it’s Halloween, just listen, sing and enjoy this funny song!!

  • Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, how? if not, why?
  • What are your memories about Halloween?

32 Respuestas a “Halloween

  1. Adriana González 4ºA

    I don’t usually celebrate Halloween because it isn’t a custom of my country, but I would like to celebrate it because it is another party where I can amuse and a lot of people of Tenerife have this custom.
    From my point of view Halloween is a party which has changed since it was created ; also it is a party that earns a lot of money due to marketing as Saint Valentine.
    This Halloween I was home alone and I was very afraid so I decided to catch a baseball bat and then I closed all the doors, also I heard voices in my head, but when my family arrived the fear disappeared.


    Halloween is a festival which was originated in england and the us. i dont really celebrate halloween because ther isnt much tradition, there isnt much fun in doing so and i dont really feel like it. It isnt a very special day but it isnt a normal day either because i also go out at night to a party or go out with my friends, but there isnt much difference from a normal weekend.

    However this wasnt always like that because when i lived in england i did celebrate it and i really enjoyed it, i guess thats why i dont do anything special here because its so much worst.
    In england it was very fun because we went around the neighbourhood trick or treating. I used to love it because we all dressed up in very elaborate costumes. I was really proud of myself when i made up a mummy costume. it was very hard to make and absolutely everyone loved it. i made it plainly out of toilet paper, rolling it all around my body. It took me half an hour to make and by the end it was ruined but whilst it lasted everyone gave me lots of tasty and delicious sweets.

    A very fun thing that we did was a “competition” . The aim was to collect as many sweets as possible and whoever had the most won. I never won but i remember that i gathered around 300 different types of sweets. This was great because the sweets lasted for a month and a half
    because it was impossible to eat them all in one day. by the end of the night you ended up sick of all the sweets but it was still great fun and celebrating this festival was certainly something to look forward to.

  3. Andrea Pérez Quintana. 2º A Bto.

    Yes! I always celebrate halloween with my friends. We have made a party in my house or in other one since 2005, but before it, we went to “El socorro” and we asked candies in all houses. Sometimes the people give us cake or other sweets instead of candies. The houses always are decorated at this time, to see it is wonderful.

    In 2007 more o less, in a little village of La Laguna, the neighbors held a contest in wich a jury chose the winning for having the best halloween decoration, the prize was a medal. After the contest, everybody went to a little party to celebrate that day.

  4. Álvaro Brito Ferrer

    I usually not celebrate hallowen a lot, but some years I went to throw eggs to the house or buses, also when I was a child I went with my friends to the house and we said trick or treat, and the people gave us sweets.
    I think that throw eggs is funnier.
    I remember 2 years ago. I went with my friends to a house and we throw eggs, the men of the house called the police and when we saw the police we run. But finally the police captured us and called our parents. But ours parents said: “Don´t worry we did the same when we are childs´´.

  5. Laura Arizmendi 2º B bach

    Yes, celebrate Halloween, we usually see friends and scary movies, terreor storytelling and sometimes we dress.
    When I was younger I wore witch costumes or monster, went out with my friends for the community and the neighbors asked for sweets.
    Halloween is a holiday that comes from ancient Ireland and exported to America settlers

  6. Halloween is a celtic origin festival which has been extended in all the world.
    Yes, I celebrate halloween every year because although it’s a foreign celebration I think we can celebrate it but we should enjoy more our celebrations.
    I normally go to the cinema with my friends to watch a scary film and then we eat pizza or other things.
    I remember a Halloween when my friends and I gave a scare to another friend and he almost kill us, It was very funny!

  7. The word Halloween comes from a Scottish variation of the phrase “All Hallows’ Even”.
    Halloween is associated with the colors orange, black and purple.
    Halloween night is known as night of dead. It´s a celebration of Celtic origin which it is held mainly in U.S., Canada, UK ..
    In Spain also celebrating this party. We celebrate on 31 October .
    It´s a celebrate that it has changed its meaning from antiquity to today.

    In halloween you can do many activities, for example, children often disguise , they play to ” trick or treat “. it is a tradition every year.
    when i was a child i used to dress up as a witch . my friends and me used to play to trick or treat.
    the young meet with their friends to see a movie, go a party ..
    every year for halloween, people make a house of terror in candelaria. it is very funny .

    I think Halloween is a fun tradition but my parents don´t think so. they think that Halloween isn´t in our tradition. But they respect that other people celebrate halloween.

