The King’s Speech

king's speechThe King’s Speech is a British historical drama film. Colin Firth plays King George VI who, to face a stammer, sees Lionel Logue, an Australian speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush. The men become friends as they work together, and after his brother abdicates the throne, the new King relies on Logue to help him make his first wartime radio broadcast on Britain’s declaration of war on Germany in 1939. Once you’ve watched the movie, could you write your review? (you may read some reviews here), what’s your opinion about it? What about the characters?, was it difficult to understand? Do you think original version films really help to learn a language? 

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16 Respuestas a “The King’s Speech

  1. Adriana Gonzalez Gonzalez

    The king of speech

    Jorge , has a stammered problem , and he tries to get over with a logopeda .
    In the period in which Jorge gets the throne to be the king of UK, the Second War World is arriving.
    Jorge’s objective is to overcame the stammered to be able to be the leader of his country


    Lionel Logue : LOGOPEDA
    Isabel : York’s duchess
    Edward : Jorge’s brother
    Jorge V : Jorge’s father.

    PLOT :

    Jorge has stammered , and it’s due to psychologist problems , like :severe education .
    Also, after his father’s dead , his brother Edward gets the throne , and he plans to get married with a divorced woman, but Jorge tries to convince him not to do it .
    Jorge is humillated , because his brother makes fun about his stammered . Moreover Jorge blames Logue about his failure .
    Furthermore Edward abdicates, and now Jorge is the king .

    However , when Jorge has the throne , he has a lot of pressure , because he is unable to speak in a speech . He decided to employ Logue again , and he helps him in his coronation ceremony .
    After his coronation, the first ministry told him that there will be a war with Germany.
    Finally England is in war , and the king has to do a speech to the citizens , and this speech is his objective .
    Thanks Logue , he pronounces well the speech and he gets to be the leader that his country needs .

    I recommend this film because it’s a part of the history , and it is based on real facts . Also , the film’s places are so beautiful , although on the film there were fog, a lot of clouds , etc , I mean , the places were dark .
    This film also won some Oscars , and it means that it’s good .
    Apart from this , the film is a little difficult , because sometimes they speak so fast , and they used a lot of unknown words .
    But in conclusion I like this film so much , because I could learn more about history .

  2. Alfonso Torices

    The King’s Speech is a dramatic and historical film directed by Tom Hooper and interpreted by Colin Firth, who plays the main character, the duke of York.

    The film is set in England, where the throne of the English king is located. There are some other well
    known actors and actresses such as Helena Bonham Carter, Geoffrey Rash and Derek Jacobi who take part in the plot. The film portrays the impromptu ascension of Jorge VI, the duke of York. This ascension follows the abdication of the previous king for “love affairs”.

    Before becoming a king, Jorge VI has to overcome the most important fear of his life: the fright of stage fright due to his stammering. In order to get over this difficulty, he relies on a therapist’s help who is going to solve his problem. However, this achievement is only accomplished after failing a lot of different methods.

    When his father (the previous king) dies and his brother starts to reign, he assumes that he won’t ever be in the power. Nevertheless, there’s a full twist in the tale, which is the trigger of his brother’s abdication and his future coronation. Besides Logue’s help, the amazing therapist, he also receives his wife’s support, whose idea of starting a therapy had an incredible success.

    In my opinion, the acting of the characters is amazing because when you’re watching the film, you get into it and you can even feel what they feel.
    I believe that this is a really important fact within a film, in the sense that it’s what makes it special and different. The choice of the soundtrack is also very successful and worthy.

    To sum up, I would like to say that this aims to show us how to overcome our fears, how to get success without desiring it and without being blind by it.
    In my opinion we can all learn some important different lessons from it and it can help us in our daily life as an example of improvement.


