Healthy Eating Tips

Are you a healthy eater? Watch this video about what a healthy diet means. Then leave a comment answering the question.

42 Respuestas a “Healthy Eating Tips

  1. Javier herrero alonso 2º bach A

    I think I have a healthy diet because I always eat something related to the vegetables and food without fats, but sometimes overcoat on the weekends I eat fast food like mcdonald’s or burguer king and I try to countreract doing a lot of sport like basketball or football to have a healthy diet.


    I personally think that i am a healthy eater. because, as the video says, i eat the food as fresh and pure as possible. Not only that, most of the time i eat organic food and if its meat i try to eat free range meat. I dont abuse of any particular food and eat very varied but with a solid base of vegetables and fruits, especially vegetables. I eat a lot of soup, practically every day i have one, accompanied by the main course which is usually a combination of grains, vegetables, fish and meat varying on the day. I try not to fry things and eat them with a tasty and healthy sauce.

    Of course i dont eat like this every single day, sometimes, usually at the weekends, i go out with my friends and i eat the cheapest and tastiest food which most of the times ends up being macdonald or any fast food or takeaway. This isnt healthy at all but i think that i can afford to do it because all week long i take care of myself and eat very healthy.

  3. I think I have a healthy diet because I est a lot of vegetables,fruit pasta ,drink milk and many more.But in the weekend,specifically on Saturday I go to the mcdonald’s and I eat a hamburger and chips.Finally I think that I have a healthy diet except Saturday.

  4. meritxell triviño

    Yes because I perform a varied diet because we know taht a healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve general health. It is important for lowering many chronic health risks, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.A healthy diet involves consuming appropriate amounts of all essential nutrients and an adequate amount of water. Nutrients can be obtained from many different foods, so there are numerous diets that may be considered healthy. A healthy diet needs to have a balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, calories to support energy need and micro nutrients to meet the needs for human nutrition without inducing toxicity or excessive weight gain from consuming excessive amounts. And to avoid these problems, and I also do sports every day to the gym and a good diet that involves excercise

  5. Celeste 2ºBach A

    Well, I think I have a healthy diet, although, I don’t do sport.
    Even though this isn’t a excuse I don’t have any time to do sport. Sometimes, I go to my home walking with a friend or I go to dance classe to skating (that it is once a week only). Besides that I think my healthy diet is very good, I eat meet, bluefish, yogurt, milk, cereals, etc and occasionally I eat candies or sweets and I don’t eat fast food every weekend too. Of course, I like salad, but the tomatoes I only eat in the in sauces.
    To others, my family is prone to diabetes for that I try to my diet is as healthy as possible.

  6. I think I’m a healthy eater although there are some things the healthy eater does that I don’t. On the one hand, I consider me a healthy eater because I eat most of kind of food, I eat meat, bread, cereals, pasta, milk, fish cheese, soups and some vegetables, but however, I’m really bad as eater when I have to eat any kind of food like salad or some vegetables like carrots or other one. But my biggest problem is salad. I can’t eat salad, I’ve tried to do my best for eating something of salad, but it’s impossible for me. I really hate its taste, its smell, it’s texture…everything. Since I was a child I’ve being always fighting with my parents for this. They have tried all the ways to convince me, and they have tried to decieve me, trying of lying to me when they gave me the food. I always answered if it had any of salad, and the told it hadn’t, but unfortunately I’ve always had a very good taste and I detect every pieces of salad, no mattering its size.
    On the other hand, I think I have more sugar than I should. In my opinion, I drink so much coke, and it’s something I’m trying to change. Really, this is not a big problem, but I want to “solve” it yet.
    But forgetting this two little “problems”, I think I’m a healthy eater. My mum is guiding me in what I must eat, and I have a varied diet.

  7. I think I’m enough healthy because I usually eat variable food and I do not eat too much, I love to eat meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and all kinds of fruit, I’m a kiwi’s lover jaja.
    I also do quite sport, I practice volleyball and skating, and I’m thinking of going back to the gym.
    On the other hand, I also really like candy, fast food, and very salty and spicy food, which i know is bad and for that I try to eat that food with moderation.
    Also some weekends when I go out to party I usually drink a cup of alcohol so here I think that’s the most negative part of my routine,
    at any rate I’m trying to go out and have fun without drinking, I went to a party last week and i didn’t drink and, I lying if I said that I had fun as well as when I drink but if the truth was pretty good, on the other hand I don’t smoke anything, I think it’s disgusting.
    Finally I think I have a healthy lifestyle but I would have to completely stop drinking alcohol on weekends