  8. Halloween is a popular festival that celebrates in the U.S. on October 31st.I started to celebrated halloween four years ago with a lot of people but in this year I didn’t celebrated halloween because this day was raining.I would have liked to celebrate the day of halloween.

  9. Haridian González González 4ºA

    I don’t celebrate Halloween, because I think that is a celebration that has been too marketed and has strayed from its original purpose, but I respect people who celebrate it.
    I remember how every Halloween, my grandmother turn on one candle for each of their dead relatives, and she told me, that night I couldn’t go out, because the spirits had left their tombs.

  10. Halloween is a yearly celebration, celebrated in many countries on October 31
    I usually celebrate Halloween, but this year I could not celebrate it, I just went with a friend for a ride, but previous year I used to go to some friends’ house, they decorated all his house and they gave a party, where they invited many of our friends.
    They placed cobwebs, blood, people “death” and many insects such as spiders, worms…
    We ate, we joked, and we told stories of fear, and well all night. Always they said: come on to see a scary movie!!, but we did never.
    I hope to keep doing this tradition a few more years.

  11. Alejandra Pérez Quintana

    I don’t celebrate Hallowen because it is a foreign tradition that has nothing to do with my culture.Also because that would steal a tradition and a culture. I haven’t memories because I don’t celebrated this day.

  12. Diego González González 3ºA

    Yes, I celebrate Halloween, although it’s a foreign celebration. In Halloween my friends and me, going for the street scaring people. Also we going for the street, throwing eggs at buses or asking sweets…
    I think that the people that doesn´t celebrate Halloween lost a great celebration, because it´s very funny.
    This year nearly run over my friend Adrián in a crosswalk, but was very funny because we scared a lot of people. In other years we only asking sweets, for this, this year has been the best Halloween for my.

  13. Halloween is a traditional celebration in many countries in the world. but mainly in the USA and in the UK, specially in Ireland where it came from. It is an ancient Celtic festival, which celebrates the end of autumn and the start of winter. It is also a time of celebration and superstitions , children dress up as ghosts, witches etc and go to people´s house saying: trick or treat. Here in my country people go to the cemetery to put flowers on their family´s graves. People make lanterns of pumpkins .
    In other countries like Mexico and other latin american countries they celebrate the day of de dead!.
    happy halloween!!!!

  14. erika gonzalez cruz 4A

    I don´t celebrate halloween because is of another culture and in my opinion I don´t like it because I don´t like dressing up, in my opinion is horrible and stupid. My only memorie is of one party and I hate it because I don´t like dressing up and I felt stressed.

  15. maria ojeda ortega 2ºA

    In this age, the tradition of cult and fear has become something much more light, now is a festivity for the children, they still wear costumes but only for fun, not to scare ghosts, and they don’t turn off the lights, they ask for candy, so they can remember it with joy in the future.
    in my case, I have celebrate Halloween with my friend and we usually watch terror film, we paint our faces and drees with funny costumes of ghost or skeleton. Also, we tell scary stories for the night. Finally we dinner an unhealthy food ( sweets, chips, sausages and soft drink )and we slept togueter on the floor. This tradition bring me good moments. 😀

  16. Tamara Alonso León

    Yes, I celebrate Halloween every years, when I was a child my neighbords and my family made a party together and they had sweets for us (the children). We dressed up and we saw terror films, I enjoyed so much, but I know it’s an american celebration. Now I celebrate this day with my friends in my house or in my friends house. I think is a funny day and this year my class and I enjoyed with our teacher Lourdes, we dress up and make up on in class. I recommend it for every one!

  17. Jacqueline Navarro Cabrera 2B

    This year I didn’t celebrate Halloween because I was studying for the english test but other years I have bought some masks with my brother and lots of candy.
    I remember one Halloween I and my friends did a pajama party, we bought candy and costumes. Later we saw a scary movie called “La semilla del mal” and when we finished the movie, we told scary stories. It was a fun halloween with my friends, I hope we can repeat another year.

