TV or not TV

TV1When television began, its main objective was to show the news to society. Over the years this goal has changed, and now we can find all kinds of programmes with different purposes. TV also has a great influence on people, it has pros and cons. Read this article to know about them: READ.

Watch this video from, a debate “For and Against Television”.

What do you think about television in your country?
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38 Respuestas a “TV or not TV

  1. Adrián Cruz Rivera 4ºA

    Well,for me, TV is a way to learn, to enjoy and to entertain.
    I normally spend 2 hours a day watching television in normal days and about 1 hour at weekends or holidays, because I leave with my friends or my family.
    I like sitcoms very much. My favourite sitcoms are How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. I also watch programmes and cartoons like The Simpsons, Family Guy and Top Gear.
    The channels that I watch more are Neox, Discovery Max and Xplora.
    Nowadays I´m watching the new seasons in English of How I Met Your Mother and Top Gear on Internet.
    I think to watch Big Brother or Geordie Shore is to lose the time
    I sometimes watch the news too.
    I think TV has a lot of advantages, but it has a lot of disadvantages,they are these:

    -You may learn a lot watching TV
    -There are a lot of types of progremmes
    -It´s a way to be informed of what is happening

    -There are many programmes that can be considered junk.
    -Watching TV a lot of time could produce Some illness like obesity.
    -Many people is addicted to the TV.

  2. Jacqueline Navarro Cabrera

    I think about television in my country is trash TV. However also there is advantages. For example there is educational programme when you can learn english, “Dora la exploradora”. Also there is TV series more interesting like “Calenda”.

    The TV is one way to be informed about the news. Also the TV is a one way to entertain when you have free time.

    However, may have big impact or effect in our lives, because there are programmes that promote violence. There are also programme that don’t teach moral values ​​and respect like the trash TV, “Sálvame”.

    In conclusion, for me, the television can have pros or cons, all depends on us and the use we give it.

  3. Adriana González González

    I spend my time watching TV at the week, one hour or one hour and a half, because I have a lot of activities. At the weekend I spend 2 hour watching TV, but if I have homework and tests I haven’t much time to watch it.
    In my house there are 3 televisions, but one of them
    we only use it to play video games.
    I haven’t got a TV in my bedroom because, I don’t usually watch TV and from my point of view you spend a lot of time watching it, so you can do other activities during the afternoon.
    I usually watch comedies programmes , such as Modern Family, El Intermedio…I also watch cartoons, music and news programmes; because they make me happy and I learn with them. I never watch TV after midnight because I have to wake up early in order to go to the school the next day, and I also consider that these programmes don’t contribute anything to me. I only watch TV one time a day because I have a lot of activities during the afternoon
    and I’m too busy doing it and my homework. I think that the programmes which I usually watch are very interesting for me, but there are some programmes which aren’t it, but I watch them because they make me happy and I can relax when I have a hard day.
    If I have to watch a TV programme for a long time I will watch comedies programmes because they entertain me.
    I prefer watching my programmes on the TV because it’s more comfortable than watching on the computer, and because you have a bigger screen and your eyes are “more protected” than if you were watching it on the computer.
    A British Channel would be a very good idea in order to improve our English because if we had a British Channel we would have an English pronunciation better than now, and we would have less grammar mistakes, so I will be able to have more possibilities in order to find a job.

  4. Haridian Glez Glez

    Although I don’t see much TV I’m not against it. I think if used properly is a great learning tool, but let’s be honest, hardly anyone uses it for that. Right now in our country most of the programs or series that are broadcast are recommended for over 18 years, You may find changing channels and suddenly see programs such high violent. In Spain nobody make a program to educate, the first goal is to entertain. (What is not bad).
    What are currently the most entertaining are gossip programs, where the lives of other people who don’t even know is more important than anything.
    Or shows with sexual content, insults, violence ..It is very sad that to find a worth seeing content you have to be changing channels during a long time.

  5. Erika Glez Cruz

    In my opinion the television in Spain are very good but all the things has got his bad part in this case isn’t different the televsion has got a lot of bad things like leaarn to the kids bad thinghs like violence but the television also has got good thinghs because also has got educational programmes or documentary that teach the kids good thinghs like protect the environment or be respectful to the people

  6. Television is very importance in today’s society, despite this; to me have great advantages but also many disadvantages. Some of them are:

    Some of the advantages are that television gives you a lot of information and communication of events in many different themes and important as political issues, education, current affairs … etc.

    On the other hand we also have many disadvantages and often results in loss of time and makes stupid people with programs that only serve to keep people “busy.” People just go learn and use their memory and intelligence to know things like gossip, novels … nothing important current issues either as named above.

