Safer Internet Day

On February 11th it’s Safer Internet Day in UK, Have a look at these two contents on the web of the British Council Learn English, some READING and a VIDEO, it’s about how to stay safe. You can read about online safety and watch a new video about cyberbullying. Once you’ve read the information and have watched the video, tell us what you think about this topic. We’re waiting for your comments!


18 Respuestas a “Safer Internet Day

  1. Estefanía Guanche

    Nowadays, I think this kind of bullying is the successful, as we live in a technological age and everyone have mobile phone, computer…and other medias to be in touch with all people around the world in a few time.

    There are a lot of bad people around the world, and they can created ridicule gossips about you, to make you feel bad.

    Let’s talk about people who do it; in my opinion (I think most people think like me, people who do cyberbullying, bullying or other acts that make feel bad people) they are bad people or they don’t love themselves, as they want other people to feel ridicule. I think this kind of people consider themselves lower than other people, so they do these acts.

    Let’s talk about people who have passed or who have passing different kind of bullying. In some cases, it could happen because upload an unsuitable picture to Internet, to tell a secret to some contact…Also, it could start because one person want you to feel ridicule, and to do it, he or she imagines a ridicule situation about you (that it’s a fake) and everyone think it’s a real situation.

    When I watched Joe’s video I feel a lot of strange feelings, as I imagined that all things that children do it to him, they are do it to me, so I feel bad.

    I’ve never been in a situation like that, and I don’t want it too, but I think the best option to people who are passing cyber bullying or bullying, it’s telling it to his or her parents, to the police…to help himself and herself!!!!!

    If I were in that case, I would have told it to my parents, as if we don’t stop the problem while we having time, the problem become big.

  2. This post is very useful nowadays because i think this theme is very common at the current society. There are many persons who aren’t concern about the danger that internet can cause us. For example: We don’t really know if the information that we share with our friends at Facebook is well saved and it would be able to be against us if it would be known by everybody.
    On the other hand, the cyberbullying is very dangerous and it’s the reason why many people are dead now.
    In some countries, the cyberbullying has overcome the personal limits and some persons have committed a suicide.

    When you meet someone on internet, you cannot be 100% sure that he is who you expect him to be as you would be if you had known him face to face.

    Besides anyone can upload some pictures which were found in internet and can tell to the others that those pictures are pictures of himself.
    This is a very complicated situation because you cannot be sure that he’s who you think about and we can be in touch with a person with another age or a boy instead of a girl….
    I’ve seen a serie called “Catfish” which is about the fake world of internet because many people get in touch with someone who is not the real and in this programme the presenter tries to verify if the other persons are real or not and it’s very interesting to see because what happens there is real.
    Then, i think one of the first steps that we have to do when we accept or when we add someone is to verify that he or she is the real person with we want to be in touch, and to be sure of that we can ask him or her through the phone if the request has been sent by himself.
    Hence, i think that we have to be aware about what we are posting on internet because it could be used against us in the future, so the best thing we can do is just tell the important things to the persons when we are with them to avoid troubles.


    I have heard a lot of things about this topic. I think when we are using these social networks like facebook or twitter, we don’t realize about what it means. I mean, when I post a picture of me on facebook, anyone can see it. When I write something on twitter anyone can read it! They can know where I live, they can know who I am, they can know where I am right now… and it is a little bit scary…
    Besides, we don’t really know with who are we talking. They can say to us that they are a young boy or maybe a friend’s friend, but we don’t really know it.
    I have seen so many movies about this topic too. They were so… real. I mean, it could happen to me, it is so easy.
    I saw a movie which talked about a girl who killed herself because his friends used to post everyday bad things about her. Every single day. And she was so depressed…
    I think it is so dangerous because as I said before, it could happen to all of us.
    Despite of the fact that it is so dangerous, I think that it is ok to have a profile in these social networks, but we have to control what we post and who we talk with. And also we have to chose correctly who will be able to watch our profile.

  4. Diego González González

    I think that bullying and cyberbullying is something that can’t be avoid, but it’s something that can be controlled and must be controlled. I wouldn’ t want put myself in the skin of all those children (and not so children) who suffer this kind of abuse any of these because I think no one likes to be rejected, or being hit.
    If we don’t like someone , for whatever reason, I don’t think we should insult or refuse it, because first of all, he is a person, with feelings and rights.
    Finally I believe that parents and schools should insist on teaching basic habits about using internet, what can and what can’t be put in the hands of the internet, and in the case of high schools, penalize who make these abuses. Children with this type of abuse, shouldn’t doubt to communicate, because if it doesn’t treat from the beginning, with time will be worst, and with worst effects.

  5. Well… What else can I say about bullying? I think it´s a lamentable act proper of people that has big mental problem.
    Actually I think that anyone can speak about this if you havn´t lived, because here it´s when empathy act. The people who bullying others they havn´t got empathy. This video show me what it´s the process when someone suffer bullying, he at beggining tried to laugh with the jokes, but it´s important to know diferentiate between a joke and bullyng. That´s the part most difficult I think because for example to me, maybe a joke but when the other isn´t laughing, it isn´t a joke.
    We must have great care with internet, photos we send, photos we take, etc… because maybe not now, but in our future when we go to find a job, only because when we were young take an involved photo, we won´t find job. And internet it´s very dangerous because use it millions of people around the world and the things can go around the world.

