Talking about food

Jamie Oliver is a popular English cook, he spends much of his time working to improve eating habits. This is a video in which he gives some tips to get it. After watching it, work on the following questions: download

28 Respuestas a “Talking about food

  1. Flavio Correa Alfaro 2ºbto A

    I think It is a very useful video to make us to understand the importance to have a healthy life. It will may change our view of the food and make us to start to eat food which we don’t prefer to eat currently, as in my case some vegetables.

  2. Andrea Pérez Quintana. 2º A Bto.

    In my opinion that video is very interesting, didactic, and even amazing. In this video Jamie Oliver shows us the importance of a healthy balanced diet and the consequences if we don’t do it. The malnutrition is a serious problem in our society. A lot of people die from eating problems, more people than murders or other causes, it is a true fact, unfortunately, but we can change it. I think this video is the first step to improve our alimentation habits, the people need to know that the food is a very serious problem and we take measures.

  3. Adán de la rosa Lugo 2º B bachiller

    In my opinion, the work of jame Oliver is a great way to change the unhealthy diet of USA people. I think that we change our life style to another more sedentary and with too much unhealthy habits. On the one hand we can see on Tv reality quiz shows about who can eat more meat in one hour or documentary that try to show us the harmful of eat fast food. For example the man who tried to eat Mcdonalds menus for one month (the effects that produced on his body was irreversible issues).On the other hand it’s a problem with a simple but a little bit hard solution, the prevention and willpower. To end, I need to say it’s a good video because remind this things that politicians have forgotten nowadays

  4. Andrea Sophia Sánchez Ramírez

    It’s an amazing video. I think it’s not the first time I see it, I think I saw it on TV, or somewhere.
    Jamie Oliver shows us the reality, how people eat, especially in the USA, and the importance of a healthy diet. Almost all the families in the USA are obese, and although knowing how to have a healthy diet, they don’t have it. And that’s why a lot of people die everyday because of the fast food and obesity.
    I know a family from USA that let their daughter eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants. All of them are obese, and they still let their daughter, that is only 11 years old, eat junk food.
    Sometimes I watch a TV programme about girls that are obeses and they want to lose weight in 3 months. The programme shows that the main problem of an unhealthy diet at home is that the mother allows their children to eat junk food, even knowing that they are doing their best to lose weight and have a healthy life.
    So I’m glad that people like Jamie Oliver, are trying to save people’s life just guiding them to eat healthy food.
    I also agree with the fact that the problem related with health comes from school. Almost all the schools give to the students fast food, so they get used to it, and then when they go home, they ask to their parents for the same kind of food.
    So the parents should be more careful with the food that they give to their children.

  5. Laura Arizmendi 2º B bach

    Ted gives a lecture on the poor diet leading Americans today, is leaving the healthy and away the excuse of lack of time every time you eat more junk food, with its serious consequences, such as obesity and hypertension, causing many deaths inecesarias, causing decrease life expectancy by 10 years. But this does not happen only in America, in all developed countries is going the same and we have to start doing something to prevent future generations suffer this evil

  6. It sounds very easy but I think that all that must be changed is the mentality. Most of us simply don’t realize what is really happening. The fast food is still very appreciated, because you don’t loose time and kitchen and so on. I think that the mentality of jamie oliver is right,we need to change the junk food for healthy food

  7. Jacqueline Navarro Cabrera

    This video is amazing and very interesting because it speaks of harsh reality.This video is wonderful and very interesting because it speaks of harsh reality. Today many people have some bad habits in your diet that leads to obesity and even death. These bad habits are usually more noticeable in the EEUU and England but is a problem that the vast majority of countries suffer.I think this man, Jamie Oliver, is a savior. Obviously, obesity is a major problem in many countries and no one does anything to stop it.Jaime’s job is to inform us of the bad food we eat. We also educated to bring good nutrition.The big problem is that this society doesn’t have time to cook and many people choose for clothes food. This must be avoided and Jaime offers solutions to avoid this problem. As Jaime says: “everyone should learn at the school for at least ten cooking recipes to survive”

  8. Nerea Díaz Pérez

    The video has shocked me because I had never seen a video that said things clear, I agree because people have to have a good diet. It struck me were the coffins that seemed double beds and that people are very fat becuase they eat fast food all day.

