Forms of Communication

This is an excellent short film to work the issue of “Communication”. We can clearly see  different forms of communication.

  • Questions to work on the film: Download.


Once you’ve seen it, you may leave a comment on the following question:

  • Do you think you are good at communicating?


21 Respuestas a “Forms of Communication

  1. Christian Baute

    I think that I comunicate more or less, for example with my friends and my family I can good communicateand they communicate me with litlee problems. But if I want speak or to know new people I am a litlee a shew but I can controlled my personality and my form that I communicate with the rest. In my opinion learn other language help me with communicating:. It is very important for example learn english because in the future you can travel for United Stades and UK and you can communicate with normally. A lot of people should speak for non-verbal, because they have a injury and they cant listen and speak for this reason, many people use the visual communicate, non-verbal and written communicat. The writen communication is a good form for if we cant speak we use this form for communicating for example the soldiers in the wars communication with other soldiers for this form. Also visual communication is a good form for we communicate, if we are seeing a picture. I see the square and I cant talk you the ideas, to feel that the autor want that you see. In generally I think I know communicating with other people for many forms. We should learn the non-verbal

  2. Joel Díaz 1ºBach B

    I´m not a very talkative person. For me it´s very hard to talk in public, mainly oral expositions at school. Besides, I rarely talk with new people until I known them. However I generally know how to express my ideas clearly. I communicate much better with my family and my friends because I feel comfortable.

  3. Andrea Pérez Quintana 1ºB Bachiller

    I think I’m not very good at communicate. Speake in front of people is something a little hard and difficult for me, I hate the feeling when I try to do it, I get very nervous and I forget the words. Written communication is better for me, I can say all I want using the right words and express the ideas that I want others to receive, this form of communication is much easier for me. The images are a form of communication a bit subjective, not everyone of an image get the same information however the image is the same.

  4. lara perez 1°bach

    I think that I good when I have to communicate because I know as use the words, but the problem is when I cannot use the oral or written communication because if I have to use the signs I think that anything would can understand me. Also in my opinion for me is very difficult use the signs beause I never use them. Finally I think that all the people is good in th communication and the only problem is when ourselven think that don’t want to do them and this is false!

  5. Fran Márquez 1º BACH B

    I think it depends on the situation I was. If I feel comfortable or I’m with people that I know, I think I’m good communicating, above all in oral communication, although it isn’t depend just of how I feel in that moment, it’s also depends on the issue I had to talk to. If what I have to say is not very important, I express well but if what I have to say it’s very important or I’m in front of a public who hope listen something I know it’s the opposite of what I’m going to say, I can’t talk equal as I do when I’m going to say what all people want to hear.
    On the other hand (and I don’t know why), if I have to fix something or talk about an important issue related to me, I’m surprisingly good communicating. It’s a virtue I have. On that moments, I’m able of being understood very well and of choose the exactly words the situation needs.
    However, sometimes I can’t express what I think especially in written communication or sometimes I can explain myself very well what I want to transmit but then I’m not able to do the same with the people who is the message related to.
    Finally, I think I could improve non-verbal communication. It’s the area of the forms of communication that I less know. I’m often inexpresive with my body, if it’s also true when I talk I move my hands a lot, it’s not something I control, it’s something I do without wanting. So, as a conclussion, I can say I’m good at communicating but I could be better.

  6. Adan de la rosa lugo 1ºB

    The art of comunicate is an amazing skill that not everyone is able to develop.”words lead the world” says the proverb.In my opinion, ii’m not good when i try to comunicate in public.
    always i have been a little shy and nervous but when I have to give a speech in public I try to do my best.I mean if I preparated the topics that I will talk, probably I will be better than if I don’t know anything.Othewise, I would like a good speaker, not only for a speech but also when I’m in a big group of people, I would like to give or said my oponions with more confidence.