  6. Haridian González

    Internet is a learning tool, and a breakthrough for interactuar with other people from different places. But not all people know how to do a correct use of it.
    Most people are unaware of the damage they can do with actions and words.
    Many people become more brave through the computer screen or mobile, and use this courage to humiliate others.
    The cyberbullyng does the same damage that bullying in person, because not only the blows hurt.
    The hits you get, heal with time, however the words hurt in places that do not heal, as in the heart, self-esteem, in your mind …
    I don’t understand that these people think, I can’t believe that these people want to do much damage to cause psychological harm or suicide, is superhuman!!!
    No one should believe better than another person , simply because it isn’t
    No matter your social class, your intelligence, your appearance, no one is better than anyone.
    The things that really matter are within each person, and that is something that many people should learn.


    I think that nowadays Internet has grown to a place where almost everyone has constant access to it. This has it´s ups and downs, fo example, internet is extremley helpful for communiication, in the past, people would have to go by boat to the other side of the planet to give news to other people, but nowadays, you just have to type what you want to see on the internet, or you can just contact people using social networks.
    But sometimes the internet can be bad, for example, nowadays people use the internet to carry out payments or other issues related to money, and, sometimes, there are peopele who hack these pages, making it really unsafe for your money, and leaving you the chance to get robbed.

  8. Internet hasn’t to be a dangerous place, I think Internet has done our life more easy.
    Nowadays with the social networks, bad use of internet has caused some problems like cyberbullying.
    To avoid it, we have to be careful what we publish on Internet, the people who we add or follow. We have to think before making a comment or upload a photo, we haven’t to give our password to anybody…
    These are some advices that if we follow, we should have no problem. Sometimes when we don’t do it or when we don’t pay attention to it. The problems begin to appear, and maybe for fear or embarrassment to say it to some grown-up, we let pass the situation and this one is growing little by little.
    I think when you are in this situation you have to say it to someone, preferably to your parents, your family or your teachers. . It’s so important that you say it, because this
    harassment can be very harmful to your mental health and your social life. This can lead you to feel alone, feel bad, sad or even to suicide.
    11th February hasn’t be the Safer Internet Day, everyday must be Safer Internet Day.

  9. Well, I think that the internet security is a serious problem in this moment who everyone usually use the internet to comunicate with their friends, families and how working tool too. I usually use evreyday the internet and I usually publicate many pictures in Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    In internet, there are people who feel embarrased because there are persons who it lie changing its identity for meet people in interntet, changing your fisical aspect and its personalities.
    Well, so that your identity will being safe, you shouldn’t opening pages who you think incorrects.
    These are guidelines to safe your computer and your privacity.
    1. Be nice! Treat people online as you do in real life.
    2. Don’t post anything online that you wouldn’t want people in real life to see.
    3. Check your privacy and security settings on social media sites and keep them as private as possible. Make sure you know exactly who can see your posts.
    4. Don’t ever post personal information like your home address, your email or your phone number.
    5. If you see something online that worries or upsets you, tell an adult about it straight away.

  10. Damian Alcalay Lopez

    I think that nowadays almost all people use internet, have an account on facebook and twitter, and they have got whatsapp. People need to communicate and do the same that the other people do, so that’s the reason about almost all people use this social networks and applications.
    They maybe think that they aren’t doing nothing wrong uploading photos or giving their numbers to strangers but there is the mistake, Internet is a place where everyone can get your information just searching a bit about you. People should realize that they can’t give their information like they are doing in social networks, they should be more careful and never accept strangers on facebook or others social networks. Due to people who don’t know how to use right this applications, had born the called “cyberbullying”.
    This term means the bullying that people can suffer by internet. This is a real problem that a lot of young people are suffering nowadays so I think that the parents, or the teachers, or the guardians of this people warn them about all this hazards and ask them to be careful.

  11. Social networks can be a place where you can relate with your friends and family , also serves to meet new people and to be informed about what is happening in society but be careful with them .

    Many people put their private data in social networks where everyone can see it and this can be a big problem.
    We know that for safety we should put our networks privately but this is not at all safe because it often doesn´t work privacy.
    I think young people have many social networks , it is a quick and fun way to chat with friends or read interesting things for young people but we should be carefull with the problems that provide social networks and therefore I think you should to put false information or not put your own data in these networks.

    Besides, many times the social networks is the space where the jokes are transmitted or where it appears much bullying. This can cause people who are affected by these jokes may end his life .
    I think this is a very dangerous world and we have to think how to act because any carelessness can cause us a problem in the future.


