New Year’s Resolutions

2014 has arrived, a new year is here again. Whenever this happens new expectations and desires come to our mind. In English there is an expression which makes refrence to it, that’s “New Year’s Resolutions”,  what are yours? get better marks? or perhaps start doing any sport?,  improve your English? ……….
To introduce the topic you may read the article published in Wikipedia, then, watch the video by  Mr Duncan.


24 Respuestas a “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Estefanía Guanche

    In my opinion, there are a lot of people who wish New Year’s Resolutions and then, they don’t accomplish it. On the other hand, there are people who wish it and accomplish it.

    I don’t usually wish New Year’s Resolutions, as I always forget it, but while the year goes forward, I think on them.

    If I have to choose the first or the second group of people, I’ll choose the second one, as if I wish New Year’s Resolutions I accomplish them.

    My purposes for this New Year are:
    *To get better marks than the other years and work hard every day at the school, in karate…
    *I want to do four personal things.

    I don’t like people who don’t accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions, as I think they don’t love themselves by the fact of not accomplish them.


    Everyone tell “New year , new life”
    A new year means a new possibility to perfection, to improve , to self-improvement .
    From my point of view all of us shouldn’t be the same people , I mean that we are good this year but we should improve our self , because , it will be bad if this year don’t improve anything about our life .
    The New Year’s resolution, it’s a good way to improve us. All of us want to get better in some aspect of our life , but to propose a goal means to carry out it ; your mark doesn’t value if you don’t do any effort , if you really want to change you’ll struggle for your dream .

    This year I haven’t got much goals to get , I think that , because I don’t stop to thinking about that , well it will be the same as everyone like get a better marks , get in fit , to be more responsible …I know we should be a better person than the other year ,so , my only goal is : to be more happy and i’ll feel good if I want to get

  3. “Stop talking and start doing” that’s the key to get whatever we want this year and next years. Everything in our life costs something and I think the only fault we have is leaving our dreams thinking we won’t get them. It’s easy to stop doing everything, you would think that it’s funnier than working but you will realize that doing nothing is funny in that moment but it will became a mistake when you will want something and it will be late to get it.
    I got some of my last purposes. I got in shape and I have improved my marks, that’s the reasyn why I have a lot of good moments of the last year.
    This year I have new goals I would like to get. I would like to overcome my fears when I’m talking in front of a crowd, and I would like to be more indepent with all it means. I mean that next year I will be eighteen I think I could be more indepent in my house doing my housework and moving by myself. I think I will get it because there have been more people with the same goals and they have got it so, Why won’t I be able to get them? What I have to do it’s based on thinking about what I want to get.
    I hope you will fight for your new goals because every effort will be rewarded some day. The efforts of today will be the happiness of tomorrow.

  4. Álvaro Medina 1ºA Bach.

    Well… Has begun a new year, 2014!!!! For this new year my proposals are getting better grades in high school enjoying life since adolescence is a unique stage of life and … If you do not do crazy things at this stage when you do? When you’re 30 years? o When You’re 40?.

    On the other hand, my wishlist for this year are all my requirements and health for me and my family are met.

    I wish you a happy new year. Enjoy it!

  5. Cristian Francisco Fariña Melián

    I think that the new year´s resolutions are a good form to start the year because the last day of that year you can see if you have done the resolutions of the year, but I think that in Christmas it´s very dificult to do and if we did it on summer, for example, we would get a better result.

  6. Aitor Monje Castellano

    I think that in the new year can make many changes for example I want to study more, I want to be less vague too. I will be more work and more responsibility in the classroom this year. I have proposed to me to be healthier. I miss changes in my life. and. I think I will make it, I am going to too better person with my friends because there are very few real friends. and last year I realized it. I think more help at home…do more sport and. trying to recover from my knee lesson.
    I think the rest of my life is good and. I did not change it.

  7. I think in the new year I can make many changes in me. For exemple, I want get better in marks, and I want to be less vague too. I will be more hardworking, and more responsible in English class.
    I want this year it launches the film God of War. It will be amazing.
    So I want to get good marks in English.

  8. For the new year I intend a lot. I want to approve English and Math. I’d like to give my team champion in the league. I also like to be the best team of all the islands.
    I like to spend more time with my girlfriend. I would like to have time to go to every party. I would like not to fall any time to fight.
    I want to be more responsible.

  9. Carla Cabrera Urbano, 3ºC

    To face the new year, I want to change all the bad habits, so I will try to study more, eat less fats and I will try to do more sport.
    This year has been very interesting because I began in a new high school and I began to be more worried about my studies. In the last year, I learnt to speak more english and improve my vocabulary so, this year I want to continue to learn it and more.
    I hope to improve my marks and I want to travell to different countries.
    I hope that this year will be better because I will try to get all my goals.
    I can order thousands of desires but I really want to be happy with my family and my friends like always.