  18. Actually, I wasn’t used to celebrate Halloween. In fact, I can’t find a reason to celebrate it. American people don’t celebrate Spanish’s festivals, but Spanish people should celebrate American’s festival? I think Halloween has become a world’s festival because nowadays people try to take advantage of whatever not to go work. People love not to work or going school or something like that, moreover people use these days for having party, no mattering the reason why. This gets reflected in the fact that most of people who go to any party on Halloween don’t wear Halloween’s costumes, they just want to have fun in any party or something like that.
    As I said before, I wasn’t used to this, but nowadays I’m getting use to “celebrate” it. Personally, I like the atmosphere this festival, in its meaning, tries to generate. I think is something different than what we usually celebrates, and I like it. But the main reason I say I’m getting use to are my sisters. They love this party and they have been spreading me for many years, so I think they are the two only guilty.

  19. As everybody knows, Halloween is a traditional Celtic festival which is celebrated in other countries of the world such as Canada, United States or Ireland. On this day, the night of 31 October, thousands of children, teenagers and even adults disguise themselves in their most terrifying costumes, ask for sweets from house to house and tell fear stories. And of course, who doesn’t know the famous “trick or treat”?
    But in recent years, this festival is being held in our country more frequently. There are many people who prepare their homes to receive children with their costumes asking for sweets and there are also many people who prepare a great costume to enjoy the parties. But honestly, it’s not a party that I like to celebrate. It’s true that I love to see the children running down the street, made-up and asking for chocolate and candies, but I don’t feel that day as something typical of our country. The problem is that many teens confuse the day of Halloween and the typical way to celebrate it with “other kinds of parties”. And that takes away the beautiful essence of the night.
    Anyway, although I don’t like to celebrate it, I respect other’s ideas and I like to see how other people enjoy that night.

  20. Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 2ºB Bachillerato

    Yes, I do. I go out with my friends and we ask for sweets at every house. Moreover, we sometimes throw eggs at buses or houses. I started celebrating Halloween three years ago but I don´t celebrate it as I did before any more.
    My memories about Halloween aren´t many but I remember one that is special. Two years ago, I went with my friends to ask for sweets at a dark house. Two old people leant out of the window and told us to go away. Then, we threw an egg at the window and the old man went out of the house with a shotgun. So, we ran.
    Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 2º B Bachillerato

  21. Kevin Castro Fariña 2ºBto A

    Well, when I was a child I don’t celebrate Halloween because my parents thought Halloween is a foreign tradition and it’s a tradition imposed by the Americans. Last Halloween I went to a party and we disguised and painted our faces, we watched a thriller, and when the party finished we sleep in the house all together.

  22. Halloween is a holiday celebrated in the United States and England and South America and is currently being celebrated in Spain
    Although I believe that is not equal to that of my country because when I was younger, I used to go on Halloween disguised as something horrific, and the street used to be full of people disguise, but here not many people in the streets.
    The best of this day is that I have to go to class and I can sleep more jaja, the truth is that I love hallowen

  23. Estefanía Guanche 4ºA

    I’m goingo to talk you about Halloween.
    In UK and in USA, halloween is celebrated like this:
    Children dress like skeletons, witches, zombies…and they go to ask for candies around the street. They call this: trick or treat. After that they eat all the candies that they have recollected. Then they go to their houses and see horror films or tell scary stories with their friends or their families.

    Halloween isn’t a Spanish tradition, but nowadays we are coping it, because you can see a lot of children dressed up and asking for candies. Also you can see many horror films on TV and you can see many halloween specials in TV series, cartoons… In Spain, we go to the cemetery to put flowers to our deceased .

    In my case I celebrated this day like this;
    In the evening, I went with my family to the cemetery and we put flowers to my grandparents. At night my friends came to my house, and we saw horror films and we told sacary stories. When we finish to do that, we were vey scared. If we heard wind, we think that it was a ghost or it’s another paranormal thing. I don’t like to be sacared

  24. I think halloween is a party like religious holidays that just is other reason for not go to work and sleep more, Because halloween is not a spanish party and I don´t know why we celebrate it, appart from this I love this kinds of days because I have party and the next day I don´t have to go class. Finally I think in Spain there are a lot of useless holidays but I love it.

  25. I started to celebrate Halloween two years ago. Although it is not our culture, and I like to celebrate mostly because there is party.
    This year I went to a party in La Laguna, in the house of a friend, the party started at 6 pm. We were all dressed up, I was dressed as Zombie and other friends too, some were disguised Vde Vendetta, rockers and even death.
    At the party danced, ate (chops, sausages, chips, sweets, pudding, and many other things). People at 3am went to bars at La Laguna, but as for me and my friends do not like we were at the party until 5 am we went each to his house.
    This year was the most fun because we were many, but mainly because it was fun to dress up and get us photos.

