What’s globish?

“Communication” es un tema objeto de trabajo en 1º de bachillerato en el tercer trimestre.  Hace algunos años que surgió el “globish” como una variante “light” del inglés y que se ha ido extendiendo por el mundo (para saber más, pincha aquí) . Ahora dejamos un vídeo donde el creador del “globish explica en qué consiste. ¿piensas que el “globish” puede ser útil? ¿podría sustituir al inglés como forma de comunicación?


44 Respuestas a “What’s globish?

  1. Globbish is a mixture of language, this language is very good because has a few words and it´s easier to learn than the other language. I think that Globbish will not be able to sustitute the English because all the people know this language and I think that the people won´t learn news languages. But I think is better the Globbish because all the countries can understand each other .


    Globish is a new language created by Jean Paul Nerriere who had the idea of making this language as a mixture of many different languages, and specially an easier way of using english.
    The main reason for this new language is to eventually be easier for people to understand and learn a common language which isnt so hard.
    So with all of this said, here is my opinion about this topic.
    I think that the idea Nerriere has is not bad at all because it might help a lot of people understand and learn an easier language which can be common among different countries.
    But I also see it as a little bit of a failed idea, because this is a serious matter, it´s not like inventing a machine or something as simple as that, this is much bigger, this is creating a new language. People are already used to the current society we have, which centers English as a main language, and managing to change society to put Globish as a common speech could take years, and probably a lot of money, so I don´t think that Globish will eventually become as big as any other languages around the world, despite already having a large ammount of users around the computer and programing areas.

  3. Erika Gonzalez

    I think that Globish is a esay form to communicate with people all around the world but in spite of that the people will never stop learn english if not will improve his learning with Globish because Globish is a english lite.
    The people will study english and only if they see that is necessary will study the form to seak of globish.
    I think that globish is easier to no native speakers, because of that only the english native speakers will see necessary to learn globish, the no native speakers with a basical knoeledge of english will be able to talk on globish

    • Haridian González

      I think Globish could replace the traditional English we all know and I agree with that happen.
      From my point of view any fact that can help us to interact more easily among ourselves, must be accepted. This language is full of benefits. I never saw or imagined, a language that had only 1500 words, this fact facilitate the learning to us.
      The only thing I don’t like, is to eliminate the idioms. Although it’s a much easier way to communicate, this language can fall into the routine.
      I agree with Globish but I think too that each country has to maintain its own language, it seems very interesting to know and learn about other cultures and language is part of that.

  4. Knowing what Globish is, I would define it as a mixture of languages which can be classified such as a dialect (It’s not an official language but some people speak it). It has some advantages and some disadvantages. The pros are that Globish is easier to learn, because of its shorter sentences and its simple expressions, and also it’s less difficult to understand to those people who don’t have English as their mother tongue. On the other hand, Globish has some cons such as its limitation: it has only 1500 words and to explain things it’s a difficulty. Besides, lots of people have tried to “invent” a language to all people to speak it and it has finished in failure.

    In my opinion, on one hand, Globish is a good way to mix different civilisations so that there may be equality. On the other hand, it’s too simple to become a new official language and it needs more people to speak it.

  5. Adriana González González

    Globish is a mix of languages ,it was studied by Jean Paul Nerriere in the IBM (International Business Machine ) and after studied it , he translated it in a lot of languages , like : Spanish , Italian , Japanese and Korean . it was created to have a new language , like technology . It is used in chat rooms , blogs , in computer programmes . Also this new language is easier than others because it has only 1500 vocabulary words , it has easy expressions , and uses international words .

    At first place I want to say the advantage of this language :
    Having this language means a globalisation of all over the world , all the people will have a good communication because all the people understand the words , expressions etc , independently where the people are .

    Secondly the disadvantages are :
    If there were only one language, most of the important language would disappear like English , French , Italian etc.. because it’s an easy way to study another language because it’s easy expressions , less words …

    In conclusion: globish is a good way to communicate to all around the world , because you can communicate to all the people ; you can travel to everywhere and the language barriers, will disappear

  6. Alfonso Torices

    Well, I think globish can replace english because it’s easier to learn than english and as everybody know, almost all people think: the easier the better!
    Nowadays everyone prefer studying less than spending more time by learning a new language and globish give us a way to communicate with all people from the other countries.
    This mixture of languages hasn’t as much words as a normal language has, so this is the mainly reason why it’s easier than learning another language.
    Besides that, speaking globish means to depend on technologies because of the fact that it’s mainly used on them and it’s how it began.
    In my opinion learning globish instead of english has consecuences even worst than what we think, because by studying it, we get used to follow the short way to learn a language and as we would be used to speak globish with everybody we won’t want to learn another language apart from it.
    Hence, i think globish is a good way to communicate with other people but without putting away the english or changing it for globish.

