British Food

british foodWhat do you know about British food? Is it similar to your country? Watch this video and compare both eating habits.
Do you follow a healthy diet? Try to leave a comment about these questions.


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  1. María López Cantero 4ºA

    First of all I’m going to say some differences:
    The motto of British people related to the meals is: Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
    •Breakfast: between 7:00 and 9:00: Most people think in eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, mushrooms with a cup of coffee when we are talking about typical British breakfast. Before it was like that, but nowadays, however, a typical English breakfast is more likely to be a bowl of cereals, a slice of toast, orange juice and a cup of coffee. (Also the first one I said before, but it isn’t usual)
    •Lunch: between 12:00 and 1:30 p.m: Here people normally eat a “packed lunch” kept in a plastic container and it consists of a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit and a drink.
    •Teatime: at 5 p.m: They drink tea with patries.
    •Dinner between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m: They usually eat pasta, rice or something light.
    In Spain is quite different:
    In Spain people normally wake up later, that’s why the rhythm of our life is different. We wake up later, we have breakfast later, we have lunch later and on and on.
    We usually eat a normal breakfast: toasts, juice, fruit, cereals, etc.
    We have lunch meat, fish, salad, pasta, rice, etc.
    We don’t have teatime but “merienda” in which we eat sandwiches, juice, fruit, etc.
    And for dinner there are two types of meals:
    -Light: if we have dinner such as we have breakfast.
    -Normal: if we have dinner such as we have lunch.
    All I have said is eaten during the week, but the week end the things change a little in both cultures:
    At week end people eat different things than usual; they like to eat special things. In Britain there are more type of restaurants from all over the world, however, in Spain there are less and the most famous are Chinese, Italian and Japanese food. (Now also the Arabian food because of the Kebabs). Another difference is that in Britain wherever you are you can see a fast food restaurant, luckily (in my opinion) in Spain there aren’t so many.
    Well… In my opinion I follow a healthy diet. Is true that I eat cookies and those things, but it isn’t bad. My mum says: It’s not what you eat but how do you eat. And she is right, it depends on the quantity you eat.
    Also I have a fruit shake for breakfast, I always eat vegetables and I don’t repeat meals, it means: If I lunch meat with rice, I eat fish with salad for dinner (for example).
    So I can say that I follow a healthy diet.

  2. British and Spanish food are very different, but I couldn’t say which of them is better.

    On one hand, British breakfast is abundant and in some way, that is good for our health because the most important meal of the day is breakfast and we have to provide many calories to our body so that they put in place. Many people think that British breakfast is only eggs, bacon, sausages, beans… but they don’t usually take that breakfast every day, they also drink milk with cereal, orange juice, bread with jam or butter…
    Spanish breakfast is also a good breakfast, maybe not as abundant as the English breakfast, but very complete. We usually have breakfast a coffee, toast with oil, jam or ham, orange juice, fritter with chocolate…

    At lunchtime the British usually take a very light meal compared with Spanish lunch. They usually take a sandwich, a fruit or some snack. However in Spain lunch is the largest meal, we usually eat two dishes (first a soup or salad and second fish, meat, pasta, rice …) accompanied by a dessert (a sweet or fruit). We lunch at 14:00 or 15:00h, but in Britain usually have lunch at 13:00h at the latest.

    The main meal for the British is the dinner, they usually prepare and eat together at home, they usually prepared pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, pizza…, the dinner is taken at 6 or 7 o’clock.
    Spanish dinner is dinner is usually light (vegetables, milk, omelet…) and is usually taken at 8 or 9 o’clock.

    I think that I follow a healthy diet, because I try to avoid sweets and fries with saturated fat, I also try to eat 4 fruits a day, and I usually distribute the meals in 5 rounds. I eat many proteins (meat, fish, milk, egg…), many vegetables, and carbohydrates and cereals too (bread, pasta, rice…) .

  3. Estefanía Guanche

    After watching this video, the English and Spanish foods are different.

    I’m going to start talking about English breakfast;
    Most of English people like the usual English breakfast: milk, toast, orange juice, coffee…But there are people that prefer the traditional English breakfast. It contains bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes and fried bread.
    In Spain, breakfast isn’t the main meal, because we usually only eat coffee, milk… the ideal breakfast is the usual English breakfast, because they eat very well. Nowadays more people eat like them.

    At lunchtime, English people have one hour to do it. They usually eat a sandwich or a snack, as they had breakfast four hours ago.
    In Spain, the lunchtime lasts about two hours, from one to three o’clock. We usually eat soup, salad, pasta, fish, meat, potatoes…even we eat hamburgers or pizza. This is our main meal.

    Most of English people buy convenience food at supermarkets; they only put it in the microwave or in the oven. Also the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding are convenience food.
    Before, most of Spanish people did they own food, but nowadays there are machines that do your food, like Thermomix. Also the supermarket offers you a lot of types of convenience food. This is because of the lack of time.