  7. Karla Palenzuela Rodríguez ;)

    Well… First, I start saying that I don’t usually watch TV and I don’t like it. Yesterday I was thinking of when I was a child… I could spend 9837449327293 hours watching TV, but now I can’t do that. I start to asking myself why. Maybe if TV broadcasts the series I watched few years ago, I would watch it more often.
    I don’t know, anyway, I don’t care for TV. I just watch it when I have lunch or when my parents wants me to watch some TV for beeing with them. There only was a day when I watch “Tu cara me suena”, a quiz musical show that I love :). But now it had finished, so I think I won’t turn on the TV till it starts again.
    “What do I think abou television”? OK… I think that we don’t have to give importance to TV. Maybe we can watch some progammes that we love but I think that there are too many better things to do! like: to do sport, to make friends, to help someone who need it… WHATEVER! I think that anything is better than waste your time watching TV… But, well, “horses for courses”…
    Furthermore, I have to say that THINS THING stun us… so, what else can I say to you for not to watch TV and seize the time??????? Think about it 😉

  8. Watch TV has advantages and disadvantages. Experts say that spend much time watching TV especially in children is not good for the health and the mind. TV can be entertaining and informative, but at the same time, can be damaging and harmful.
    Here are the main Pros and Cons of Tv
    -Entertainment and Laughter; we can entertain us and have fun, watching programs and series that we like.
    -Information and How-To; with the Tv we can stay informed, watching the news or current programs.
    -Improve Memory and Easy Learning; for example, when we are watching a series, we memorize the time and date of issue and what happened the previous chapter.
    -Bonding With Family and Friends; we can have fun watching Tv with our friends and family.
    -Awareness and Alertness; with the Tv we can remain alert to any meterológico phenomenon like a typhoon, hurricane…
    -Decline in creativity and imagination; shows and commercials have tendency to share their creative works on us.
    -Health problems; usually we eat a lot when we are watching Tv and that promotes illnesses like obesity.
    -Makes people lazy; we spend much time in front of Tv and we don’t do enough exercise.
    -Some shows don’t teach good values; there are programs that are not recommended for children because they use swearwords and they show the consumption of some drugs, such as alcohol, snuff…

    For me, I spend two or three hours each day to watch Tv, but at the weekend I watch tv much less, because I don’t like the programming of those days. I have 3 Tvs in my house. One of them is in my bedroom, but almost never I use it, only when my mother wants to see a program that I don’t like.
    I normally watch Tv 2 hours a day, half an hour at breakfast and lunch I watch the news, and at night I usually watch some entertaining program or series. But sometimes at night I watch the news too, and would be now, 3 hours a day.

    I think Tv is a good way to entertain, have fun and be informed, but only when it is used appropriately and in a reasonable period of time.

  9. María López Cantero

    About a 96% of the population has a TV set in their homes, however not all the people are conscientious about How it works or How it influence on us. Do you know why people pay a lot to put a commercial on the TV? They pay it because they know how many people watch TV and when we saw it like that we want to buy it.

    However like many other things in our life, it has its pros and cons.

    -Some TV programs designed for children can be very interactive, making kids think, learn, improving their creativity, and improving problem solving skills.
    -Watching TV is a great way to bond with family and friends especially on weekends. You can laugh and discuss things that you see on TV. That can be really fun.
    -Is one good way to be informed.
    -Is the only one of the mass media which you can see it while you listen it.
    -It also entertains us in our free time.

    -It can produce some troubles like obesity, high weight, or lack of concentration and creativity instead.
    -Less time for family interaction and interaction with other people.
    -TV can be addictive and it can take up a lot of your time. The average person watches about 3 – 5 hours of TV per day.
    – There are Junk programmes that no one should see, because they don’t show a good education.

    From morning until night, we can find all kind of programs, maybe too many, but you can choose what you want. In summary: All depends on the use we give it. If we watch programs suitable with our age knowing what is good and bad, it won´t be unhealthy, harmful or malignant for us.


    And you? Do you think TV is bad or good?

  10. In my opinion I think that new technologies, such as television, bring advantages and disadvantages. I think television is very interesting and if we use it in a responsible manner, we can get a lot out with it.
    On one hand I think it’s a shame that people spend hours in front of the TV rather than go outside to play sports or do something with family or friends.
    I think there are many TV shows that are a waste as Gandia Shore, GH, salvame, and so on that not give us absolutely nothing productive because these gossip shows that speak of the intimate life of the people, sex or alcohol, that it used to talk with a lot of bad words, and so on it are a waste of time and a very bad influence on teens and children.
    I also think that these programs should be issued more or less at 12 o’clock at night and not in the afternoon, because it is assumed that at that time and the children are asleep.
    In addition there are many television ads who try to manipulate us to sell useless objects
    Moreover television has many cultural programs where we have information about what is happening in the world. There are also programs of policy debate, and there are documentaries about animals, history, etc.. For example, Discovery Channel. There are also many music and film.
    Personally I think that television is fun and if we use it, we can have a good time

  11. Alejandro Cruz García 2º Bachillerato A

    Well I think that TV today in our country is a media that conditions us, ie alter our behavior and ideology.