  7. Aitor Monje Castellano

    principally I think that English is one of the most important languages, because it is the language that most people can use to communicate, but due to all people want to learn English, this produces a large number of grammatical errors, this is because there are more non-native English speakers than native English speakers, the Globish is created because this speakers , which is a mixture of different lenguages: French, English, German … etc. Globish arises the technology, cCreated in places like blogs, programs, internet … etc. Globish occupy a very important place in our future, Globish is definitely an easy way to get a good communication among people worldwide.

  8. Globish is a mixture of English and other languages, it has developed due to the technology.
    In Globish there are only 1500 vocabulary words and all of them are international words like pizza, taxi… there aren’t complicated expressions in Globish, what (I think) makes it a great proposal for a new universal language.
    In my opinion Globish is a very good alternative language, because it’s so easy to learn. I would like that Globish become in the new universal language, because being easier, I think more people would learn it.
    However I doubt that Globish become in a universal language, because the English is already accepted around the world, and it would be so difficult change that.

  9. Álvaro Medina 1ºA Bach.

    Globish is an away of communication. It´s a mixture of different languages.This language is very easy, whit only 1500 and without complicated expresions, and is utiliced in the industry of Technology.

    Owing to the current society normaly uses the Technology to communicate or to access social networks this language so easy is a great tool for the people can understand.

    Nevertheless, in spite of the Globish language is a useful way to communicate never it´s able to replace the English language. This is like that becase the English is used for 330 millons of speaker and is almost imposible that Globish can substitute to English language.

    In short, I think that the Globish is a good way to communicate but I think that never the Globish language replace English.

  10. Álvaro Brito

    The new language, Globish. It´s a mixture of several languages like English, Germany, Italian… This new language began to speak in blogs, chats… So at the beggining was a technology language. This mixture of several languages makes it an easy way to communicate people around the world.
    Jean Paul-Nerriere was the first who wrote the guide of Globish in which are collected around 1500 words only.
    So I think it´s a valuable method of comunication because it´s simple, and easy for all the people around the world, but can never replace English, because english it´s the world language and globish appart from be new language, it´s very simple and it´s very far bellow of the importance of english in the world nowadays.
    But also I think that globish could expand for more scopes than technology, and even we can use on our dayly routines, so little by little could be an important language in the world. The fact that it´s a mixture of several languages it´s very important to us to understand everyone with only one language.

  11. Estefanía Guanche

    Globish is a mixture of different lenguages: French, English, German…It allow us an easy communication with people around the world.
    This new lenguage has been started on blogs, chats…What happen? if we want learning it, it means that we have to use our mobile phones, computers…To communicate us with all the people around the world. If all the people used it, we would became an independient of technology, so we won’t talk face to face anymore!
    I think replace a lenguage is difficult and if we want replace English lenguage will be very difficult, as there are a lot of people who speak it!!!

  12. Damian Alcalay Lopez

    10 years ago, non-native English speakers people thought that learn English was useless because they wont leave their countries never, therefore they will never need it, but nowadays, if you dont know English, you are one step below than people who know English. The problem appears when all people want to learn English, because little by little, there are more non-native English speakers than native English speakers, and that produces a lot of grammatical errors. Jean-Paul Nerrière realized of that errors and he realized aswell that non-native English speakers understand each other better than a non-native English speaker with a native speaker, so he created Globish. Globish is like a low-level English, in which people can speak “English” without perfect grammar and they can understand each other easily. I think that Globish is the future in the international business relationships, and it was a great idea by Nerrière. It will helps a lot of people who dont know how to speak perfect English and want to communicate with people from other countries.

  13. Nowadays, we live in a country where technology is necessary and essential to live.
    we have become dependent on technology, this can be good or bad.
    the tecnology allow we communicate with other countries, learn other things and make life easier but also it will cause that the people to be more sedentary, that children don´t think by himself, and this also can finish with verbal communication.
    One of the consequences of technology is the creation of Globish, a mixture of languages ​​of different countries which allow to communicate with everyone.
    It is created in the blog, programmes, internet…
    Globish have phrases and expressions easy to learn.
    In my opinion I think it’s an easy way to talk to people from other countries, but this new language causes people to be more dependent on technology, Therefore we have to use this new language with carefully.
    Globish will take up an important place in our future.