    The Knig´s speech is a British historical drama film which came out in 2010.
    It´s directed by Tom Hooper, and has a very good cast, with acors such as Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter.
    The film is about the story of the stammering king George VI, who had to take the crown of England, as his brother, the fomer king, had to abdicate due to a marriage problem. But, when George (Bertie) becomes king, he realises the strugggle of giving speeches because of his stammering problem. So his wife and him try to search for a good speech therapist, and finally finding Lionel Logue, a middle class speech therapist, who manages to make the king speak fluently on the first day of therapy, thus becoming his official doctor. Lionel starts prepearing Bertie for his big speech in times of war. These series of appointments that Bertie has with Lionel become not only a good therapy, but the beggining of a nice friendship between the two.
    The film ends with Bertie managing to give the speech almost fluently, and thankking Lionel for all he has done.
    I think that the acting in this film is incredible, specially from Collin Firth who won the Oscar for best actor in a leading role. But, appart from him, all the other actors did a great job, seeing that Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter were both nominated for the Oscar for the best actor and actress in a supporting role.
    The music this film delivers is great and fits perfectly to the story. Alexander Desplat was also nominated for the oscar in the category: Best Achievement in Music written for a film.
    The photography and cinematography is also great, being filmed in London, and with great camera angles and shots. The film was also nominated for best cinematography in the oscars. All the costumes were great, because thy were perfect for the time that this film takes place in, The film also got nominated for best costume design in the oscars.
    As a sidenote, Tom Hooper won the Oscar for best directing of this film.

    Finally, I think that everybody who likes a good drama should watch this film, because it´s really great and has great acting, bu if you dont like dramma films, this will probably be quite boring for you, but I loved it.

  4. Diego González

    In the movie “The King’s Speech” speaks of the problems of stammer King George VI of England that prevented him from performing his duties properly. After visiting several speech therapists, his wife recommends him going to a very successful career, but rather individual methods. There begins a process of “coaching” that lead to the monarch to achieve your desired goal, overcome his stammer.
    As in the ‘coaching’, the speech therapist (Lionel) begins by showing your client has the potential inside and prompts him to be able to get what he want if he have the strength of will to achieve them. It uses the technique of making the king speak into a tape recorder, listening to music at such a volume that prevents him hear yourself. When the recording is played King is shocked to realize that there was never once stummered, convincing themselves that their goal was attainable. Nonetheless shows that Lionel was using the tool to GROW your customer. Objective was overcome stammer. We show that the goal is achievable, which provides tools to achieve consensus and, finally, the speech therapist ensures that the king has the will enough to do what is necessary to achieve .
    The first major challenge to be faced is the George VI coronation speech. The ribs grip the regent, who is unable to do so without stuttering. Lionel then your client uses another technique of ‘coaching’, initiating a “confrontation” causing to forget their fears. The king was angry and starts yelling without stammering silent until realizing he has managed to break the limitation imposed himself at being ruled by fear.
    The highlight comes when the king has to give a speech, broadcast by radio throughout the empire in order to rally his troops and prevent the people from the beginning of World War II.

  5. The King’s Speech is a drama directed by Tom Hooper and it is situated in England(1925).
    George VI, duke of York(interpreted by Colin Firth) is the protagonist, he is the son of King George V, and has troubles to speak to the public because of his stammering.
    George goes to a speech therapist because his wife, Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) wants him to do it.
    Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) is the therapist who treated uncomfortable topics about George’s childhood. George didn’t like this and gives up the treatment on the first day. However, after listening the session that was recorded by Lionel, he returns to the treatment.
    George is forced to assume the throne of England due to the abdication of his older brother Edward. George has to make a speech heard around the world by radio when the UK declared the war against Germany. Thanks to Lionel, George gets to do it.
    I like so much the film, the plot is absolutely thrilling and emotive, the cast is excellent… 
    The film is so interesting and I think nobody shouldn’t miss it.