  26. Kristian Martínez

    I celebrate hallowen but without disguise, only leave with my friend to drink something in pubs, I think I’m older to celebrate Hallowen with disguise. In venezuela I remember the people throw water ballons. I don’t know anything about the story of Hallowen

  27. Andrea Díaz García 2º Bach A

    I have celebrated Halloween several times in my life. Halloween is not a traditional holiday in Spain, but this celebration has been hosted in many countries, including Spain. Halloween is also called All Hollow’s Eve, because is the eve of the All Souls’ Day. When the day comes, it is very common to see children with terrifying faces, bonfires in the street, jokes and many scares, especially in countries such as USA, Canada and UK.
    In our country, many people are against this party because they think it doesn’t respect the day of the dead, but I don’t think so. For me, Halloween has always been a fun day with my friends. Every year I’ve celebrated this Celtic festivity, I go to a friend’s house. There, we always paint our faces each other and then, we dress up as witches, zombies or even pumpkins. Then, we met with other friends and we went house to house asking for candies, telling the famous phrase “trick or treating”. I remember once when a woman gave us money, exactly 10 Euros. Also, I remember that a man refused to give us anything so we covered the house with toilet paper. This has been my experience with Halloween and I have to say that this festivity brings me many good memories.

  28. Moises Pérez Mora

    well, I don´t celebrate Halloween, I don´t really like that because for me it isn´t funny. I think this party is something for people buying at shops wigs, masks, costumes,… I also think this party isn´t a party of Canary Island, and I don´t know why people celebrate it, however I respect the celebration of other culture party but I think a lot of young nowadays celebrate halloween and others party and don´t celebrate party of Canary Island and I think it have to change….

  29. Erika Fragoso 2º Bachillerato B

    well , when I was a child I didn’t celebrate Hallowen bacuase for me this party isn’t a common party , it isn’t typical here. But the last and this year I have celebrate Hallowen with my friends in the house of my friends , and usually my friends says ” let’s go to watch a terror films” but we have never watched any films, we sing with the Karaoke and we dance .
    Finally we sleep in the house of my friend.

  30. Miriam Díaz Perdomo 2º BACH-B

    I don’t celebrate Halloween because this day isn’t Canary Islands also we have carnival, Halloween don’t need in Canary Islands. I haven’t any experience with Halloween because I never celebrate Halloween.

  31. Well, all our life we have listened about the public holiday of Halloween and each time that someone says to you “Halloween” you think about things related to costumes, trick or treat and horror films or similar things.
    I think few people know the origin of Halloween. Well, Halloween have had different names like All Hallow’s eve or Hallowtide. This public festival was started by Celtic culture and it started in the 16th century. At first it called ‘Samhain’ (it means the end of summer). It was celebrated at the end of harvest season and it was considered like the Celtic New Year.
    Celt of that time thought that in the Samhain the spirits of the another world came in and they thought that if they wore horrible clothes, they could prevent them. In that moment the tradition of costumes started.
    This public holiday started to appear in different countries of USA, UK, etcetera, and nowadays, in Spain.
    A Pope of that time said that this public holidays was a pagan festival and at first, a lot of people who were catholic stopped to do it. Nowadays some of people neither celebrate it but the most of them do it.
    The apple tradition started was a roman tradition. Celts started with that tradition where the roman people arrived.
    So, after you read it you will know that Halloween is not a public holiday that started with some children saying “trick or treat”. This public holiday has been modified over time and nowadays some countries celebrate it in a different way. Some countries celebrate it on 1st of November and other countries (like us) celebrate it pn 31st of October.
    I remember some years ago I played to “trick or treat” around all my street and it was funny because more children from other streets came too and I could to meet them and I could make new friends. I really liked disguising with a white and old sheet of the bed. I painted it with red and black color and I shook my head to stir my hair. I had a very good time every Halloween.
    Nowadays I usually go to a friend house with more friends to see horror films and to sleep together. It’s funny too because after we see all the horror films, we are afraid and someone allways scares us. But I think it was funnier when we disguised and when we played to “trick or treat” because it’s the tradition for us.
    Happy Halloween!

  32. Alejo Daniel Medina Gallardo 2ºbachillerato b

    I personally not celebrate Halloween because do not identify with a foreign celebration that not have none connection with the Canary Islands.With the saying above do not mean that who likes not celebrate,but that does not identify as something traditional because it lies.
    I have not memory because have never celebrated Halloween.


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