  8. Andrea Pérez Quintana. 2º A Bto.

    No, I’m not. Because I don’t like the beans neither the grains, but I eat a lot of cereals. I like so very much the vegetables but I don’t like fresh vegetables, I like the roasted and baked vegetables, except cauliflowers and carrots. I eat skimmed dairy products everyday, and I eat eggs twice a week. About the fruits…. emmm… I eat fruit only four or five times a week, I don´t like much it; I hate apples, peach, strawberry and blackberries, but I LOVE bananas, plums and watermelon. I hate the fish, I don’t like! I NEVER eat fish! I only eat canned tuna, and I eat it in pizza. I like the meat, but not all meat. I like the chicken and the beef, but I don’t like turkey, pork, goat and rabbit meat.
    But It’s not all!
    I eat fast fat food three or four times a week, I LOVE the chocolate, I eat it when I can. I don’t eat five times a day, because I cannot, I only eat three times a day and some days I snack: biscuits, chocolate…
    Apart from this, that in my opinion this is enough argument, I am very lazy. I don’t do sport, but when I go out with my friends, we walk a lot and even we jump and run.

  9. Alejandro González Alonso

    I think I have a healthy diet because in my house we have a calendar where is the menu for each day of the month. This calendar is well balanced, because it distributes the different types of food for the week. Other than that, I think I have a healthy life because I eat a piece of fruit every day, apart from do sports.

  10. Yes, I think so, because I eat healthy food, although I sometimes eat fast food. I usually eat vegetables and fruits. In my day make five foods. In the breakfast I eat milk with Nesquik and one apple. Secondly I eat one sandwich and juice in the School free time. Moreover in the lunch, I eat for instance potage, juice and fruits (banana, apple, orange…). In the afternoon in snack I eat biscuits and water. Finally in dinner I eat salad. For this reason I have a health style, in addition I practice sport every day.

  11. Have a healthy diet is very easy to make, eat
    fruit every day twice or eat food that are in the last floor of the pyramid. It help you to have a healthy body. If you can practice sport sometime in the week is better because you’ll get a healthier life. Also although this tips are good for our life, not always we have to follow it, because sometimes you can eat meat and sweet. Them don´t make that our diet be bad always that eat it controlled.
    (El comentario lo puse desde el domingo pero el ordenador no lo envió)

  12. Airam Segura 2ºA Bach

    In my opinion, I do have a healthy diet. I mean, my parents make sure that I have it xD. Most of the time they prepare a “schedule” with the days of the month, just as if it’s the “School Menu”. They make sure that the diet is comlplete, healthy and tasty :D. So I don’t have any problems with food, I just have an ordinary-healthy diet, as anyone should have 😉


    Yes, I am a healthy eater because I have a healthy diet. I usually eat all kind of food such as rice, chicken, eggs, vegetables in general…I always take three pieces of fruit (orange, pineapple, watermelon, apple…) as dessert. Daily, I drink water in the meals and orange juice in breakfasts . I also try to avoid foods like red meat because they have a lot of fats and they are unhealthy for our body. Also I try to avoid candies and chips.
    Furthermore, I do sport every day in the gym because practising exercise and eating correctly make me a healthy person, so don´t hesitate to follow my tips.

  14. tomas barroso

    yes, I think so, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and I don’t eat too much fast food . I only eat three times a day. At home my mum has the control of food, and for example if I eat meat with french fries on monday, I have to wait to more days to eat red meat again. When my mum is traveling and I stay at home with my mum, then i can eat more fast food, but I’m not use to eat this kind of food because I know that it`s not healthy for my body

  15. Daniel Khabbaz González 1º Bach B

    In my opinion, the secret to be a healthy eater is to have an varied diet. Eating food that contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins etc. in the right measure, and leaving appart all kind of “snacks”, could mean the perfect and healthiest body state.I personally use to eat variously, but it’s not a thing that depends on me. I think it’s because of my parents. They have tought me, since I was a child, to eat any kind of food. There are many foods that I actually don’t like, for example fish, potage, etc. But if I have to eat them, I do it. I also think that if my daily foods depend on me, I would be always eating hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas and snacks.

  16. Tamara Alonso León.

    I think I am a healthy eater because all days I eat potage in the first dish at lunch and after I eat some fruit or juice. However my only problem is that I love the chocolate, it is the only food that i would eat every time, for this reason, sometime i haven´t dinner, because i am eating chocolat all afternoon.This is the only thing unhealty in my diet. At morning my breakfast is milk with colacao and after, in my freetime in the school, I eat a sandwich. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, It is the way to have good and helathy body like me.