  6. Trusianna Delgado

    The King’s Speech is a British historical dramatic film directed by Tom Hooper. Filming took place in London and elsewhere in the UK from November 2009 to January 2010. In Indoor scenes was used the Lancaster House in place of Buckingham Palace and Ely Cathedral in place of Westminster Abbey.
    The cast is: Colin Firth (George VI), Geoffrey Rush (Lionel Logue), Helena Bonham Carter (Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon), Guy Pearce (Edward VIII of the United Kingdom).
    The plot revolves around George VI who to overcome his stammering go to the Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue. Both become friends while they’re working together and when Edward VIII abdicated the throne, the new king supports on Logue George to help him to make his first radio broadcast on the declaration of war on Germany in 1939.
    This film begins with a closing speech at Empire Exhibition in Wembley that George VI should give in London but despite his many efforts he is unable to do it; as a result of this and because of different reasons his wife Elizabeth decides to look for help and after many doctors with treatment that didn’t perform she met Logue, a therapist.
    At the begining the relationship between Logue and George wasn’t very good and because the last one had lost hope and confidence in himself, but soon Logue with much effort, dedication and above all patience he got that George’s stammering stay in oblivion.
    One day unfortunately his father died and his brother is the new king of England but there is a problem,he is in love with a divorced woman and the Church doesn’t support this marriage, because of this and other reasons he is replaced by his brother George.
    And now George isn’t the Duke of NY but King George VI of England.
    From this time he began a therapy that helped him overcome his stammer and he could become the king that everyone expected.
    The King’s Speech won seven awards from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.It also won four Academy Awards: Best Film, Best Director (Hooper), Best Actor (Firth) and Best Original Screenplay (Seidler).
    Personally, before I saw this film I didn’t like historical movies because it seemed a little boring but this film showed me that when you want to get a goal and you struggle with enthusiasm at the end of your way you get it and despite your fears and weaknesses always there is something inside you that helps you to overcome all that prevents you to improve but nothing could be perfect if you don’t have people who are in your side supporting you and encouraging you to improve yourself every day.

  7. Estefanía Guanche

    This film is directed by Tom Hooper and it’s about a drama story. The actors who play it are Colin Firth (King George VI of England), Helena Bonham Carter (Isabel Bowes-Lyon) and Geoffrey Rush (Lionel Logue).
    The King George VI is stammerer and he has to give a speech, because of his father’s death. He can’t do it, because of his problem. His wife takes him to a therapist, to help him to pass it. At the end of the film, he can give the speech, on the radio, thanks to his therapist, his wife and all the people who supported him.
    Of my point of view, I don’t like it very much, as I don’t like the kinds of films that their ends are obvious (at the beginning, I knew that The King was going to give the speech). Also, the effort he did it was very hard (he had to learn speaking without stammering).
    I recommend the film to the people who love historic films.

  8. Alvaro Medina 1ºA Bach.

    Comment about the movie: “The King’s speech”.

    In my opinion, this movie is a great film due to show the problems that the king, George VI, had to reign because of his stutter.
    In adition, is an exciting film because it show as the king is helped for he can give a speech without stutter.

    Therefore, and because of the history films is possible learn very things, is a film that I recommend to other people.

    In conclusion, this film is dign of it name because is a good tool for learning culture and for learning languages due to the fact that simplicity speech.


    The King’s Speech is a dramatic and historical film from The United Kingdom. Directed by Tom Hooper. This film is about the George V’s second son, George VI, who is stammer. At the beginning of the film, he appears stammering during a speech. Throughout the film, we can see how he loses his hope towards himself, because now, his dad has died, and he is the only one who can replace him as a king. But… there is a problem. He is stammer, and he cannot speak in public. His wife, Isabel, convince him to go to a speech therapist, Lionel Logue, who lives in London. Logue is so friendly and he doesn’t talk to him as a king, if not as a friend. That makes the king uncomfortable, because he thinks Logue is not a professional, and also that he won’t be able to help him. After a long effort to help him, Logue and George give the important speech due to the declaration of war from Germany, listened by million people from the UK. It was a success.
    I think this film is so amazing because it shows us not to give up. Sometimes we feel like throw in the towel because our goal seems unachievable, but then, we must to remember some things like:
    If we give up so soon, maybe, someday in the future we will regret.
    Moreover you should know that there are people who did it before, so, why it should be impossible to you?
    On the one hand, we can help people who have the same problem as us. If we can do it, we will motivate them 😀
    On the other hand, there is always a way to do something. Our will power has the power to get whatever you propose yourself.
    It was easy to understand it because I am used to watch series in original version. And yes, I think it can help us to learn a foreign language, or at least to understand it. Mainly because if you watch a movie in its original version you can learn a lot of new vocabulary and expressions.