  10. Brian Jesús Pérez González

    My purpose for this year are mainly pass all subjects without any problems, be a better person, have patience and meet all my goals and desires. I would like people around me also get all your wishes and goals because we all deserve. I have also asked for my family becausenow we need a little luck to fix bad times . For my mother I asked to be more patient with me and quickly find someone who makes you happy. 🙂

  11. Estefania Exposito Gil

    In this new year, I have several purposes, for example: I want to get up to play the lute, progress in Engish and mathematics because I think if I work more,I can to have better grades although for me this subjets are the most difficults! I hope to be more presivional in everything because I always have all mork for final !
    I would like to go to Fuerteventura in this summer holidays because I love those beaches, get me very very brunette and walk in the beach when the sun goes down!
    Also I would like to go to La Palma, to Devil’s holiday because my cousin lives there and she invites me many times!!
    Finally I would be more happy if I could to help to all persons that they are passing a bad moment because of the crisis and I think if all help them a little, in this new year they could to be a little happy!

  12. of course that I have new goals for this year, there are some more important than others.
    some that are just crazy desires that i do not think that I can meet,
    and I’ve done others purposed a bit difficult to accomplish,
    but I will not lose anything to try to fulfill all my dreams for this year.

    the last year was very good to me, although it could have gone better,
    I must say that last year i failed to meet all my goals.
    but this year I will try to do my best to make it an unforgettable year.

    the first thing I want is to arrive to carnavales now,
    because it’s my favorite fiesta and last year I could not enjoy to the fullest.
    but this year I expect a lot of fun with my friends to make it unforgettable.

    the second is that I have my title. I hope a perfect graduation,
    I hope that all my calssmates and friends can spend that special day together to laugh and mourn if necessary xD
    (I usually cry when i have to say goodbay to all my class).
    also hope to find a nice dress going to attend.

    for other hand, I would like to take the opportunity here as long as possible to be with my friend Camila,
    because she’s going to Uruguay and i will not see her until next year.
    I also want to spend more time with my family, have a good relationship with my brothers,
    because we have a good relationship but it could be better.

    I would also like to be a little more responsible,
    cause i wanna for my parents trusted more in me, and so i can do more things cause last year I have a lot of freedom,
    but because of some iresponsible behaviors my mother didn’t let me do something xD jajajaja. (but was not too bad)..xD

    I would also like to start to having more habit of study in order to get good grades because next year it will be harder,
    and I have to be prepared.

    I would like to improve my English, pronunciation and vocavulario because it is a language that I like,
    i could say it’s one of my favorite subjects (but i will not say lol).
    and also improve general notes, on the last year i have good grades but could have been better,
    such as in mathematics,maybe this year i go to private lessons fence in order to improve because I’m not good at math lol xD.

    and of course I want what everybody wants, which is to win the lottery and thus be able to travel everywhere and be able to visit all my friends.

    I hope healthy for me, my family and my friends xD. 😀

  13. Jennifer Casanova Glez

    By this new year I want to approve second of high school and have good marks. To do that first I have to pass the subject of first of high school, which is biology.
    I want to graduate with my classmates in June and approve the PAU. In this way could get into college and get a degree that I like. A part of that could also discover something new in my life. If I pass the PAU, in summer I could start classes to take my driver’s license.
    I am very excited because this year I turn 18 years old, I have been a long time waiting for that moment. I would like this year, improve crisis, for many people are without job if the crisis improve, they can get a job. Also to help people who owe debts.
    Another thing I like to do this year is to learn much English, I’ve always had trouble learning and I want to know more so that in the future I can be proud of knowing a different language, and talk with other people.

  14. Alexandra Carballo

    A new year has arrived and you begin to have new goals and new expectations. They can be attainable or unattainable, but what really matters is that you put effort to get it. In my opinion, start a new year doesn’t mean that the next day everything will change … if you really want to achieve your goals, you have to really fight for them. You mustn’t leave that they will be only supposition, you have to make them true. For example, I would like travelling around the world and seeing new places but I know I can’t because I haven’t got money … but what I can do it’s start saving to travel in another year. On the other hand, I will do a hard work to pass with good marks in 2 º Bachillerato because my future depends on it. Doing the “PAU” without any difficulty and getting into my degree. I know that it’s hard work but I think I can get it. This year is an important year because I have my future in my hands, and I hope to make the right decision. Another important purpose for this year it’s to get a driver’s license. This year, I will be eighteen years old and I can get more freedom and therefore, I have to take more responsibility. Also, I would like meeting people from other countries to learn about other cultures. I think it’s interesting to meet other traditions or acquire other languages because you get more knowledge.
    Finally, I hope that this year will be a great year with new adventures to live. ^^

  15. Hi,
    My purpose for this new year is to pass course and to be university. think to ask for help to study in another country to learn more english. I also hope to focus more this year to achieve my goals.
    I hope not to leave things as I like music and salsa, this things that are important to me.
    I like to travel with my friends in the summer for some island. I don’t important island, although I would like “El Hierro” because it’s beautiful. I would like diving.
    Finally in summer I try to get the card of car.

