Shakira’s Speech at Oxford University

Conocemos a Shakira como una artista de éxito a nivel mundial, pero, en esta ocasión,  se aleja de los escenarios habituales para hablar ante unos 400 estudiantes en la Universidad de Oxford, su discurso gira en torno a la democratización de la educación. Intenta  seguirlo en inglés,    también cuentas con la ayuda de los subtítulos en español.

Ahora repasa este corto documental de la Fundación Pies Descalzos de Barranquilla en Colombia. Ver aquí.

También Shakira muestra su lado más solidario en este otro vídeo apoyando una campaña contra la pobreza.


32 Respuestas a “Shakira’s Speech at Oxford University

  1. Jacqueline Navarro Cabrera

    Shakira is a famous singer, but also she is a good person. She is a good person because she uses her fame to help poor children and she worries for them. She understands the situation of these children because she born a humble country (Colombia). For this reason Shakira has created the fundacion “Pies Descalso” order to give a chance to these children and give them an education so that they have a better future.

  2. Everybody know that shakira is one of the best singers in this moment,but Shakira shows her most solidary part through a speech realized in Oxford University.In this video, shakira talks about a democratization of education and the opinion that she has on this.She is doing a good collaboration with the children that dont have access to a some school,and she decided create a foundation to help these children without education.Personally,I am surprised with the solidarity shown by Shakira.

  3. It’s amazing the solidary side that Shakira shows with his foundation “Pies Descalzos”; providing education to the most needy in Colombia.
    She said something that has attracted my attention; she said that our minds will change the world. Also it’s true what she says: the best is yet to come; and she is helping to make this happen with her foundation.

    Also, I’m impressed with how with only 18 years, Shakira has created this organization. She has created schools in poor areas; also she has transformed the lives and minds of children and parents.

    Finally, she is very clear with the importance of education in our society, and sincerely, I agree with her. The truth is that she has done a great job with her foundation and I would like that more people did things like this.

  4. Andrea Sophia Sánchez Ramírez

    Shakira is giving a speech at the Oxford University and she is talking about the key for a better future, which must be a democratization of education.
    With a democratization of education people can continue progressing, improving their intelligence, changing the way of thinking and seeing things, and looking for that future that we all want. Shakira says that the youth is who will make that change, so that’s the reason why we need education to go on. But one of the problems is that not all the people is or will be able, to access at the university. But Shakira doesn’t give up. She talks about her own experience, where in her country the education was a luxury, and not a right. Parents tried their best so that their children could go to school, but “if one was born poor, one was destined to die poor”. So, Shakira has been fighting for the education since she was 18 years old, because she thinks that’s the solution for this situation. She created a foundation which creates schools in those places where there is a lot of poverty, so that she can help to change the life of those people. Also, she gives food to those schools, so that it can be a way to fight against the child malnutrition.
    Also, she says that the education can improve the security, the economy, peace and global stability.

  5. Shakira´s visit to Oxford was a wonderful experience for the students and her. It must have been maravellous to stand in such a wonderful building full of history and talk to brilliant young students about your dream for the future. Shakira did not go to the Oxford Union to sing or dance for the students, she went to talk about how important education is. She stated that it was a right that everyone should have and it should be available for people all over the world. She spoke about her native Columbia, about how the poor children were eventually getting schools built in their villages. She also spoke of a charity called Barefoot which helps the less fortunate in Columbia, people who have lost everything are given shelter in community schools.
    She stated that education is the key to the future a necessity for all, many things can be overcome by education.

  6. Mónica Hinojosa Barbuzano 2ºB

    Shakira is a Colombian artist known around the world for her peculiar voice and her wonderful dance. In my opinion, she is a great model to follow, not only because she’s famous, but also because she’s famous and a great person, because with the foundation “Pies Descalzos” she’s fighting to provide to those who don’t have access, an worthy education. She not only collaborates with education, but also for children who live in poor areas, gives food them.
    The truth that she has done a great job because education is very important, because children will be the future workers and they must be well prepared.
    I congratulate all those celebrities with the money that they earn in this profession helps to the most needy.

  7. Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 2ºB Bachillerato

    Firstly, we all know Shakira is a great artist and also well known worldwide, but she is also a great person who thinks about others.

    Secondly, Shakira’s Barefoot Foundation is amazing, as it feeds poor children, provides education … The work she has done and is still doing is huge and also spectacular. I hope that this foundation is forever, as these children could solve the problems in the world .Thanks to her, a lot of children have the opportunity to learn and to eat.