       It is true that many of us love to watch TV, especially during our free time and if we have nothing to do. Either way we are entertained when we watch TV, but we do not realize that we are also drugging us somehow, this vision is mine, I will try to reflect it in the clearest way possible.
    There are many different programs that we see on television depending on our mood, our personality and the issues that we’re looking at some point. But sometimes we don´t see a little farther than ideas behind all the television system of our country, that can be ideal economic, social, political, ideological, cultural …

       Below I will try to analyze what are the advantages and disadvantages of television viewing more meaningful to me:

    – Advantages:

     Entertainment, fun and pleasure that makes us television can be a way out or alternative to boredom, television can make us feel good, imagine a different world and experiences that make you with a daily life could not feel. Also watch TV can be a great way to bond with family and friends, laugh with them, talk about the things they see on television, especially on weekends. Nor should we forget that television helps to sensitize and inform us of today around us, on different parts of the world can make you aware of what is happening abroad.

    – Disadvantages:

       Television slowly destroys us our personality, our way of being, our imagination and creativity, ultimately, our own criterion. This television is one against which I am a participant in our society, television media condition us, we alter reality to create and think in a certain way, being slaves of thinking of the masses and of powerful social groups manejarnos at will want to get rich and stay at that level of power or simply change our ideology, ethics and conduct. That in my opinion is the biggest drawback to television, which is a means of controlling the masses and society. While programs that threaten the stability of the economic and political system we have and slave holding back our future, one such program is “Salvados”, but even that program often tries to impose their view of reality.

       Another drawback to television are the health problems that can result from excessive viewing as much as physical inactivity, loss of vision, beta ray radiation that reduces our health, acquiring bad habits …

       And finally the other terrible disadvantage are the bad values ​​and knowledge that some programs introduced in our heads, as feelings of hatred, anger and revenge (these programs are like “Sálvame Deluxe”); teach children to imitate , recreate or falsify important things happening around us which is not good for children to see, … Experts say that watching too much television, especially in children is not good for health and mind. Television can be entertaining and informative but sometimes it can be harmful and damaging.

    In summary, for TV programs to choose and monitor TV programs that you and your family should see. Choose programs that can help you learn and grow as a person. You should also limit the time spent watching TV. The maximum number of hours that we watch TV is 3 hours and ended by saying that today we have to be more critical of what we see on television.

  12. Considering the fact that I watch half as much, or even less, TV than an average teenager would, doesn’t give me much arguments to support my opinion on this habit. I might spend around 2 or 4 hours a week watching TV.

    First of all, I think that it’s nice to watch TV with someone else. I actually hardly ever sit down to watch on my own, as laughing and placing bets on what’s going to happen next, is what makes it enjoyable for me. So, something nice about this habit would be to spend time with your family and relax.

    The second thing that makes television quite useful is the frequent broadcast of news, that allow us to stay updated on what’s happening around us. Now, I’ve got to admit that I’m guilty of hardly ever watching the news. It his, however, a habit I would like to get used to, as I want to be more aware of my surroundings.

    Having covered what I consider important and useful about television, there’s just a lot of things left that I seem to have no proper purpose. Many people find realities entertaining, a huge audience is actually hooked to them, but, what for? What I see is a group of people live together for a certain period of time and get filmed while behaving unnaturally in order to keep the show “interesting”.

    And lastly, I think that, especially in Spain, where a single household may have more than 4 TVs, kids are exposed to it when they’re way too young and for to many hours. I think that too much television at a young age can cause serious damage in children’s creative development and behaviour.

    So, as most things we’re surrounded with, television is a “mere” tool, that’s however, either very useful, when used correctly and in moderation to entertain and inform, or, on the other hand, a bad influence in society’s behaviour.

  13. The television is something that mostly all the people in the world knows what it is. A huge quantity of people watches television every day. In Spain it is one of the activities prefered by the society.
    But the problem we can present is what is shown on television. Does it reallyshow us important things or only programmes where the level of mentality is very low? This has been and is very discussed by lot of the spanish society. If we switch on the television when wereach our house the most common things are to find reallybad programmes like Sálvame or any stupid television novel. There´s should be a control in what is imited as children watch lot of television and those kind of programme might be showing really bad manners of be having to the children. Spain should take in consideration how other countries control their emissions and try to put valuable things for the society. If we want to improve this, we should start thinking in the future of the children and not is simply economic benefits.

  14. Flavio Correa Alfaro 2ºbto A

    what do I think about TV.. well, I think it is not bad at all as some people think.
    Nowadays watching tv help you to learn new things and discover other worlds. At the begining, one thinks that it is a bad thing because mostly of the most popular tv programs are reality ones, but they are not right.
    You can watch all kind of programs and documentals on TV, from how living the bears to music concert of one of your favourite singer, or even film and abroad TV series which can help you to know other cultures.
    Also It helps you to make yourself more sociable, because it let you to find new people to debate and talk about your favourite TV program and let you to be able to shape your personality.
    So it is not necessary turn the TV on just to watch gossip topics or other no interesting things.
    But I also have to say that watching TV many hours is not a good thing. Wasting a lot of our time in front of the TV make us not to want to do other activities outside or with other people, so we have to control it.
    I like watching on TV mostly mystery and suspense series, horror and foreign films and cartoons, I love them.