  16. Javier Encinas Pérez

    With the New Year, people want to change and seek to improve their lives. Because, as the tradition says: “new year new life”. In my case, almost every year, I hope to change, especially in relation to my studies and my friend relationships, but then, I don’t use to do it.
    Everyone’s wish and mine too is winning the lottery, passing all the exams or winning a trip to an exotic place. Anyway, having those big expectations doesn’t help us to take away the stress and, above all, to be happy.
    On the one hand, I would like to be better in school, since last year my marks weren’t very good, and on the other hand, above all I would like to have better results in English and, for this, I need to practice more and use it in my spare time in order to improve it.
    However, throughout the year, I will be able to change some things and I will improve as a person and as a friend, although, probably, I will not realize it.

  17. Jacqueline Navarro

    I think in this new year to learn much more English than last year. Also this year I’m going to value my fellow teachers and friends, I want to get better results in the notes last quarter. I like a lot this year to get more exercise and eat healthier.
    I think this year will make an exciting year with new experiences, and that we will travel to London end of year.
    There are special years, and believes this will be one of them. 🙂

  18. My purpose for this new year is to pass everything (which I doubt), getting my driving license, start with a diet and sport, to approve the courses I failed the first secondary school, improve my English for my future, get a job holidays, try to get along with everyone … but what I want most this year is that if I pass everything, I accept the military academy.

  19. Natacha Méndez

    I think that this year will be important to me. I would like to learn more English because last years I didn’t learn much and it’s important for my future. I also would like to do more extrawork. I want that my basketball team win more matches.
    I’m very nervous because I will travel to London with my friends and my English teachers. I want to be there to see a new country, which has very nice places. Later we also have the graduation, and I think that this day will be very special for all us. It will be a night to remember.
    I hope that it will be a great year.

  20. Great!
    I think in this new year I have to start do sport, try to improve much my English and get better marks in the subjects. Try to pass all subjects in June and not have to study in the summer, so I can spend a worry-free summer.
    I want to travel to America in summer for visit my family. I would love!
    Finally I want to improve my relationship with my friends.

  21. Fabian Diaz Lorenzo

    In this new year, I think that I have to improve in various aspects for example: English. So I have set several goals for example I will improve in English because it’s important for this course. I need to pass english. Also I want better marks in this course. I want to avoid to get embarrased in public. Also I want to go out with my friends. This year I would like to get the driving license. I would like to travel to ingland or Australia.
    Finally I want everyone to achieve their goals.

  22. Virginia Robayna Hdez

    A new year has arrived and I’ve obviously thought in some New Year’s resolution to do along this year although I don’t see it the sense.
    In this New Year I would like to win the lottery and can travel to a foreign country. But New Year’s resolution must be things you want to happen and things in which you have to be prepared to work, and not only what you want to happen or an habit you just want to broke but then you aren’t strong enough to do it as it happens every year with people who want to stop smoking. So, I want to have good marks at the end of the year and can pass the “PAU” with good marks that’s why my new year’s resolution is to study hard and be organized to can do my best in the exams. Also, I want to improve my English, specially my vocabulary and my way to write.
    Moreover I think if there’s something you want to change in your lifestyle you haven’t to wait until the end of the year to decide to change it, this is the reason what I don’t really like the New Year’s resolution, because if there’s something I want to change or to achieve I only work on it and that’s it.
    Anyway, I hope this new year be a long and great year!

  23. Jennifer Pérez

    Well,in this 2011 I would like do many things.
    The first and the most important for me is get better marks,and then other things also important like spend time with my friends and my family because they are the most important thing in my life,and also travel to Englad really I can’t wait!And I would like go to the concert of my favourite singer but is a little dificult…hahaha
    I hope this year will be better than the 2010,mature and remain as I am,never change who I am,and never lose my friends.
    And always be happy 🙂

  24. Moisés Pérez Mora

    Well, I think in this new tear 2011¡¡¡, I´m going to be like in the previous year, because It was fantastic¡¡¡¡ And I will try to extract good notes to finish IT(ESO) and to spend very good moments with my friends and my family XD. Also I would like to continue promoting the new disc of my musical group(A.F.Igonce) and I hope that all my intentions go out for me well(good marks, to be happy, to spend few bitternesses :-)jejeje¡¡¡¡¡
    And I wish a happy new year 2011 to all the people¡¡¡¡¡


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