  10. Haridian González

    The King’s Speech is a British historical drama film directed by Tom Hooper. The film is based on  a real life story of a Jorge VI, and was filmed in London . The movie is starred by:
    Colin Firth as Bertie, Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue , Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Isabel, Guy Pearce as King Edward VIII, Jennifer Ehle as Myrtle Logue, Timothy Spall as Winston Churchill, and Anthony Andrews as Stanley Baldwin.
    After the death of his father The King George V and the abdication of Prince Edward VII , Bertie with a problem in the speech , suddenly ascends to the throne as George VI of England. His country is near of being in war and people needs a lider , so his wife Elizabeth, the future Queen, puts he in contact with a speech therapist called Lionel Logue.
    Although initially they had several fights, finally, they have a good time with an unconventional therapy that will lead them to establish a very beautifull bond. At the end, Bertie get over his problem and gives a speech by the radio.
    In my opinion the plot is absolutely touching, is an example that how if you want something, you can get it, only if you fight. The film teaches us things about stuttering, for example that stuttering may be caused by a terrifying incident such as being forced to change from being left handed to right handedness, I don’t kwnot it.
    The cast is excellent, Colin Firth has made a very difficult character and despite of that, he did it very good. The costumes and the atmosphere of the movie are very well , it makes you feel in the past.
    I thought that I would get bored because it was a historical movie but not, I recommend this movie, because you learn things and also you laugh.

  11. Aitor Monje Castellano

    “The King’s Speech”:

    In my opinion this film is very interesting. I liked this film because it tells the story of how King George VI could beat his stuttering to give a speech and be the king. In my opinion. Also the film comes to seem in another century thanks to its good scenes. The film also seems many objects from the era. It makes the film more real. In conclusion, I would like everyone to see this movie. Because this movie shows how you can overcome your problems if you propose do.

  12. Erika Gonzalez

    The film “The king´s speech” is starring by Colin Firth like the new king, Geofrey Rush like his “doctor”, Helena Bonham CArter like the wife of the king and Guy Pearce like the brother. It was directed by Tom Hooper. This is a historical film
    The filmtalks about the time after the start of a war when the United Kingdom needs a King. After the death of his father and the abdication of his brother Bertie must to be the king and here start the adventure to don´t stammer. Bertie with the help of a “doctor” try to stop to stammer, this is very important because Bertie will have to talk on public and he doesm´t want to be the stammer king.
    In my opinion the actor who starring to winston Churchill should to be who starring the same character on the serie “Doctor Who”.
    Iwill recommend this film it´s to beautiful and really funny.

  13. The King’s speech is the title of one dramatic and historic film recorded by the great director, Tom Hooper. It was shot in London and its vicinities, where the real story happened, and played by different recognized actors such as:
    -Colin Firth as the protagonist: King George VI of England
    -Helena Bonham Carter as his wife: Isabel Bowes-Lyon
    -Geoffrey Rush as his speech therapist: Lionel Logue

    After the death of his father and the abdication of his old brother; Bertie, always affected by a harrowing stutter, suddenly ascends to the throne as George VI of England. His country is on the brink of war and it desperately needs a leader, so his wife Elizabeth puts him in contact with an eccentric speech therapist named Lionel Logue. At the beginning the King didn’t want to work with him, however and finally, the two were immersed in an unorthodox therapy which will lead them to establish an unbreakable bond. With the support of his close people, the King overcomes his condition. Finally, he gives a speech on the radio which inspires people and unites them in battle.