  15. I don’t know the exactly figures but I’m sure that Spain is a country where people usually to watch many time the TV. I think that on the spanish TV are very good programs but in some cases this change with programs like: sálvame,GH… This kind of programs only can show us bad thinks and I think that the worst thing of it is that children have the posibility to watch it. These programs show to the public: conflicts, bad language, sex and more things that people don´t like to know or they shouldn´t know. I have clear that people who watch these kind of programs, are bored people who need to know the other people’s bad lifes to think that they aren’t the person with the worst life around the world. In the other hand I think that all kind of new program only show us bad new because the bad new are the ones that attract the most attention, I disagree with that because I think that we are living in horrible time with a bad crisis and I think that people want to know good things to take a positive vision on their life.

  16. Tamara Alonso León. 2ºA Bachto.

    Watch the television is a good way to learn, I spend a lot of time watching it. I see programs like Xplora, MTV, Divinity, News or cartoons. Some are British chains and I can learn some new English words. If you use the TV in this way I agree. But, if you see GH or Geordie Shore, i think you are losing your time, this type of Realities Shows try to catch the attention with a bad behaviour, drugs, sex.. A lot of people now a days see these programs and the worst thing is that they want to be like them. It’s embarrassing. I disagree with that because the teenagers who are easy to convince try to imitate this behavior. In my opinion, you only should use the TV with responsibility.

  17. I think that the TV has a lot of cons and pros,because the TV isn’t just for waste time watching the TV Series and changing channels without any reason.The TV has a lot of benefits like watching the news and find out what happens in the world.
    In my case,I watch the TV from time to time, and I watch series like The simpson,Jersey Shore and many more and programms like Discovery Channel,Xplora,Neox and more.
    Is important that you control the time you spend in front of the tv because if you spend a long time in front of the TV could be harmful to you.

  18. Kevin Castro Fariña 2ºBto A

    Television has many cons and pros, but the position depen who speak, same in the video the man was disagree and the woman was agree. In my case, I don’t think the television is well good or a and bad influence, it depend the program which you watch for example: the documentaries, the quiz which use cultural questions or the news are the kind of program I consider really well TV programs, but in the spanish TV there are many garbages programs same the realities, the gossip programs, give nothing interesting to the viewers. I think same garbages programs are useless, but they give a lot of money because the people haven’t got the culture necessary to know this programs are stupid and useless.

  19. Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 2ºB Bach

    Well, I am going to will list the pros and cons of television.
    From my point of view, there are more cons than pros, but we can find variety.

    First, the cons of the TV are:
    – Junk programmes that no one should see, because they don’t show a good education and neither interest.
    – Watching TV a long time can cause big problems.
    – Children can learn things that influence their behaviour.
    – Many people watch some programmes that can cause addiction. People don’t do more important things because they watch TV.
    – Much advertising.

    Second, the pros of television are:
    – Programmes that teach you interesting things and you can learn.
    – It has variety of channels, for children or adults.
    – You can be informed of what happens every day in your city.

    In my case, I use the TV properly, because I usually look for interesting programmes, I watch things I like, such as football matches or any series. I am not of this type of people who are on the couch watching TV six hours. I usually watch TV two hours a day, though some days I don’t watch it because I have to study and do homework.

    In conclusion, television has its pros and cons, but the person who can make a good use of it will not have any problems.

  20. In my opinion, I think the television is so bad in spain, the televisions company just think in their benefits and the programs which give this benefits are ”trash on TV”. The worst of all, the people like so much this kind of programs, but not all is bad, there are also many programs are good like documentaries or series of laughter. Unfortunatly abound ”tras on TV”. Adult have to think the best for their children even for themselves, because the kids have better learning with programs like ”National geographic channel” or ”Discovery channel”, these channels open mind’s kids to interesting question about life.

    TV has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage that we can see are:
    Entertainment and Laughter or Information and How-To, I think these are main advantages, you can learn too much about present issues or something in particular or just you need take away the stress with laughter programs.

    The main disavantage are:
    Health problems. This is true because always we related to see some films or series with food, pop corn, chips, etc…

  21. Nerea Díaz Pérez

    Well, for me, watching television is interesting because you learn at the same time you having fun but as with everything. Also there is something bad that trash programs. Regarding to the advantages I think the TV might be a means of entertainment, howewer, I think there are a lot of disadvantages on television because we find trash programs that the people shout and abuse at the same time with children’s series with violence and abuse. Also, we can find programs that are the opposite as “El Hormiguero” and the news.
    Finally, I think that watching TV is something good but we should be conscious of what we see and what is not.