    Thirdly, in my opinion, Shakira should be very proud of herself for this act of charity, because most of the famous people do not do this kind of things. From my point of view, having been born and lived in Colombia were the influence to undertake this act and fight for the rights of others. All these kids and parents will be forever grateful.

    Finally, I agree with Shakira on that the solution is education, as it promotes global peace and stability and also speed up our evolution. However, we must have the rights and resources in order to get it.

  8. Andrea Pérez Quintana. 2º A bto.

    The colombian singer Shakira is well known internationally, but what few people know is that she has a foundation, the “Pies Descalzos” fundation, with which helps many Colombian people. With these documentaries Shakira shows her most human side, showing that it isn’t only an artist, but also its objective is to help the people of your country to have, at least, an acceptable life. One of her main projects is that all children can get a good education without to be people with lots of money.
    In her speech at the University of Oxford, she tries that all the people realize the important work that she makes and the great relevance of education in current society.
    Education is a priority, but it is shaped by the economic condition of the people. Education should be something what everyone can access.

    (Shaped: Condicionado, determinado)

  9. adan de la rosa lugo 2ºB

    In my opinion, Shakira is an example of woman fighter with an amazing gesture of altruism. Her fundation” Pies descalzos” try to give a dignified education to chidrens in underdeveloped countrie; this is a pretty action and is something that more countries should start doing.On the other hand, i think the education is not the only wat to boost a society becouse they need to eradicate other problems like femine or bad health.

    Furthermore, we need to change our indivudual and selfish viewpoint, not only for the globalization but also because our world ig is becoming a very small world and we need to move forward solidarity as a species

  10. Alejandro Cruz García 2º Bachillerato A

    Shakira in this video shows its best side, she gives this lecture at the University of Oxford and she tries to explain its view on poverty, hunger and lack of education that children suffer in the world. She is one of the most important artists of the moment.
    But the fame has not prevented him to continue with the goals it set when she was 18 years old. Because when she was that age, she decided to create her own foundation in Colombia. Shakira created Discalced Feet Foundation, a foundation that focuses on providing quality education and proper nutrition to needy children in Colombia.
    This foundation is responsible for the construction of schools in areas of extreme poverty, which function as open centers for the community. In addition, schools are providing food for the children stay in school and thus there is decrease malnutrition among students. This is achieved by transforming the lives of children and their community. During her speech she makes special mention of his country, in which education was a luxury and not a right. A country characterized by social inequality, with poverty and hunger.
    I think these acts of generosity and solidarity kindly reveal the character of Shakira. I honestly was not aware of these actions we did it and have given me great joy, because it shows that there are people who have come to the world famous and not forget his humble origins, their culture and their compatriots.
    These acts are carried out according to her are an investment in the future, as they help the economic, social and political world and adequate human evolution, and therefore are not acts of charity.
    Shakira believes the solution to our problems is education. According to her access to education will break the cycle of poverty that exists in the world. And I believe in the same ideals as her, because without a doubt are the ideals that advance to the world’s societies.

  11. Ander Santiago 2ºBachiller

    After watching the video 2 times, I still think that Shakira is not only an artist, she is a great person. In this video we can see that she really cares about others and also worry that all those who suffer because of different reasons may have the opportunity to grow as a person. In this video she tries to engage people in a real problem that can lead to a worse world. She makes a series of relations between different problems today, concluding that if a person had the opportunity to have an education, he would get very favorable consequences. Clearly, if the world wants to evolve, we have to do together, and nobody can be left behind. In my opinion, Shakira gave the solution to eliminate many of the problems of the world, but I think that the solution is not as easy as it looks, because in most cases where children have no education is because of the culture of that place

  12. Tamara Alonso León. 2ºA Bachto.

    When I was a child Shakira was my idol and I am admired with her yet. Personally, I knew this part of Shakira before I saw the video. Her word makes me believe in a better future. I want to study pharmacy because I want to go an ONG, a volunteer organization. People like Shakira give me the strength to believe in me, because she make me feel that I can become like her. It’s awesome that, now a day, with the crisis, the government think about don’t lost more money and nobody think in the poor people. I love Shakira because she doesn’t care where she is from and most famous invent their lives. One of the most important things is that she won all that she has with her own work. She lived in a poor country, however, she was able to be great. t. It’s exciting; I hope she gets all her dreams.

  13. Daniel Khabbaz González 2ºB

    This video has really surprised me. I personally didn´t know very much about Shakira and this video has made me realize what kind of person she is.
    In my opinion, more than a singer, she is a fighter. These kind of people are who will change the world into better. People like her is what the society needs.
    I totally agree with all of what she says in the lecture, which I think was perfectly exposed thought the english language isn’t her mother tongue.
    Otherwise, I hope that people understand what she wants to say. Our society must realize that our future is up to the new generations that are coming on. Young people are what the world will be formed by in our future. If we want to change the world we have to change people´s mentality. And, education is the actual and only tool to do this.