  7. Samuel Martínez Amaral 1º Bch B

    I think that it’s depend the situation. There are many types of languages and you use the concrete communication in a concrete moment. I think I’m not good at comunication because I find it hard to express in certain moment my opinion with wide vocabulary for example in class because I get nervous. However, whit my friends and my family, when I go out with them, I haven’t any problem to speak because I feel confident.

  8. Javier herrero alonso 1º bach B

    I think i’m bad at the communication because when I talk with someone I don’t realize what I say and sometimes a left of the conversation theme. always I prefer express by written comunication because I can see what I write.
    non-verbal communication and signs I only use when I talk with a foreigner because sometimes I don’t have the enough words to talk.
    finally I think I have to improve my oral communication.

  9. Daniel Torres

    I think I’m not good in comunication, but for example when I have to write a redaction, I don’t know why but I can express myself better, on the other hand when I have to express myself orally I’m afraid and I can’t express myself good, also when I have to express myself with signs or non-verbal comunication, I do it, but I don’t like and i feel as I’m doing bad the comunication. I would like to improve my oral comunication to can express my self better when for example I have to expose a presentation, give a speech or teach as a teacher.

  10. Jesús Ramos Rodríguez 1ºB Bachillerato

    Well, I think I am good at communication itself. Moreover, when it comes to oral communication, I find it more difficult. Also, it depends on the situation. If it comes to talking about a work in class, it is hard because I have to express myself properly and not to get nervous. That is because I am a shy person.
    Written communication is easy for me. I can express myself well and I have no problem.
    Little by little I will improve oral communication, practicing every day for a while.
    In conclusion, I think that communication is easier than you think, and we can all communicate well. In my case I do well, yet I will continue improving.

  11. Klara Hemmerich 1 BACH B

    I’m not sure of being able to perceive my skills or lack of them regarding comunication, and wether that perception is distorted or not. Therefore, I consider it quite hard to answer this question.
    Like probably most people I find it easier to comunicate via written comunication than oral comunication. However, if I’m familiar with a topic and work on it before an oral presentation, it feels quite good when everything goes well and I realize I’ve been able to transmit an idea to an “audience”.
    As comunication is always an exchange of information, or ar least only works when someone releases a message and someone else receives it, I’d say I’m often better at receiving those messages than emitting them. I consider myself someone who’s quite observant to non verbal comunication, such as hand movement or a quick gaze. That’s probably one of the reasons I’m not good at instant written comunication such as chatting over the internet, I find it rather confusing to not being able to see someone elses gestures while I’m having a conversation.
    I think, the type of comunication I like most and feel more comfortable with is the visual one. I find it fascinating how different points of view on the same subject can change perception someone gets from the final product (be it a photo, a drawing, a graphic…).
    So, I should probably work on talking in front of an audience without those huge preparations and also, on being the transmitter (not only the receiver) of non verbal comunication.

  12. David Aretaga

    Well, i think it depends,for examplr at oral communication and non- verbal communication i´m good but in written communication i´m bad, i don´t know why, i think it could be becuase when i have to write something i don´t feel comfortable and i don´t like do it jaja , but appart from that there has to be other explanation for my problem when i write.
    As i said, when i talk i communicate well what i want to say, and whit non- verbal communication i can communicate well with my gaze for example.
    I think it´s rare because the common thing is to be best in written communication becuase when you talk the normal thing is to be a little bit nervous but in my case is the opposite.

  13. Alejandro Flores Henández 1ºB BACH

    In general , I think I´m good in comunication, although there are many ways of comunication like oral comunication, written comunication, visual comunication, non- verbal comunication and it depends of the situation, for example if I try to speak with a foreigner but I don´t speak his language although I know many of my language I won´t get to comunicate with him.
    Also , I don´t think that there isn´t any person who is good in all types of comunication.

  14. Airam Segura 1º Bach B

    No, I think I’m not good at comunication. Although people tell me that I have good vocabulary and grammar (both in English and Spanish), personally I think that my communication is poor. I believe that if I’m with a person I trust on, my communication improves, ‘cause I dont get so nervous, but still I dont communicate well my ideas and thoughts. Usually I dont use the words I want, maybe because I forgot, and I finish thinking “This person in front of me is going to think I’m stupid!” or things like that. So, I would say I’m not good at communication.