  22. On the debate of television, I think both parts are right in a certain way. On the one hand, television is good for people because it makes them involved of what is happening in the world, it brings to our homes information from everywhere in the world, so this is a possitive fact. People who watch television have the advantage of knowing what is happening in the world or in their own countries or cities. However, it’s important to be careful and to check the information we get from the medias, especially in politics issues, because most of the medias tool are controlled by any politic party or any ideology, so information might be manipulated.
    On the other hand, watching television may has some disadvantages. When you look to TV offers, you immediately realise that lots of programms which just offer things with no importance. More over, there are many realities whose main aim is having arguments by taking out personal information or by coexistence problems, so I think this kind of TV programms not just aren’t interesting but also it contaminate people mind.
    So, my advice to people is to enjoy of the resource TV is, bus in a moderate way, watching the programms they like but being critical and being conscious of what they’re watching and the consequences it may has.

  23. Natacha Méndez 2ºA

    The increase of new technologies in recent years has allowed people can have more facilities, one of them is the TV. Like all things, TV has advantages and disadvantages. Instead of doing productive things like read books or spend more time with the family, people prefer spend much hours watching the TV. Maybe, that’s the reason why people think that it’s addictive.This fact is harmful for people. The TV has many channels with different programs throughout the day, in this way people can watch some of them at any time and it can be the reason why people watch it for hours. The television offers us different programs for all ages, however, not all are educational and good for children. I think the worst channel for children is MTV. Because of the maturity of teenagers, they usually imitate those behaviors they see. In this way, MTV offers very bad programs for children and teenagers. Some of them are Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore and Gandía Shore, in which the life of participants revolves around alcohol and sex. Maybe many people think that they are funny because of the things they do, but the reality is that they are very scandalous programs for the society. This kind of programs should be watched only by adults. If teenagers watch them, they can imitate their behaviours and they can start to drink alcohol very young. Besides, sometimes they begin in the afternoon. They should start about at eleven or twelve o’clock because children usually are sleeping at these hours. In the case of Teen Mom, it’s a program that show us the reality of to have a baby, how hard it is, but it can cause that young girls decide to have one, a decision that I’ll never understand. Because of this, to watch these programs we should be maturity.On the other hand, MTV also offers us positive things, like music and others funny reality shows. In this way, parents must have a control about what their children watch on TV.
    Apart from the disadvantages, TV has good things. As it has very different channels, you can see what you want at any time and if you don’t like some program you can change the channel. For children, there are a big variety of cartoons. The most important program of the TV can be the news. We can have information about what’s going on in the world. There also are discussion programs about the politics. We can learn a lot of interesting topics. The TV show us documentaries about animals, plants, history, so on. For example, the program Discovery Channel teaches us how to make some things, at the same time it also provides documentaries. People usually watch the TV because they can spend good moments with their friends, eating popcorn and watching films, series or football matches for hours.
    We can spend good moments with the TV, if we do a reasonable and responsible use of it.

  24. Andrea Pérez Quintana. 2º A bto.

    The Tv has got a lot of advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, it has more disadvantages than advantages.

    Between the advantages we can highlight the following:
    – There are several educational programs which we can learnt.
    – You can learnt most vocabulary.
    – It is a great entertainment.
    – The tv sometimes shows educative messages like “Say no to the drugs”, “Care the environment” etc.
    – With the news you can know the situation in all the world.

    Well, there are the most important advantages, now I go to explain the most important disadvantages:
    – The Tv shows excesive violence.
    – Some programs use bad language (insults, for instance).
    – The children mimic all what they see in Tv, and most part of it is a bad example for them.
    – Currently, most of the tv programs are directed to young people.
    – Some programs of tv don’t defend the people privacity.
    – The reality shows of tv are programs in which producers make people involved in them act in a particular way, so it isn’t entirely “reality”.
    – There are a lot of tv programs that are addictives and you spend your time in watch this programs, and then you haven’t time to do other things.

    So, there are a lot of relevant advantages and disadvantages, and we would should think if the tv benefit us or not.. in my opinion, it depends on the use that we give it, but knowing the uses and programs broadcast today, watch tv doesn’t benefit us.
    Some important vocabulary:

    Imitan = mimic.
    Está dirigido a = It are directed to.
    Manera particular = Particular way.
    Entirely = totalmente, del todo.
    Emitir = broadcast.

  25. Andrea Sophia Sánchez Ramírez 2ºBach B

    Well, we all watch TV, and we all know that it has some advantages, and also some disadvantages, although we ignore them most of the time. In my opinion, I think everybody knows the cons of watching TV, but they never feel identified with them. But TV doesn’t have only cons, it also has pros.

    Some pros of watching TV could be:

    – Learning new things -> We can learn things watching documentaries, game shows, contests,… Watching these kinds of programs our memory can improve and we can learn things. And I think these programs aren’t boring, so there is no excuse for not watching them.