  14. Natacha Méndez 2ºA

    Many people knows who is Shakira because she has been a great artist for all these years with an amazing musical career. However, she’s not a great artist only because of her songs, she also promotes her own foundation, called La Fundación de los Pies Descalzos. In this way, she fights to get a better future for the world, without famine or injustices. As she says in this speech, she also lived in a poor country with terrible conditions, so she was a victim of this poverty situation. Through her own experience, she was aware that this situation needed to change and she decided to help people. Many kids, who live in bad conditions, can go to the school and to have the opportunity to learn things, instead of being recruits for the drug trafficking. For the singer, the money isn’t the most important thing in the world, when the reality is that many people are dying in each second and every moment. This is what we should worry about. Shakira thinks the change starts with the democratization of the education, because it’s a way to change the life and the minds of the kids and the community and at the same time, to guarantee the peace and a global stability. She tries to make people aware that this situation can improve if everybody fights for the world that we deserve. Although she’s a famous person, she worries about the society.

  15. Bárbara Riente

    Shakira is one of the most famous singer in addition, she’s known for her dance. She uses her fame to help children who don’t have the same opportunities as us, Because she comes from a very humble city of Colombia and knows what this may involve them children, not having a good education. Pot that Shakira has created the Fundacion Pies Descalsos, to thus be able to inspire the little ones to have a good education for their future. Unfortunately, in the era in which we live there are still many third world countries that don’t have these benefits, thanks to people like her makes possible a better world, and that decreases illiteracy cup that is in the world, especially in countries not developed or very poor.

  16. Alejandro Glez Alonso 2ºBach A

    Shakira in this video shows us her best part of herself and he tries to convince the people who went to her conference that the education promotes not only the knowledge of a person but also promotes a economic development (about the money spent for the education of the children will be returned in adulthood and with interest, that is, if you invest a dollar, you will gain 16 dollars). Also, I think that she has done this conference to start a fight against the illiteracy and to open eyes to the world of reality in which we live.

    • Alejandro Glez Alonso 2ºBach A

      Shakira in this video shows us her best part of herself and she tries to convince the people who went to her conference that the education promotes not only the knowledge of a person but also promotes a economic development (about the money spent for the education of the children will be returned in adulthood and with interest, that is, if you invest a dollar, you will gain 16 dollars). Also, I think that she has done this conference to start a fight against the illiteracy and to open eyes to the world of reality in which we live.

  17. Flavio Correa Alfaro 2ºbto A

    I think what Shakira does is very gratifying for her, because she is helping to many people who need it a lot, and specially to many kids without the possibily to study or just to live a normal life as in our developed countries. This kind of thinking is getting more popular slowly, many famous are giving part of their money to the charity, what, in my opinion, it is very great.
    They may just do it to get more famous and get the status of “GOOD PERSON”, but in the case of Shakira, I think the solidary is a big part of her.
    I would like to have too many money to be able to help to everybody, but I don’t have right now, so I want to get a great job so that in the future I be able to help to everyone who needs it.

  18. Many famous people should be like Shakira, because she knows the power of conviction that celebrities and famous people have to change people’s attitudes. She takes advantage of her job, she does a lot of speech around the world to raise awareness about the democratization of education or whatever negative issues in the world like: the famine, homeless, etc… So I think that Shakira is a very beatiful person, because she always tries to help people who are in bad conditions to live. Is true that, Shakira and all kind of people to make this work, they have taken a step foward so now, it’s our turn to act because is useless to these people give a speech and they try to raise awaresness if we don’t act. We can act like Shakira says, we can help by donating food, money, clothes to foundations for poor people but above all, the parents have to give a education and feed for their children, because they will be the ones who will lift the world in the near future.

  19. Álvaro López

    I think this is a good iniciative against the poverty that all the people should do. No matter the colour of your skin or where you come from, only matter that there are people dying that is what Shakira is trying to explain and those people that they don´t have money to eat neither have money to learn. And she wants to eradicate the poverty, differences between men and women. Shakira is one of the best artist in the world, and I think people like her that have a lot of money should help in this kind of actions because like Shakira said in the second video we are 6 billions voices

  20. Kevin Castro Fariña 2ºBto A

    In this video Shakira shows her most human part, she is gallant and solidary, only someone who lived her life can understand, transmit and denunciate this situation. She invests her time and her effort in change the word, rather, she tries to influence others, and join all the word to find against the poverty and get a public education.