  14. Cristian Francisco Fariña Melián

    I think that English is a very important language. Probably, it´s the most important language in the world because it´s the language that most of people can use to communicate with the rest of the world. I think that this language will continue being very important in the future, but also I think that the world needs an international language that everyone can use to communicate with everyone, and I think that Globish can be that language, because this language is very simple and easy to learn.

  15. As everyone knows, our lives are changing due to all the changes world is suffering. Now, society isn’t the same as the society of some years ago and one of the reasons why it has changed is the technology. Nowadays children born with technology and a person starts using whatever device even when this person is only five years old, you can check it if you go to the doctor and in the waiting room you don’t see children playing with toys but you see children playing with their father’s phones.
    Technology is almost everything in our live because everyone watches television, everyone has a mobile phone, everyone has a washing machine.. and if there is someone who doesn’t have any technological device he or she is considered poor and even is excluded from society. And, for me, that’s the main reason people have created a new language to communicate, because two people can live in different countries but it’s probably that both use technology, including chat rooms and blogs and that’s why they need a way to communicate despite their different mother tongues.
    I think it’s fair the fact that Globish is a mixture of different languages and it’s not only English because everyone knows that English is the most important language but not everyone learns it due to there are people who don’t feel the need to learn this language to travel or to work abroad (as people who speak French and the travel to those countries in which people talk French too). Also, English people are in disadvantage now because everyone has too language: a mother language and a second compulsory language that is English , however, English people usually learn his mother tongue, Globish would be their opportunity to know two different languages.
    On the other hand, I think people shouldn’t stop learning other languages because technology is important but I’m sure that globish won’t take part in a work. I think it will known by everyone so that communicate on internet but it won’t mean a new language to study abroad or to get a job in another country.
    So, Globish will be spread around the world and it will take part of our culture as an international tool to communicate with everyone. But it won’t be a necessary language everyone will have to know to communicate with people from the same country. In my opinion Globish will be only a simple language that people only use when they use the computer or the mobile and that’s the reason people should go on learning English and more languages.

  16. Trusianna Delgado

    Firstly we should know what is Globbish…It’s mainly a mixture of English and another languages and it was first studied by Nerriere.
    The main different between English and Globish is that the first one has more difficult expressions, sentences are longer and more complicated than Globish but also both share international words like pizza,police, taxi…
    Nowadays there are a big percentage who speak Globbish so it will probably be one of the most important linguistic developmentof the 21st century.
    In my opinion, I think people will stop to learn English to learn Globish because it’s easier and despite the fact that these two aren’t exactly the same, learning Globish will allow people to communicate without problems even though they don’t speak the standard English.
    definitely Globish is an easy way to get a good communication among people worldwide.


    Globish is an easy way to communicate with people because it’s a mixture of different languages and it is easier than other languages, mainly, because of its limited vocabulary.
    That is the reason why globish will be used by so many people around the world and I think that it could replace English; because of the fact that people don’t want to follow the hard way, i mean, they will choose the easier way.
    I think that also has something good, because we will be able to communicate with foreing people without learning their own language. However, it can be negative too because people wont learn other languages anymore.

  18. Globish is the best idea,It´s very easy and you can communicate whith other people of other countries whithout complications, I agree with speaking Globish in the future

  19. I like the idea of Globish!
    I think it’s a perfect idea because it’s true what he says: for most of people, English isn’t their mother thonge or their official language, so I don’t understand why it has to be English the most important language. If English was easy, I would be agree, but it isn’t, so it would be perfect it could exist a language similar to English but easier.

    This is my opinion respect to the utility of Globish, although I still have some doubts about Globish like a substitute of English.

  20. Hanoch Hemmerich

    Globish could be a good way to communicate with people who don´t speak the same lenguage, but I think it´s better if each country have his own lenguage because a big part of their culture is related to the lenguage and if everyone only speaks globish we won´t have this differences. It would be great if anyone knows globish so we could understand and speak to anyone from everywhere, but only as second lenguage not replacing our mother tongue.
    But probaly Globish wouldn´t expand much if the compulsory education don´t support it, but if they do then Globish could be a very important lenguage for the future, but probaly not for our generation.

  21. Diego G Palmero

    Globish is a language that if it´s taught to everyone would be a good idea because all people in the world could speak with other people although they are in other part of world. I think that it could replace to English, however, this language is very difficult to expand around the world.

  22. I agree with the fact of use globish because it is an easy language. Globish makes a better communication between people of diferentcountries and it can be useful for people who don’t understand very well English.
    Globish make easier sentences than English but Globish isn’t the same as English ,I think that English shoudn’t be replaced by Globish. With English you can make more complex sentences and more formal too.
    English is the best!! 🙂

  23. The globish is a good idea, because also you can speak whith other person although he is from other contry, and is more easy than the conventional English

  24. I think that the Globish will be international with the time and it’s an opportunity to learn english the people who don’t know much english.