    In my opinion, it’s a great film. Colin Firth’s performance is very difficult, however he represents a stutterer with relative ease, or so it seems. Thus we see the greatness of the actor to bring his character to life, almost reincarnating the own King. The picture quality is high, as in almost all current movies. When recording directly to someone, the background diffuses to highlight the foreground. Besides, its atmosphere leads to the historic moment. The artwork is complete with a soundtrack that shows the feeling of King George VI: Initially, it begins with gentle piano notes and the intensity increases until finishing in a symphony orchestra which exemplifies the inner transformation of the protagonist.

    In conclusion, I’d like to recommend this film to everyone. The film highlights the physical and emotional impact that stammering can have on a person. I felt like I was transported into King George VI‘s world, able to feel his every emotion and understand the pressure and fears that he faced. It was the relationships King George VI had, what pulled him through and gave him strength. In my opinion this film also shows the importance of having support. Above all when we have a problem and we don’t know what to do, when we are scared. That’s why I think this film is so powerful.

  14. The King’s Speech is a British film directed by Tom Hooper.
    It is a film that belongs to the dramatic and historic style.
    The movie is filmed in London, using different parts of this great place, like Buckingham Palace.
    The story of this film is based on a true story, a true story of overcoming.
    The story begins when the King George VI receives this charge, but has a problem, he is stammerer. He looks for all possible means to treat his problem.
    Lionel Logue helps him, he becomes a very important person to him, becomes his friend. Finally, the king can speak in public and he gains the respect of the town and he feel proud of himself.
    In this film , there are different characters but the most important are the king George VI , his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and Lionel Logue, the two people who support him forever.
    The author uses different types of effects and scenarios to represent the age.
    In my opinion, he makes very good use of space and tools. We can see some old instruments of the age.
    From my point of view ,I think it’s a very good movie, not only because of the wonderful places that use it; it teaches us many things, one of which is that we can get what we want and we can demonstrate that different people also are important.
    In conclusion, this movie is beautiful film that has won many awards. It is a very interesting film that everyone can see.
    Don’t miss it! 

  15. The King’s Speech is a film directed by Tom Hooper and recorded in England. It’s based on an story in which the king George VI has to overcome his stammer and he goes to Lionel Logue’s clinic to learn how he can speak as a normal person in front of a public. Lionel and George gets a great friendship in which George also, ask for help to know what he has to do in his family’s troubles.
    Finally, he gets overcome his stammer and he gets to make a speech in the radio about the declaration of the war in Germany.
    The main character of the films are George VI, his brother king Edward VIII, his friend and doctor Lionel Logue and his wife Isabel Bowes- Lyon. Probably, apart form Logue, his wife is the person who most support him because she is always helping him.
    The film is always accompanied with classical music and a great stage made by elemenst of 1930. In my opinion, the film gets to seem that is on another century because the workers had to transform a current street in a street from England one century ago and they got it successfully.
    In the film there also appears typical things of that period as a turntable, sofas with classical sprints and even the clothes of the characters was the typical clothes of 1930.
    Well, I really liked the film because the person who start writing it, David Seidler, was stammer too and I think he wanted to write his feelings reflecting of George, that’s why it seems a real and emotional story. In some part of the films you can get impressed by the expressions actors use because they really seem angry or sad. Once you start watching it you start taking part of the film too.

  16. Cristian Francisco Fariña Melián

    Review of the movie “The king´s speech”:
    My opinion about this movie is good. I don´t usually like this type of films, but this film has liked me because it tells us the story of how the king George VI could beat his stammer to be able to say a speech and to be the king. Also the movie shows us the historical moment that the United Kingdom was living and a very important part of the history of England. I think that the characters are good and the storyline is very nice too.
    Finally, I think that watching films in the original version is good to learn a language.


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