  9. this video is really amazing , here you can see people eating a lot of fast food without control and they are no conscious about what they are eating, fast food can cause damages on their bodies and it can develop illness . Jamie Oliver show what education the children in the United States learn . the children can’t make a difference between all the kind of vegetables , they can’t make a difference between a carrot and a potato , its unbelievable i know, but it is a real fact which are happening in the United States. Another fact which is amazing in the United States it´s why the people die. there die more person by de obesity illness than by smoking or by alcohol!. in my opinion the United State public education has to change to another healthier way . And all the parents have to have more control about what their kids are eating .

  10. Natacha Méndez 2ºA

    It’s an amazing video that can help you to realize the importance of to have a healthy eating. Nowadays, many people usually eat junk food without being aware of the consequences and this causes them a lot of health problems. If people don’t change the way to think, all these bad eating habits can affect them over the years. However, it isn’t about what can happen in the future, it’s about what is happening nowadays. It’s a reality that many people have been living since a long time. Above all, in countries like USA and England, there are many people with obesity. Being this the main cause of the death of people. In the case of the kids, it must be very hard for them because they musn’t feel good with themselves, besides that they can be victim of the bullying. So, life for these people it’s very hard and they likely feel sad and depressive. It’s probably that they would like to change their bad eating habits, although the most likely is that when they want to do this it will be too late because they will have many illnesses.
    We live in a society, in which as Jamie Oliver says, people don’t have time to cook. It causes that people eat fast food instead of home cooked meals. This is one of the things that should change.
    The part of the video that I like the most is when Jamie Oliver explains what happen with the large amounts of sugar has the milk. I think it’s very original the way in which he explains it.
    This situation have to finish as soon as posible. It’s not a game, it’s to save your life.

  11. Daniel Khabbaz González 2º Bach B

    People like Jamie Oliver is what the world needs nowadays. A man who shows the reallity to make people open their eyes. The things mentioned in this video and the hard images he has shown there, are what is gonig to encourage people to react against this situation. He has taken only 20 minutes to make us realize how harmful the unhealthy eating habits can affect in the society. I really want this video to be watched by every single person in the world. To make them concious that people is dying because of this.

    But the worst thing, is not that people are dying by their own fault. Most of them do it, but a very large number of people, we can say they are being killed by the system. For example in the USA, children have no the right education or even the minimal culture about food. In the video, we saw a kid who mistook a tomatoe with a potatoe and as Jamie said, if the children doesn’t know what it is, he’s not going to eat it. For me, it’s unbelivable.

    Another thing that makes me really angry, is the case of the Big Companies. It’s incredible to care more about the money, than people’s health. No matter the terrible consequences it brings with. They will always want to earn more and more money. No matter how harmful the extra-ingredients, additives and such unhealthy things they add to the food that people daily consume are, because people will keep buying it due to the bad and deceptive labeling. No matter if they kill 1 million people in a year, because they are earning the money they desire to have.

    This is what happen when people only worry about themselves and not about a common welfare. As Jamie Oliver said, the time to react is now, because this catastrophe has to end.

  12. It´s an amazing video… after see it , i think i´m more concious about the problem of bad eating… i didn´t know a lot of information that Jaime Oliver told us and now probably after that we can improve our feed.
    It´s nice to think that today still there are people who is worried about this problem, because nowadays the atmosphere is the opposite.
    I think that the things Jaime Oliver is doing it´s very important and it would have to reward his efforts.

  13. Kevin Castro Fariña 2ºBto A

    I think this lecture is very interesting because it show the problem with the bad eating habits. In my opinion we don´t know what we eat, I agree with Jaime Oliver because I think is good teach the children in the school because it can change the eat habit in the future.

  14. Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 2ºB Bachillerato

    It is an interesting video because Jamie Oliver tells us how important food is in our lives. We should take into account what he has said.
    Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 2º B Bachillerato

  15. Alejandro González Alonso

    This lecture has made us aware of the reality in which we live. He has shown us the reality of food today, also gave us solutions to prevent this problem.
    I want to say that this video has made me think about what I should eat to avoid health problems.