  25. I think Globish it´s a very mean of comunication because if all of us would to learn this lenguage we would can talk with other people who don´t know talk us lenguage and the comunication with other people would be much easier. Finally I think Globish will be a language that will help very much to a better development between different cultures in the future.

  26. I think Globish could be useful. It’s an easy language to understand and in a short period of time, it can be learned without difficulty. With 1500 words, you already can understand English . Globish is easier, it builds short sentences and less complicated. Perhaps among friends, the Globish can replace English, but in a global way, it takes time. However, I don’t put in doubt that it’s the best discovery of the XXI century.

  27. Patricia Rodríguez

    I think Globish is an interesting new form of comunication, it’s easier than other languages and it could become useful in a future but I think people prefer speaking in English nowadays.

  28. Jesús Rodríguez

    I think that globish is a good idea,is a form with which to communicate with other people.and I agree,it can replace English

  29. Globish is a new language which I think it will be more important in the future, because it is easier and everyone can understand this language.
    I would be happy to use that language jajaja!!

  30. Cecilia Delgado

    Globish is a language created to facilitate communication among all, globish is easier and faster to learn.In my opinion it will be a language in the future.

  31. Globish reminds me of another project called “Basic English” Unfortunately this failed, because native English speakers could not remember which words not to use 🙂

    So it’s time to move forward and adopt a neutral non-national language, taught universally in schools worldwide,in all nations.

    As a native English speaker, I would prefer Esperanto

    Your readers may be interested in the following video at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU Professor Piron was a translator with the United Nations in Geneva.

    A glimpse of Esperanto can be seen at http://www.lernu.net and at http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=es&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.delbarrio.eu%2F2006%2F09%2Fesa-bobada-de-globish.htm&sl=es&tl=en

  32. Idaira Sabina Rodríguez

    I think Globish is the best alternative. So I guess that English should be changed for Globish because this is better to communicate with other persons. Globish is the languague of the future which all people from differents countries can communicate with each other and understand what they say.
    So it would be better learn Globish in high schools that English.

  33. Cathaysa Rodríguez

    I think Globish is interesting for us because we need to understand other people and it’s a good idea for business that’s why it was invented. But I think that you will understand better a native speaker than a non-native speaker. I agree with this mean of communication because it’s very important to understand with other people.

  34. Natalia Fariña Herrera

    I think Globish is one of the most importants discoveries of this century because it is useful for people who need to learn English in a short time and also for business people to communicate more easily, because Globish is a mixture of English and other languages. It is not difficult to understand and support the globalisation.

  35. Jorge Luis García Morales

    I agree with Nerriere , Globish is a good and easy idea for communication, but for this, They need a lot of money for more books, courses, and more advertisements. Yes, I like this idea.

  36. Globish, is better way of comunication, it’s a languae more easy to people, as all people understand this language.I think that english should be changed by the globish in the future.

  37. Ana Carolina Montañez

    I think that globish will be the first language in the world in a future, because it’s a language that all the people can understand. If a person that isn’t english try to communicate with someone english the english person must try understand him. So it will be the language even for english people.
    On the other hand it’s pretty good because you can learn that language very quicky.

  38. Ainhoa Cruz Marrero

    I think Globish s a good mean of comunication and so is a good idea. It’s less difficult to learn that English and you learn in less time.
    Also you have many place where you can learn, you have since books at web sites. I think that in class we must learn Globish not English because less years later all the people speak Globish not English.

  39. Globish is a new form of communication invented by Jean-Paul Nerriere that is employed at IBM .Globish contains a mixture between the English and other languages. Is easy to deal and to speak.

  40. Andrea Llarena Gómez

    I don’t know if globish is useful, but I think it can be a universal language. There are books and references for to learn this new form for comunicate. It is for the people who has difficulties with the languages, and this way they have the possibility of communicating in a less detailed way.

  41. roberto castellano

    Response to the first question:
    For me it would be useful since it is easier to deal and less complicated, that is to say, with simpler expressions.
    Response to the second question:
    For being able to replace it one can, but I don´t believe because at this moment the English is a universal and fundamental language for all the aspects.But I would like it replaced it because is understood better.

  42. I see what the Globish as a good thing because it is a summary of English making it easier for all persons

  43. David González

    Globish is a language invented by Jean-Paul, a French businessman who developed it to make it easier communication between all people, he explains that Globish is not a language so hard to learn and that if all we talked about much more serious easy, since it only takes a few months to learn and also there are books and websites where available.


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