    At five o’clock, English people have teatime. They drink tea. In Spain, we have teatime. We call it “merienda”. We eat yogurts, sandwich, fruit juice, shakes…

    Usually, the main meal for English people is in the evening. It’s supper and it’s about six or seven o’clock.
    We have dinner later than English people, about nine or half past nine. We usually eat light food, such as salad, puree, boiled vegetables…

    When English people go out to eat, they usually eat the traditional food: Fish and chips. It cost 3.50 pounds. Also they eat other kinds of food, not only English food. London has a lot of restaurants of different countries, such as Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian…food.
    When Spanish people go out to eat, they usually eat fast food, Chinese, Japan, Italian, Mexican…food. I think England, in compared of Spain, has got a lot of kinds of restaurants of different countries.

    In my opinion, I think that I follow a healthy diet.
    Breakfast is the main meal of the day and we have to eat fruit, toasts, milk, cereal…because it is healthy and it helps us to start the day with energy.
    Each day at lunch, I eat a spoon course, such as soup, and fork and knife course, such as meat, and I don’t usually have dessert, only when I’m in a restaurant.
    At teatime, I have a sandwich with orange juice.
    When it’s dinner time, my family and me usually eat light food, like salad, puree…
    Often, at weekends, I eat fast food, such as hamburgers, hot dog…or fatty drinks.

  4. Well, if you watch this video or similar videos, you will see a lot of differences between two cultures from different countries. You can also can watch similar things.
    When I watched this video I was surprised because of the hours of each meal for british people. In Spain people usually have breakfast when they wake up; people usually have lunch at half past one or two o’clock; and people usually have dinner at eight or nine, but not at seven! It’s so early for us.
    In my opinion they haven’t got sufficient hours between each meal. We have more hours between each meal to be hungry each time we’re going to eat.
    I’m going to start talking about their breakfast because it’s the worst meal they have I think. The traditional breakfast contains full of fat because eggs, bacon, sausages,… are fried and this is horrible for their health. With this meal they can get cholesterol and that’s a problem.
    On the other hand they eat a lot of food during the breakfast and that’s fantastic because breakfast is the most important meal around the day. We have to start the day eating a lot to have power for the rest of the day. But it’s better if we eat a lot of healthy food instead of eating a lot of fried food.
    Now, I’m going to talk about their lunch. I can’t eat only a sandwich during the lunch because I’m accustomed to spend a lot of hours without eating between breakfast and lunch, so I need to eat more food. And I think the rest of spanish people have the same custom. But on the other hand, they don’t spend a lot of hours between breakfast and lunch so it’s normal that they aren’t hungry in the lunchtime. And if we add that they eat a lot of food in the breakfast, we will realize that is totally normal what they eat.
    Finally, the dinner. I’m really surprised because I couldn’t have dinner at six or seven, it’s too soon. At these hours I still have the lunch food in my stomach. But one more time we have to think that they have lunch at twelve or one and they spend many hours without eating so, it’s normal that they are hungry at these hours.
    Other things that are different:
    -Here there aren’t hardly any Indian or thai restaurant. Here there are more chinese and italian restaurant.
    -People usually buy food to cook it in their house, people don’t usually buy food to heat in the microwave. These kind of food are bought in special places and for a special day.
    -In Spain there aren’t places in which you can buy a combinated place to eat walking as an Ice-cream. There aren’t places in which you can buy fish and chips to eat walking.

    Well, I think I usually eat healthy food, especially at home because my dad love vegetables and he’s always cooking with vegetables and fruit. I like it too.
    But I think my problem is that I have nutritional imbalance because sometimes I don’t have lunch or I don’t have breakfast and I know that’s problem because our body needs nutrients to have power around the day.

  5. British food is very varied. every morning passes a milkmen by all houses .
    They have breakfast milk with cereals , toast, fruit juice,tea or coffee but some people prefer the england breakfast.
    They have lunch at twelve or one o’clock , the most of people only have a one hour to lunch, therefore they usually eat a sandwich or snack.
    They use a lot of the microwave .
    They have dinner at six or seven o´clock . They usually eat fish or meat with vegetables.
    The differences with Spain is that we usually have little breakfast and we have a second breakfast at midmorning. Our lunch is more later and we usually eat more. The dinner is also more later.
    I think that a healthy diet is very important because it helps you concentrate in class, to have more energy, be healthy ..
    if you don’t have a healthy diet you can suffer problems such as diseases, overweight, lack of concentration ..
    The number of children that suffer obesity has increased in recent years . this is due to poor nutrition and excessive sweets. we must have awareness of what is happening and make a solution.
    you don’t confuse healthy diet with lose weight .
    the people that usually think that the healthy diet is lose weight , think that the healthy diet is based in eat less food but this isn’t true.
    A healthy diet contains many foods with proteins and vitamins that our body needs.
    everyone should follow a healthy diet . A healthy diet is based on eating healthy foods. these foods are just as good or even better than others and it aren’t very expensive. A healthy diet doesn’t prevent occasionally you eat other food, but control yourself.


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