  15. Kristian Martinez

    well, I think it depend in different situations, because when I was with my friend I’m very sociable, but when I meet some person I get nervous. then I think I’m better at writing than talking, because writing I can express my feelings with anyone. I need to improve my speak, because I think is the most important form communication in the world.

  16. Well, I think this depends on the person, but for me not all communications are good, for example I like to talk but not much speaking in public. however many people prefer to speak in public. Also, Non-verbal communication is difficult in my opinion although I often said nothing is what you think my friend or my mother if this angry.
    There are many who by reason of handicap can not speak or hear and have to develop other options to communicate with other people, to me this is very hard because I am very sorry that not everyone has the same possibilities I did.
    In conclusion I think that each one develops the communication for its own benefit

  17. Andrea Sophia Sánchez 1º Bach

    Well, I think sometimes I’m not very good at communication, I’m very bad trying to be understood by people.
    At oral-communication, for example if I have to talk in front of many people, I’m really bad because I get very nervous and sometimes I don’t know what I’m saying and people can’t understand me. But when I’m with my friends I think I’m good, well, I think everybody is good at communication when they are with friends.
    I think I’m better at written-communication than at oral-communication because I can think more and serch the right words that I need to communicate something and I can do it better.
    Then, at the non-verbal communication, I think I’m not so good as at the written-communication, but I’m not bad at all. If I try to communicate with other people with signs and other kind of non-verbal communication, I think they are able to understand me very well.
    So, in conclusion, I think I’m not bad at communication in general, but in some cases, I know I can do it better.

  18. Flavio Correa Alfaro 1ºBach B

    I think I’m not good at the beginning. I’m such a shy person, so sometimes oral comunication become a bit hard, but I always try to improve it. About other kinds of comunication, writing is very easy for me, although it often can’t say all what you want to say, we’re always using no-verbal comunication, all our moods are expressed by non-verbal language, I think it is the nicest way to conversation, because you can say a million of things without the need of speak. Finally about visual comunication, also is one of the best, just a old picture can say us a lot of things.

  19. Adrián Batista 1ºBACH B

    I think you can’t be good in all ways of communication, there are people good at talking, people good at writing… there are people born with the ability to communicate so that everyone can understand them and some people learn to communicate improving their ability to do this. I think I do best communicate in writing, ‘cause in orally sometimes I get stuck and I don’t know how to keep on, but in writing I can delete and start again.

  20. Daniel Khabbaz González 1º Bach B

    In my opinion, I think I can’t judge myself if I’m good at communicating. I mean that the only ones that can say if I’m good at it, are the people around me, with whom I spend my time and who I communicate with.
    Talking about oral-communication, I would say that I’m quite a shy person and I may don’t talk too much, but when I want to transmit a message I usually do it well. Otherwise, I think I’m much better at written-communication. I mean if I had to have a mark in an exam where there is a written part and an oral part, I would have a better mark at the written part of the exam.
    It exists also the non-verbal communication which, in my opinion, all of us have a good control on. People can communicate with others through gestures, motions, signs etc. Ones better and ones worse, but all of us are able to do it.
    Appart from that, I care also in another type of communication: the music. Maybe it’s not the best wise of broadcasting information to other people but I think it’s the best way of transmitting feelings or creating emotions on people. In my case, I play the guitar and what the music transmits to you when you listen to it or even play it, it’s incredible. There is a phrase which says: “Music is the language of the gods”.

  21. I think comunicate has diferents ways (oral, writting, body language…) so it´s depends of the situation, I think I´m good at oral comunication I can explain what I want say easily, but on the other hand I have some problems when I have to writte an important document, with the vocabulary, using especific words, but for me the worst way of comunication is the body language, I´m very bad in that way, the people hardly ever can understand me when I make signs whit my hands or something like that, so in my opinion I have to improve my ways of comunication in the future


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