    – Spending time with our family and friends -> We can sit all together to watch some programs or movies and enjoy with them.

    – Being informed of what happens every day -> We can be up to date thank to the news, so we can know the things that are happening all around the world, and also, the weather, government issues, etc.

    – And finally, being entertained -> I think that that’s the first thing that people look for.

    And on the other hand, I think some of the cons of watching TV could be:

    – We can become a lazy person -> Being all day lying on the couch and wasting our time, could become a serious problem, because for example, all the students have homework, and if they waste their time watching TV instead of doing the homework, they will get used to it, and become lazy, and if this happens, another thing they won’t do, will be sports, so they will get fat and even become obese. So that’s the reason why becoming a couch potato can be a serious problem.

    – There are some channels that only insist on buying things -> The shopping channels try to convince you to buy some things, that, almost always, we don’t need, so we waste time watching those programs, and also money buying those things.

    – And finally, in my opinion, the reality shows are also programs that should be removed from the TV, because it gives people a wrong image of some things of the people’s ordinary life and they can be influence by it.

  26. As all we know in life, everything always has a positive side and another negative side. And this also happen when we talk about TV and while we find many advantages, we all know that television also has clear disadvantages, and sometimes these last ones are more important and influential for the society than the advantages.
    Nowadays, in all households there are at least two televisions and both parents and children spend several hours each day in front of it in their spare time. But the problem is found when we stop to analyze what kind of programs are televised currently and for which kind of audience are directed.
    From morning until night, we can find all kind of programs, from cartoons for children to documentaries about science and history for the most interested, through quiz show such as “Pasapalabra”, “Atrapa un millón” or “Lo sabe no lo sabe”. Programs that have a positive influence on all its public and that helps to educate our society. Recently, several programmes have been created for trying to report, in a more simple and straightforward way about what happens in our contry currently, telling us every day about the political and corruption issues that threaten our government and our monarchy. These programs are also positive for society, because they are focus on the reality of Spain and show us the true face of the world.
    However, there are other programs that are true ballasts for society. These programs are a clear example of the terrifying ignorance that abounds in our country. Moreover, many of them are televised in children’s schedules and it negatively influence on young minds. And the worst thing is not that we can find them at all hours. The worst thing is that all we have sat unconsciously to watch them in more than one occasion. “Jersey Shore”, “Sálvame”, “Big Brother” are examples of this kind of programmes that I’m talking about. If such programs disappeared, many people would watch television as they did before and we would all be a little bit more educated.


    TV is nowadays one of the most used ways of communication. Through TV we can watch different kinds of programs, such as news, films, documentaries…, because it has a lot of variety, but we have to know that TV is not always beneficial for us. TV has disadvantages that we should know too.

    On the one hand, I think that TV is not so bad in Spain. There’s a lot of variety of programs we can choose. Not only you have “serious” programs, but also you can choose entertainment programs. For instance, Pasapalabra is a program in which you can learn thousands of words. Moreover, El Hormiguero is a way of entertainment, but also you can learn things related to chemical.

    On the other hand, I think that TV is not good in our country. I think so because there are a lot of trash programs in Spanish Television. There are programs which are not appropriate for us because they don’t teach us anything interesting. Also, I think that we should be careful with some programs, because they are not appropriate for children and this kind of programs could influence on their behaviour.

    For all this reasons, I think that TV has advantages and disadvantages as all the things in our life. So, I think that we should watch television in a moderate way and knowing what to choose.

  28. In my country, most people watching TV. Depending on the program you see, this can be good or bad aspects. Some Pros and Cons of watching TV are:
    In first place we are entertained by shows we love to watch. We laugh at things we find funny and comical in the TV program we are watching. Also we learn a lot of information about places. There are travel shows that show us beautiful places in the world and inform us the culture of different countries.
    In second place Watching TV is a great way to bond with family and friends especially on weekends.
    Eating junk foods while watching TV isn´t good for our health, because we eat a lot while we are sitting down facing the television and this can lead to obesity. Also this can also lead to other serious ailments caused by eating a lot and moving less.
    Finally, there are TV programs that do not teach good values to children and watching TV can be addictive.

  29. Alejandro Glez Alonso 2ºBach A

    Like everything in life, television has advantages and disadvantages.
    One of it’s main advantages is that it entertains and amuses us. Documentary programs such as Curiosity or Mythbusters on The Discovery Channel, are programs that really make good television, and not other programs like Jersey Shore or Big Brother that show us the ignorant side of our society.
    A major disadvantage of television (at least in Spain) is that many of the broadcasters are manipulated by the government. This causes the information to not be 100% reliable, due to the fact that it has been manipulated so that it is in favour of the ruling party.

  30. Well, for most people watching TV is an enjoyable way to spend time. But you can spend your time on TV, watching several programs or series, and dependent of this could have positive or negative aspects.
    Now, many people have a television, and the number of programs has increased. Consequently, because of TV you may neglect other activities that need doing. Well, I’m going to say some positive aspects about TV.