  17. I think that I am a healthy eater because I try to eat diferents kinds of foods in the week, I make 4 foods per day: first breakfast at home, second breakfast in the school, lunch and dinner. In my diet, I eat many groups of foos however I usually eat more pasta than other kinds of food because I do a lot of sport and pasta give me many energy. At lunch and dinner I eat a piece of fruit for dessert. Finally I only have to say that I am a healthy eater and a healthe boy because I do sport and I eat so good.

  18. Flavio Correa Alfaro

    Um I think I’m not really a healthy eater. Some reasons are that I don’t usually have a breakfast and don’t eat some kind of food. Also I usually never have all the meals, because of time or laziness.
    I often eat fish, I really like fish, more than red meat. About vegetables, I just eat lettuce, red lettuce, carrots, corn, arugula, so on… but I hate onion….and cucumber, I hate their smells.
    About fruits: I love fruits, most of fruits: apples, oranges, pears, watermelon, melon, all ! I like eating them as milkshakes, juices.
    I like eating chocolate, so… It’s bad. When I can buy a sweet, I always choose that, so I should eat it less.
    Finally I don’t smoke or consume drugs, so in that way I’m very healthy one.

  19. Kevin Castro Fariña 2ºBto A

    I think so, I have a healthy diet, because I eat vegetables and fresh fruit every days, and I only drink fruit juice and tea, I never fizzy drinks. I consider myself as a person aware of the importance of eating well, but I occasionally eat unhealthy food, I know that’s bad for my health and I drink never. In conclusion, I need change my diet and do more exercise.

  20. Alejandro Cruz García 2º Bachillerato A

    Well I think that I lead a healthy life in the aspect of food consumption. I make five meals a day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, snack and dinner) and I try to consume the required servings of all food groups. My favorite food group is the pasta, and surely it is the group that ingest more food.
    I also love to eat fruit, I can eat six pieces of fruit a day, between meals in the afternoon. I don´t usually drink soft drinks, which usually take it as drinks are fruit juices and water.
    Every week as vegetables in the form of soups, salads and salads of pasta and vegetables, … and don´t abuse with normally of meat dishes.
    But, sometimes, I take a whim.

  21. I think I have a healthy diet. I eat everything and weekends is when I eat some sweets. I like vegetables, meat and fish but I don´t really like fish. I drink two liters of water a day but also I drink soda at weekends. My favorite food is pasta with salmon and cheese and my favorite drink is Coke. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. We have to eat fruit, cereal, milk breakfast every day of the week.Finally the most important in a healthy diet is to eat all the food

  22. Alejandro Flores 2ºA Bach

    I think I try to have a healthy diet because even though I eat from all food groups I think I don’t eat enough of some groups and I eat too of other groups. For instance, sometimes I eat too cheese or meat on the sandwiches and I don’t eat fruit enough, I only eat 2 or 3 pieces of fruit. However, I like fruits like bananas or pears.
    In conclusion I think I should balance the meals.

  23. I think I’m not as healthy eater as I should be. I love eating fish, chicken, salads or any kind of meat, and when my mum cooks, she also control the frequency in which we have to eat every food. But the problem is that I don’t like vegetables. I hate them. When I was little my parents always prepared me something different to eat because they knew I wasn’t going to eat anything. But now there are only two options: eat what it’s on the dish or not eating, and I usually choose the second one. And this is causing me vitamin problems.But on the other hand, I hardly ever eat sweets, chocolate and that kind of things, because almost everyone in my house are on a diet, so you’ll never find something with too much sugar in my kitchen.
    So, although I never eat in an excessive way, I just drink water and I control what I eat, maybe I’m not a complete healthy eater.

  24. I don’t know, because for example I eat all kind of foods as fish, vegetables, meat, milk products, …, but the salad is the only food that I don’t like and and although my mother will force me, I never will eat it. By the other hand I eat a lot of sweets, biscuits, chocolate and other unhealthy foods, but all this I balance doing sport, I train about three hours a day and this way I think I will become a healthy eater.