    The cyber bullying is a type of harassment that it usually happens online or phones .
    cyberbullying can start as a joke, but little by little the victim feels worse and worse , and it can produce physical and psychological disorder.
    Internet has developed during the years , and currently it’s an important tool for our lives .
    The main use of Internet is to search information , or simply to chat to our friends or family who live in another country or far away from us .
    Moreover , there are some people who use it to control to other people .
    On the one hand Internet can be a useful tool , but on the other hand it can be a massive dangerous thing . On the Internet there are a lot of personal details about us that everybody can access to it , even a criminal .
    There have had many kids kidnapping due to they talk with unknown people from Internet . The truth is that many of them known the risk of Internet , but they believe this kidnapping never occurs them .
    The best they can do is not public personal details or upload inappropriate photos , because believe it or not everything you upload on the Internet it’s very difficult to clean , even the most occult secrets can be known.

  13. Álvaro Medina 1ºA Bach.

    Many of us believe that the Internet is safe and that we control it, but… aren’t like this. Most teens post pictures of very committed intimate parts or too tempting for paedophiles and kidnappers. Therefore, it is necessary for people to become familiar with the world of Internet and that they know they should and shouldn’t do. Most current population use the internet every day to be documented, sent instant messages to other people, get into social networks, etc… Therefore, we need to know that everything that we publish on it pass to internet database, and, although, you erase your image or comment, never disappear entirely, therefore, have to be extremely careful with Internet.

    On the other hand, adolescents, despite warnings from her parents and other family members, files still running very close to them because they think nothing will happen because they control the situation… Lie! We must be especially careful. One example is the canary victims, for example, the named Sara who kidnapped on the island of Gran Canaria one or two years ago. A more recent case is that of two young men who hung several videos Palmas online while having sex, and now, police are trying to erase their of Internet so they don’t spread more

    In conclusion, it is important to have respect and care to the internet and publications as we realize anything can happen.

  14. I thunk that internet is a really important technological advances , and I don’t think that internet set dangerous but I really think that many peoples don’t use it correctly and here is the problem.We couldn’t pust private photos on the social notework and information that we don’t want that the other people knows.
    Other important think about internet is that we can work,and do a lot of think,for example do the shop from at home.
    When we learn to use internet it will be safe.

  15. Computers have become very useful tools for communications, banking, shopping, and entertainment, staying in touch with friends and family and learning about any number of interesting topics. However, the internet has a dark side, and most people aren’t completely aware of the pitfalls which come with this relatively new and fascinating online world. All you upload to internet stay there although you remove it. So, my first recommendation is thinking before doing things, also in your real life but, above all, in internet. Besides, some things you upload at the age of 16, for example, will be able to be seen when you are older and if you are not doing things properly, and I emphasize this, it can influence on your life. Another thing to be account is privacy. Do you think you’ve got it? Despite you choose not everybody to watch your photos, they can, also there are some hackers who can and, worst than that, some people who want hurt you can, too. My second recommendation is be careful. Maybe your photos can’t be downloaded, but there are lot of things a person can do to get it and they are not so complicated. EG: there is a key on the right which puts Impr Pant; if you push it you can save the photo. Well I am not going to say all the Internet risks because there are a lot. What I would do is to open people’s eyes, to realize and be aware of these problems.

    There’s nothing safe in Internet, so make a good decision and choose properly what are you going to upload, no one wants you to happen anything wrong and less yourself.

  16. Well, I think that in the most of cases people think that they have the control of what they post in a social red. We think posting an image that we don’t like has an easy solution “deleting it” but it isn’t as easy as it seems because when we put something on internet that information will be saved it forever. You think that if it doesn’t appear in you accuont it won’t appear in the rest of internet but you are wrong.
    Most young people as us think that they know everything they have to know about internet to use it, but teenagers shouldn’t forget that there are people with a higher knowledge than them and that’s the reason why we aren’t as safer as we think.
    In my opinion, people aren’t aware of the danger internet could cause in their lives. It seems something that won’t happen in our lives but it would happen easier than we think.
    I know that nowadays teenagers need to have a social red to communicate with other people or just to use it as an entertaiment to tell what they are doing or they where to their friends. But they also have to know the risk of having a social red. What I mean is not to end with social reds but end with misuses of internet people usually do without realizing.
    Other problem society has nowadays is the use of the mobile phone. I’m sure that everyone has recieved any unknown number called. It’s more dangerous than it seems and I think the problem is also “Whatsapp” because most of people aren’t aware of the kind of person that have his or her number across this app. We should be aware with that fact because it starts with simply calls kidding but it will end worst.
    I have some questions which everyone should ask to himself or herself. How far have we the control of social networks we use? Do you know what the creator of that social red does with your information? to what extent have you the control of your postings?

  17. Aitor Monje Castellano

    In my personal opinion I think that the internet is very dangerous, this is a big problem because of its misuse. Many people use the Internet as it should, many people upload to internet bad photos or photos that can be bad for your future. These photos will be able to serve other people for cyberbullyin, for us the students is a problem since we have to use the internet if or if but we should have more information on this topic to use social networks as should use. In my opinion especially in social networks like facebook.

  18. Cristian Francisco Fariña Melián

    I think that the internet security is a very important problem nowadays, because a lot of people use the internet everyday and the most of them don´t know thir personal informations are in danger. Because of this, I would like to learn more about this type of things.
    Finally, I think that the cyberbullying is a big problem for the students that use the internet and the social networks, but I think that this type of bullying is not so common.


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