  21. I honestly thought the video would be pretty boring but the truth is that I found very interesting to see how Shakira, the world-famous singer and dancer, give a speech for 400 pupils at the Oxford University to try to direct young people to be more supportive, now I think Shakira also is a person who is committed to children and education.
    I also think it’s great that Shakira at 18 years of age has been created the Barefoot Foundation “Pies Descalzos” for educating needy children in Colombia and that today, they continue to work tirelessly.

    Shakira talks about an uncertain future rapidly advancing. She believes that the world is necessary advance democratization of education because although we are in a society “so advanced” the reality is that there are still starving children. And these children can´t wait any longer. And we must recognize that education is fraught with future and no future without education

    Shakira tells us her personal experience as an example: She was born in Barranquilla, Colombia a poverty village in which education was a luxury and not a right. With this situation, it was normal for who was born poor, die poor, so Shakira education proposed as a solution. It also tells us that in areas of extreme poverty where education has arrived and been transforming the lives and minds of children and an entire community. He instances the lives of many children, if not for the school, have been recruited by the “guerrillas”.

    It would be nice if there were more artists like Shakira to help the needy

  22. Shakira is an artist, she is known for her music and also for her dancing. In my opinion she is doing a good collaboration because all children don’t have access an education. She has created her foundation “Pies Descalzos”, it is a important foundation. This foundation has created schools in Colombia. Shakira with this foundation not only provides education to children also the foundation give food children because the foundation created schools in poor areas. I am surprised with the solution of Shakira for the children don’t leave the school and specially with all she has done for the children. I agree with Shakira, the education is very important for the future. Children need a basic education, because the children are the future of the world. I think that other famous should create a foundation to help children, for they have a good future. The government must provide education in any country although the country is poor.

  23. Erika Fragoso 2º B Bachillerato

    In my opinion, I am amazed with the founding of Shakira, I didn’t think she was involved in a foundation. I think the work that she does is very good, and I think is a good idea that she tell the information about this foundation, because she is a very famous artist and many people love her, and for many young people she is her/his idol. She is trying that the young people know that they are the future of our world.
    I think that she must be proud of herself, because when she see that she has helped and continues helping at many children to have a better future she must feel as a good person. I think that it is very important to her because she has seen this in her country, in Colombia, since she was a child, and I am sure that all those children and families who live there will always appreciate everything what she has done.
    I think that is a great work and I think that is a very good person because not all celebrities are like her.

  24. Maria Ojeda Ortega

    Shakira is one of the most famous artists nowadays, worldwide. Despite her success, the Colombian singer has her feet on the ground and she doesn’t forget her past and where she comes from. Through this video, we can check that Shakira is also a great person, concerned about the current state of our world and especially she’s worried about education, because there are millions of children who cannot enjoy it. The singer has created La Fundación de los Pies Descalzos, and she is trying to expand education for poor and conflict countries, as Colombia is. Shakira is well known worldwide and she has used this to promote education. Shakira has also made several ads trying to sensitize people and also she tries to promote measures to overcome these problems. In conclusion, I think Shakira is not just a person with artistic talent, but also Shakira is a defender of the rights.

  25. Nerea Díaz Pérez

    We can see in the video, Shakira is giving a speech at the Oxford University, she is talking about the democratization education.
    I thinking this speech is good, as conscience to society. She talks about democratizing education, that all children have a decent education so that in the future are forward them to take out their countries. She has an association called “Pies descalzos” that helps of children rom her native, Colombia. Fine with me that an artist like Shakira talk about this team, because people will only attend if the information comes from important people.
    So, I think this confference is very good and I loved it made me think about what happens in the world without us realizing it, because we are in a bubble.

  26. Stefany Mora 2º B

    Shakira has used her fame to give new posibilities to many children and to make people aware of the inequalities concerning education.
    It is a amazing that with only 18 years old, she was able to create her own fundation.
    A realy like the name she choose: “Pies descalzos”, because is very significated.
    Such as decision demostrates courage, generosity, responsability and maturity.
    Her experience has allowed her to grow as a person.
    From my point of view, Shakira makes excelent work, especialy in making the problem visible, because there are a lot of Colombian people who ignore it.
    Finally, a would like to coment that I, as a Colombian, am very grateful about she helping children in my country.
    I wish I could help in the future too.