  25. Natacha Méndez 2ºA

    First of all I think I’m a healthy eater because I take five meals a day. This is important to have a healthy lifestyle, although many people think that it’s not necessary, so they don’t take these five meals. In the same way, people who want to lose weight decide not to eat instead of eating everything moderately. In fact, it can cause them many problems, they won’t have the same energy and sometimes they can get illnesses. One of the things that I don’t understad is people who don’t breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day.
    I like all kinds of vegetables and fruits. I usually eat salad and vegetable stew. If there is any vegetable that I don’t like, I’ll eat another. Other foods that I like are beans, lentil, fish, pasta, so on. However, I don’t like red meat. When I was younger I liked more kinds of meats, but nowadays I don’t like them so much. It doesn’t mean that I’m vegetarian, it’s just because I don’t like their taste and how they smell. I know that it can affect me because red meats have many proteins. Because of that, I try to eat more food that also have proteins.
    Sometimes when I eat fish or salad I eat chips instead of potatoes. This is because I really like chips although I also like potatoes. My family and I don’t usually eat very salty food because my father has hypertension.
    On the other hand, I also really like sweets, chocolate, ice creams and fast food, but I try to eat them in moderation. I also like fizzy drinks but I prefer to drink water, milk or juices. I don’t drink alcohol.
    The fact that I usually practice sport help me to have a healthy lifestyle too. In conclusion, I think that I have a healthy habits and I hope to keep them for years.

  26. Adán de la rosa Lugo 2º B bachiller

    Well, I think so, in general I try to have a healthy diet, I make 5 foods each day and try to eat all foods groups. My favorite group foods is Fruits groups, I eat a piece of fruit every morning, especially pears, apples and kiwis. Also I love pasta and vegetables I eat it six times a week but on the other hand, I hate fish even when I was child, I don’t like it. However, I’m a little sweet-toothed. I not eat sweets with a lot of frequency but sometimes when I’m studying for an exam I usually snack. Therefore, I think I have a healthy diet but I need to change some unhealthy habits.


    I try to make a healthy Mediterranean diet, but I recognize that as fewer fruits and vegetables than it should, as well as dairy and fish, meat, vegetables and pasta, I do not usually eat many prefabricated products and few sweets, drink plenty of water and juices, the problem is that I do not have enough time to exercise and what I need to eat a healthy diet

  28. Miriam Díaz Perdomo

    Well, I think so I have more or less a healthy diet because I eat fruits and fresh vegetables every day, although I only eat vegetables at salade. Also I drink much water because I never drink fizzy drinks, I don’t like it!. I eat necessary proteins for my body and I eat meats but I don’t like the fish although I sometimes eat fish. Also I eat many sweet, chocolate, cookies… I should eat less sweet.

  29. I think my diet is more or less healthy, because I try to eat as well as possible. I do not do the 5 daily meals but breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. My main problem is that not like vegetables.But I try to balance it by eating other things. Sometimes I like to eat junk food like McDonald, so I should try to eat some vegetables and also have a balanced meal

  30. Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 2ºB Bach

    Well, I think so I am a healthy eater because I eat a lot of soup, pasta, fruit, although vegetables and salad I don´t like but my mum forces me… On the other hand, sometimes I eat fast food, for example, hot dogs, biscuits or I go with my friends to Mc Donald´s. I love fruit, for example apple, pear, mango, and especially watermelon and melon in summer. I have never had diets.
    My parents are responsible for me to eat well, they cook me good food because they believe that I have to grow and be a healthy boy, moreover, I do a lot of sport, the football is my life.
    In conclusion, I am a healthy kid because I care every day.

    Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 2ºB Bachillerato

  31. Jacqueline Navarro Cabrera

    I think I’m a healthy eater because even though I’m a vegetarian and there are people who think I have lack of protein is not true because I eat soy, tofu and other protein foods for example: the eggs. I eat a lot of vegetables because I am vegan and my favorite foods are salads and pasta. I don’t drink sugary soft drinks because I do not like, I like only the Nestea. I don’t usually eat chocolate but I eat candies. I love nuts and fruits. My favorite fruit is the banana. I also love natural fruit smoothies. In conclusion I think I have a healthy diet because I like and I eat much food variable and healthy.

  32. I think so, because when I´m going to eat I always try to mix meat and fish with vegetables, also I like the salad, the fruit and a lot of kinds of vegetables. When I have dinner I eat less food than in the lunch and the breakfast, although sometimes I like eat hamburgers and hotdogs but that´s not mean I have not a healthy diet, so I think I´m a healthy eater.

