mobile when you go the street causes that you can to hit
    Also,The mobile have some benefits:
    – The mobile phone lets you talk with your family and friends when you want.
    – The mobile lets seek any information
    – The mobile lets listening to music and take to photos .
    In the future I think will be most modern cell phones and many people will use it.
    I think there will be lots of new technology ,all abuse this technology, so I think we should use less mobile because it is not good for us.

  14. Carla Cabrera Urbano 3ºC

    Nowadays, the most of people have a mobile phone and most of them have a new mobile phone every year. I’ve had a different mobile phone for six years, and nowadays I have a Blackberry, like most young people today.
    After I see this video, I realize that many years ago people only had a mobile phone to call someone and many years ago, people only had a mobile phone when they were adult! I think parents only allowed their children had a mobile phone, when they were 18 years old and I think it was correct because nowadays you can see all kind of people with mobile phone, like children.
    The problem is the fashion, people change their mobile if the fashion change too, like few months ago. No one had a Blacberry but when the fashion started all people started to buy a lot of blackberrys and I think that it is absurd. I remember when I bought my blackberry no one knew about it, but nowadays all my friends and family have one! And with the Iphone the situation is the same.
    Another problem is that mobile phones emit radiations which affect to our brain or affects to another part of our body, because nowadays we are get used to have our mobile phones every day even when we are sleeping!
    I think, If I my mobile phone doesn’t work or If I lose it, I will be able to have a normal live but other people, won’t be able to have a normal live without their mobile phone, and it’s a problem because life have more interesant things than a mobile phone!
    And another problem is that people nowadays haven’t got privacity like many years ago because all can know about other peoples lives if we want and with the mobiles we lose our memories because we use apur mobiles to remember all telephone numbers or the birthdays!
    Do you agree?
    I think in the future the situation will be worse because in the future will be more kinds of mobile and people only will live with their mobiles.
    My conclusion is that many years ago people had a mobile phone as a necessity but nowadays people have a mobile phone as an entertainment and It has to change. The situation is the same with computers and others technologies which aren’t necessaries

  15. Estefanía 3ºC

    I had my first mobile when I was thirteen years old.
    This mobile was a Motorola. I used it only to call, to send messages, to take photos, to make videos and to listen to music.
    At that time, I could live without mobile , because I couldn’t chat with other people and I didn’t entertain.
    Now, I have a BlackBerry.
    I never use this phone for calls. I use it for send messages, take photos, make videos, chat to other people, to listen to music, like alarm clock…
    Now, I can’t live without mobile, because I think it’s a basic need. When I wake up, the first thing I do is look at the phone, to see if I have received messages from other people……..I AM ADICTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    I think the disadvantage of a phone like this, is that you aren’t centered.
    If I am talking with a person face-to.face, and my mobile it’s ringing, I interrupt the conversation to take a call.
    When I go to family dinners or a family events, my mother is angry with me because I am distracted with my mobile :S.


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