    In first place, you can debate with your friends or other people about some program. TV can help you to relate socially.
    On second place, other positive aspect is that television can also be informative and educational. Most of these programs teach and educate people, help to open up our mind. Also, news is very important because it reports people about what is happening.
    However, there are also a lot of television shows that are not very educational, and could even be considered trash. Reality shows, for example, offer nothing of any worth to the audience, yet people see them.
    People get hooked on shows which are unnecessary and concentrate mostly on issues of sex and violence. Some people say that watching violence on TV makes children more violent; I don’t know if this is certain but if we get used their to see violence, it makes sense that we would become desensitized to it.
    Even though there are many negative aspects, many people enjoy too much of watching TV to reduce the amount of hours they watch. And it is clear that if we don’t do anything, they continue to produce trash programs.

  31. Miriam Díaz Perdomo 2ºBACH-B

    I think that the television has pros and cons depending to way that you use it. I like watch TV but I don’t hook. I watch TV because it is very funny. Although there are programs that I don’t like as Big Brother, Gandía Shore…This kind of programs give bad influence the society because in these programs there are fights, abuse… In my opinion this kind of programs are the desadvantages of the TV. But all the programs aren’t like this for example The simpsons, “Atrapa un millón”…These programs are very funny because I watch these programs. Also the news are very important because it reports the people about what is happening. The TV isn’t bad but TV has programms that it is appropiate for the children although there is a child time but in all the channels a child time doesn’t comply. In my opinion should put educational programms and remove trash programs like “Sálvame”,Big Brother… The TV has been a breakthrough for the world but nowadays The TV is provoking desadvantages in the society. Also there are channels very interesting like discovery channel, national geogaphy… but other channels like “Telecinco” where there are always gossip programs.

  32. Andrea Díaz García 2º Bach A

    Well, I think that it’s easy to see the advantages and pros of the TV, but we have to know that TV has disadvantages too. In our country, there are people who say that TV is a good tool, because they consider it educational if it’s used properly. But also, there are other people who think that it is harmful due to some of its contents, which are not appropriate for people and much less for children.

    First of all, I think that in Spain, all the households have at least one television, so children, teenagers and adults watch television every day. This situation can be beneficial for us because through television, we can learn new things that we didn’t know before. Also we can assimilate things more easily because we receive the information by two senses: seeing and hearing. Finally, I think that we can have a good time with our family or friends watching TV too.

    But we have to know that TV is harmful too. In our country, there are programs which should not be broadcasted, for instance Gandía Shore. Many times people tend to imitate those who are in programs like these, especially children and teenagers, because they see them as role models. This is a dangerous situation because the behaviour of people who are in this kind of programs is only based on drinking, going out, fighting, sleeping…
    Also I think that TV is harmful because people who watch TV for a long time don’t do exercise, they do not go out with friends, they don’t do their homework, they don’t communicate with their family…

    To sum up, I think that television is very addictive so, it should be watched a few hours a day and you should watch programs appropriate for your age.

  33. Mónica Hinojosa Barbuzano 2ºB Bach

    Well, the truth that since I was very young the television was an influence on me, but I didn’t saw programs on television, I only used to display the Disney movies on VHS… But I have a vague recollection of television and the truth that 10 years ago was something very different from what it is now, TV is getting increasingly worse, there are more trash programs like reality shows, gossip programs… that children watch every day.
    Under my criterion there are millions of television channels, and very good and interesting channels, as Discovery Max, La Sexta, Xplora… and in other television networks there are very good programs, each person owns their actions and they choose what they want to view.
    Depending on the occasion, of people who are around us, we can see a type of program, the failure of society is that the not have in mind, and most of parents buy their children a TV and then there not monitored what they see, and then come the bad consequences.
    Yes, is true that there are no longer so many children playing in the street, I’m witnessed it and I’m very disappointed because they are removing part of the most beautiful life: childhood.
    In conclusion, I believe that television nowadays is not so bad. If we know to search we’ll find a great diversity of channels and we’ll know to delete the trash channels, as well as restrict the youngest of the house to see junk programs. In my opinion the junk programs exist, and in large quantities, because a lot of society sees them, so they are the biggest culprits.

  34. I´m going to talk about what i think about tv.
    the TV is a object that serves to capture our attention. if you watch the tv for a lot of time, the tv could be damaging to all.
    The Tv is entertained but people abuse it.
    There are programs funny and educational that you can watch. There are other that don´t use a good vocabulary.

    I like funny programmes, films and documentary . I think that documentary are educational and some films are interesting .
    I don´t like the soap opera , reality show or gossip programs. I think that this programmes use a bad vocabulary and it aren´t appropiate for a society .
    Another thing that i hate about TV are commercials because there are too many commercials . it last long and I´m bored

    The Tv have a lot of things bad but also it have a lot of thing good . One of the good things about television are the news. the News are a important program for everyone. I think it’s one of the most positive things that have television.