  16. Bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle are some of the problems that most affect our society nowadays. And people like Jamie Oliver, who are concerned about this situation and try to make from our lives something better, are really important.
    It is really necessary that we realize that this situation, these bad habits, can seriously affect our health. But thanks to people like this chef, conscious of the serious problem that many countries are living, we know that thousands of deaths related to obesity can be avoided. Finally, I fully agree with what he said on the video, that much of the problem comes from the lack of education we receive at schools. And I think this kind of lectures are necessary to solve it.

  17. Mónica 2ºB Bachiller

    Jamie Oliver is the fucking master, sincerely, his lectures should of seeing in the world for people to open their eyes and realize that if they continue the way they are charting now, shall die. And not only they, will die their children, their grandchildren, and so on and all thanks to fast food. Well, no, life is too precious to waste thus. I hope that this man’s voice is heard in the whole world and begin to change, because it is a very serious problem and he is willing to remove it, just have to shake his hand and follow his footsteps.
    I loved it!

  18. personally i really admire to Jamie Oliver because thanks to the information given in his lectures,many families in England and all around the world already know the risks of having a bad eating habits.
    The problem of obesity is getting higher and is very dangerous because many people a year are killed by disease like diabetes, so nowadays is great to have people how are you engaged in der information for people who do not know about these risks

  19. Nowadays people like this men is very necessary. People that say what happening in our society, because a lot of people don´t know that eat junk food is the worst thing they can to do. This men know all the risk and the benefits of the food, so the people should to listen their words and learn to eat healthy food although to be more difficult to prepare.

  20. Kristian Martínez

    well, I followed Jamie Oliver for a long time, because I love her cooking, I usually see her programs in Cook channel, it’s really good chef. I think is great this lecture because we needed someone to tell us the reality in the world and I think he has get to raise awareness to people in UK and USA

  21. In my opinion Jaime Oliver is the type of person who send an important mesage in a laught but things he said is a real problem, after watch the video I think the problem start when you are a child because if you don´t eat healthy food since you are a child then when you will be adult you will have many problems; in my opinion apart the healthy diet is important do sport every day.
    Other thing impact me about the video was the kids don´t know the names of the fruit and vegetables.

  22. After watching the video I just can say Jamie Oliver is like a prophet. He has made me realize about the importance of having a healthy eating habits. I’ve realized it could improve or worsen your way of living dramatically. One of the things I agree more with him is about the fact of teaching kids in school. Children must be prepared for cooking health food, and they should be concerned about how it affects in the person’s life. It could give to the society the culture it needs for moving on in quality of life and in reducing considerably the wide range of causes of death.

  23. Andrea Díaz García 2ºA Bach

    I think that Jamie Oliver is a good person, in the sense that he tries to help and he tries to improve our society. Also, he works as a chef, but not as an ordinary chef because he does his part to solve the problem that exists with obesity in the USA. The lecture that he gave to those people was very interesting and I think that it was clear and concise, so I think people stopped to think about the problem they have and that their children and future generations will have. Finally, I think it’s a great video and I also think that Jamie Oliver has managed at least that I’m interested in this actual and worring issue.

  24. Miriam Díaz Perdomo 2º BACH-B

    I think that Jamie Oliver is right because nowadays you can find many people with obesity and you can see children with obesity. People don’t know risks when they eat fast food or unhealthy food every day. People should realize that the fast food is harmful for the people. They must eat much healthy food.

  25. Tamara Alonso León

    I think the conferences of Jamie Oliver about obesity and what this entails are very good. I have a personal experience with a family member suffering from obesity and wish someone had given a conferences like this to prevent the consequences. I think it will be a great help to families of England.

  26. Moises Pérez Mora

    well, I think everybody should improve our way of life, … starting with food because it is very important,… you need eat good food if you want to be a healthy person. I agree with Jamie Oliver because I also think kids aren´t good educated at home or at school and they grow up not knowing healthy habits like do exercise, eat good and healthy food etc…

  27. Erika Fragoso 2º B Bachillerato

    I think that this video would have to be seen by many people who don´t know like are the risks that a bad food can do in our own body, and I think that this video is not for offend anyone instead is for the people can see the reality and they can realize that all food is not good

  28. I think that Jamie Oliver is right, children do not eat healty. His project is very important. So people become aware of their unhealty habits and transfer more healty habbits to their children.i like everything that jamie oliver comments because it is for good for the whole society.


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