  27. Moisés Péres Mora

    In the first video, we can see Shakira is giving a Speech where she talks pupils of the Oxford University about the democratization of education and she explains her opinion about that. I think, this kind of speech are very good, because when an artist like Shakira is giving information to children I think they are more attentive and they understand all the information, in this case, the opinion of Shakira about the education and also she speaks about the life of a lot of children from several places in the world who don´t have a good childhood. In conclusion, she thinks, we have to eradicate poverty and make a better education in a lot of school. Well finally, I think I prefer a speech where talk famous people, because it is more interesting than a speech where some people talk about things that are sommetimes very boring.

  28. Andrea Díaz 2º A

    Everybody knows that Shakira is a great artist and she has sold millions of albums throughout her musical career, but what people don’t know is that she is an amazing person because she always tries to help and contribute to our society and our world. Shakira has created and she is in charge of an important foundation: La Fundación de los Pies Descalzos. Through this foundation, the Colombian singer tries to promote the public education for children who live in a vulnerable situation in Colombia. In this video she tries to let us know that the education can be the starting point to improve our world. Also, Shakira tells us that education should be a right for all children, because although it seems unbelievable, the education promotes the peace, knowledge or even an economic development. In this speech at Oxford University, she has shown, once again, that money is not the most important thing in our life. In this case, she tries to highlight the importance of the democratization of education. Besides this speech, we can also see her supportive side in the other video. The video is an advertisement where she shows that she’s worried about the poverty situation of the world and she tries to make us aware that it’s a preventable and an avoidable situation.

  29. In this video, Shakira give a speech for 400 pupils at the Oxford University about the democratization of education. She talked about the future of this generation, the civilization has evolved with many technological gadget that perform many of the needs that was once quite difficult to do, so she asked herself :how people will be?, which challenges will we have to overcome? and what should people do to continue progressing so fast?. Shakira explain that the democratization of education help to many poor people to get ahead and overcome barrier that is imposed of million of people. is true that also generates benefits economic because for each person who invest 10 USD in children, this children return 17 USD, also children that stay in college is more difficult to join to army, she reiterates that we should fight to the mayority of children have education. Because probably in 100 years, only rich people will be able to access education. She has a foundation call ”pies descalzos” which is responsible for the fight against poverty and all the negative issues that concern society

  30. Natacha Méndez 2ºA

    Shakira expresses her opinion about how should be the key so that people can get a better future without several problems, in a lecture to 400 students at the Oxford University. For her, this key, the great solution, must be the democratization of education. When she thinks about the past and how is gonna be our future, she asks herself about how people will be, which challenges will we have to overcome and at the same time, what should people do to continue progressing so fast? Respect to this fact, is when the democratization of the education start to have importance. With the education people will improve their intelligence and they will be able to change the way of thinking to help get a better world, to get new information, to solve our problems, so on. The doubt is, although in the last century the humanity have had many technological advances, how are we going to make progress with all the problems that there are in the world nowadays? For this, the youth will be who make the change or at least people puts faith in them. The problem is that people won’t be able to access at the university in one hundred year. In this way, people need to find different solutions for a better future, to end with the climate change and with the child malnutrition. To explain this situation, Shakira uses of example her own experience, where in her country the education was a luxury, not a right. The parents tried to do the possible so that their kids could go to the school. Where if someone was born poor, he or she died poor. However, there’s a solution for this thing, fighting for the education. At least, Shakira is what she has been doing since she was eighteen years old. Her foundation creates schools, where there is much poverty, to change the life and the minds of the kids and the community. Giving food in their schools, the children haven’t left the school or their studies. Besides, it’s a way to combat against the child malnutrition. A kid with an empty stomach, can’t learn. Children who live far from the school, have more possibilities to be recruit for the drug trafficking; but because of this kind of foundation they can access to the school.
    The universal education is the key to international security and to the economic development. The education promotes peace and global stability and only it will accelerate our evolution.

  31. Alejo Daniel Medina Gallardo 2ºBachillerato B

    Shakira stand out by be a activist person, that invariably have tried that all the children get a universal education. She have demonstrated in this speech in the Oxford University that is a charitable person with his home town, Barranquilla, but not only is altruistic with his home town, but that help to many poor persons of America of the South, África, etc. Shakira is the artist more important Latin America with more of seventy million of record sold around the world, being the most important thing is a person who, despite having a lot of money and be very famous, she very good, and struggle out of poverty for many people. She like have said in the speech in the Oxford University, his objective is that encourage a universal education that not differentiate to nobody nor for his economic capital, nor for his religion, nor for his sex, race, etc. The Foundation barefoot foots of Barranquilla is an example of his charitable actions, she that have rewarding since many years. She say in the video, all the more reason, that the education of the more littles guarantee economic profit, because but there is qualified persons in the future, an country can function to performance full.


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