    In my opinion , the childrens should watch TV but with a time limit .
    they can watch the cartoons because they are childrens and they need entertained with something fun but I would make sure that those cartoons were educational.
    Also the childrens should differentiate what is right and what is wrong on TV.

    In my opinion each person can watch and do what you want but you should know the pros and const that have the TV.

  35. Moisés Péres Mora

    Well, for me, watching television is usually something very funny, because, I use it to relax when I have had a hard day. When I watch TV, not only I always watch news, series, or reality show but also I watch cartoons or programs like “ahora caigo” or “increíbles”. Regarding to the advantages and desadvantages of the television, I think the advantages could be for example, the TV is a means of communication, also you can learn a lot of watching programs like documentaries or also you can relax watching TV with your family… However I also think, there are a lot of desadvantages on television, like some programs for child with a lot of violence or hard scenes and the “child time” isn´t respect in our country in my opinion, or also the people who last all the time watching TV and don´t do more activities…
    Finally, for me, watching TV is something good but you have to be conscious with the programs you watch and the time you take for that.

  36. Alejo Daniel Medina Gallardo 2ºBachillerato B

    In my opinion, the television is one of the conditions that form our personal character. The television us contribute positively in certain occasions, as for example when we saying a documentary. Also there is that to say that the television not only have aspects positive, but also have aspects negative as the junk TV.

    For other part, the television us inform of the events that occur in the world, etc. The television is present for all the world, and is obvious that is the medium par excellence.

    In conclusion, the television is good if do a use responsible.

  37. Estefanía Guanche, 4ºA

    I’m going to talk about Tv.
    I usually watch police series, comedies, cartoons like The Simpsons, American Dad…I used to watch Gandía Shore, but now this reality show finished. I watch these programs because I enjoy watching it. I don’t like soap operas, documentaries, chat shows…because they are boring.
    In my case, I only watch Tv from time to time. I watch it when my favourite series are on the Tv, so I watch it about one hour.
    I think Tv for children is good, if they watch it a couple of minutes, because if they watch Tv many hours, they are making them waste their time. Nowadays Tv isn’t educational, because there are a lot of “strange” and rudes programs, and a lot of them have an inappropriate vocabulary, content…So I think some programs should be banned. There are few programs that are educational, like cartoons, in which the children learn to count, to read…
    In my opinion, the commercials are boring and they are making us waste our time. I hate when I’m watching some of my favourite programs and the commercials come. They last a lot of time!!!!!!!!!

    I think that we only watch Tv when it was necessary.

  38. Well, the Pros and Cons of Television I think is a theme that we all know. There have been some psychologists who are appear on TV talking about the Cons of watching TV for a long time, every day and to see something that doesn’t matter.
    First, I’m going to write about these Pros and Cons and my opinion about watching TV. So, the Pros of Television are:
    -It has a lot of channels with different programs. You can choose the program you want to see and to do it you only have to change the channel, that’s an advantage for someone who wants something interesting like news or someone who is bored and he or she wants to watch something entertainment like a film.
    -It’s the mass media most used. Most of people have one or several TV set on their houses and that’s important when it’s happening something interesting and we all have to know it.
    -It has some channels adapted to different ages. For example children can put “Disney Channel” on their TV to see cartoons, teenagers can put “MTV” to hear songs or to watch different programmes, and adults can put “Channel 5” to watch the news or sport programmes.
    -It has some educationals programmes to teach people things related with nature, human life or even to teach people things related with the history of a country. Sometimes these educationals programmes are called “Documentaries”
    -An important advantage of TV is: it’s not discriminate anyone. It means that it doesn’t insult other cultures or poor people. You can watch TV without feeling that you’re excluded.

    Cons of TV:
    -It also has trash programmes that none should watch because they only show bad manners and bad vocabulary. People who usually go to these kind of programmes to talk about their opinion, are not polite and we mustn’t do the same. Also these programmes talk about something that doesn’t matter.
    -People who have troubles with alcohol, drugs or violence shouldn’t see all programmes TV broadcast because most of cases they continue with these troubles.
    -Children also can learn bad manners if they learn to do the same they watch. I said before people with troubles and these people start with their problems since their childhood, and in the most cases these troubles started with bad manners of television or watching it in another place.
    -Watching TV for a long time every day can produced several troubles to our bodies. You can become obese if you only watch TV and without doing exercises.
    -Sometimes TV broadcasts adult programmes in a child time and that’s a problem because sometimes they haven’t an appropriate contents
    -TV has a lot of false commercials. They try to sell you a product that is totally different when you buy it and that’s a fraud.

    Well, I have written about Pros and Cons of TV in general because I think TV is used in the same way in all countries and I think we can change that. We should use TV in a healthy way that means:
    -You should watch TV for a short time
    -You should watch programmes adapted to you age
    -You shouldn’t watch trash programmes, only films and documentaries.


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