  33. Andrea Díaz García 1º Bach A

    Yes, I think I am a healthy eater because I have a healthy lifestyle. I have a good diet because I eat all kinds of vegetables, such as cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers … I often eat fish and red meats too, but in moderation.
    Also, I drink water instead of fizzy drinks.
    I should admit that I eat too much chocolate, candies and chips, but to balance, I also do sport. Every afternoon, I walk an hour to keep fit and prevent heart disease or overweight, because practicing exercise is one of the things that most influence on our health.
    Furthermore, I think that I am a healthy eater because I take 5 meals a day, which are breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.
    I think that to be a healthy eater, we should avoid junk and fast food. Also, we should avoid a sedentary lifestyle, drinking or smoking, because these things do not contribute to our health.

  34. Nerea Díaz Pérez

    Well, I think I have a healthy diet because I always eat fruits and vegetables, although I don’t eat a lot of fish because I don’t like and I abuse for sweets. But, I drink two litres of water and I do sport and also I drink a lot of milk every day. Finally, I think that more people should be healthy diet because is good for the body.

  35. Yes, I think so, I eat all tipe of food (meat, fish 2 times a week, vegatables or fruit all days,), every day I eat five or six times.
    On the other hand I do sport all days and I sleep without problems; so whit this three things okei I think I am a healthy eater.

  36. It depends, because I try to eat as healthy as possible in the week but in the weekend, seriously I don’t follow the diet, I eat in the weekend, hamburguer, hotdogs, pizza… but I think this is not bad, one diet without fast food would be boring if you just eat salad, vegetables, fruits…. but sure, we have balance with healthy food and fast food but above all to do sport, is very important for the organism.

  37. Erika Fragoso 2º B Bachillerato

    Well I think so I have more or less a healthy diet, because I don’t make 5 foods each day , I usually don’t eat nothing at midmornig and I don’t eat in the afternoon. But forgetting that , I have a good diet , because I eat fruits ,
    I drink 2 litres of water, and I get my proper level of proteins with the meat because I don’t like the fish. I think that more or less I am a healthy eater.

  38. Alejo Daniel Medina Gallardo

    A healthy food in my opinion should be in a rich variety of food,milk,pasta,cereals, white meat,fruit,vegetables,… These foods must be in the main power,and other foods such as sweets, red meat should be
    consumed in moderation and in quantities not very abundant. To me it seems horrible and unethical for the fast food chains to aware the more young people eat that food,and much more to the parents that allow it,that is to say,that easily accessed.
    Finally concluded that we are talking about a sustainable development in the management of natural resources,but it seems that we in our food.

  39. Andrea Sophia Sánchez Ramírez

    Well, yes, I think I’m a healthy eater because I eat a lot a vegetables, I love eating broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, salads ( but only with a few things, like lettuce, tuna, corn and maybe white cheese cubes ) and more. Although, on the other hand, I have to say that I also eat a lot of chips, popcorns ( specially when I’m studying, I don’t know why but I always have to eat something ), cookies,… but the good thing is that I don’t eat a lot of chocolate and I think that’s good. Well, I used to drink Nesquick, but since Monday I’ve been drinking some special milk shake that it’s healthier than the rest, but that doesn’t mean that now I can eat more fast food or cookies, I have to have a healthy diet. I think that trying to have a healthy diet when I have a mum that cooks very well is a bit difficult, but I’m getting it. She always makes cakes and cookies very delicious, but on the other hand, she cooks healthy food too. So, in conclusion, I think I have a healthy diet that I can keep, eating proper food and doing sport.

  40. Moises Pérez Mora

    well, yes I think I have a healthy diet because I always eat fruits for lunch at salade for example, as well I eat a lot of vegetables alone the week…I consider myself as a person aware of the importance of eating well. Also I don´t drink fizzy drinks, I don´t like it, I normaly drink water. Finally I think more people should be more aware of healthy foot because it is very important to everybody … 🙂

  41. Mónica 2ºB Bachiller

    Well, I think .. I think so I have a healthy diet, absolutely!
    Normally, every day, I eat cereal and fiber. I love eating fruit, hardly any I dislike it, I eat fish and low fat meats such as rabbit, chicken, turkey … I abuse for nothing sweet or sugary things, and of course drink lots of water, as in the form of tea at nights for dinner or drinking bottles of water during the day.
    For all these reasons I think that I’m a healthy eater.

  42. Yeah, i think so, because i eat properly, for example i eat fish twice each week but appart from this i don´t eat a lot of chocolate, biscuits and any kind of this food and I make 5 foods so for all this i think i am a healthy eater.


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