International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The United Nations designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and invited governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities designed to raise public awareness of the problem on that day.
Women’s activists have marked 25 November as a day against violence since 1981. This date came from the brutal assassination in 1960, of the three Mirabal sisters, political activists in the Dominican Republic.

  • Watch this video including a message from the Spanish actor Antonio banderas:


  • Why this International Day? Have a look at this information according to The United Nations: here.
  • Do you think it’s necessary to celebrate this international day? Give reasons. Leave a comment.

10 Respuestas a “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

  1. I like this video because, first of all is spanish speaker, then is Anotnio Banderas and I like he and what is so importan it´s the reason because of the video it is do, the abuse to woman, both as physically, psichologically, etc.
    I like what he said: “This woman are our sister, and our daughter and our mothers”, I think is exactly that, if you think it´s not important because are someone that you don´t know, you aren´t right because, if can ocurr with this persons can ocurr with your family and in this case for you is important.
    So the people must be aware with this situation anda the man especially because they aren´t better than a woman, and we can´t abuse of our strength because that it isn´t be a man.
    “If you see something, do something”, never doubt because if you doubt perhaps then maybe too late.

  2. Wow, I really like the video, it’s so impressive and I agree with all that Antonio Banderas says.
    Any kind of violence against a person is something inconceivable.
    Violence doesn’t solve problems, VIOLENCE CREATES PROBLEMS.
    It’s very sad that about 60% of women around the world have suffered abuses from people of the opposite sex. It makes me very angry, above all when women don’t say it, because in this way, we can’t help them and we can’t do justice.
    They say that tell it is the most difficult step, but I would like to encourage all victims of gender-based violence to say what they are suffering.
    This way we will be able to help them, help them to stop suffering.

  3. I really enjoyed the video. Despite the magnitude of gender-based violence in the family and the frequency with which women are murdered by their partners, people are not enough conscious of the gravity of the situation. Antonio Banderas, being a recognized actor, speaks not only for women but for society about gender violence. Every year, many women suffer this type of violence, from messages with insults to aggressions even to death. Violence of any kind: verbal, physical … should not exist. Violence is inhumane, leaving victims in appalling conditions and carrying even death. In my opinion there is no whys nor excuses for violence, and who does it, has lost his reason and empathy.

    I could spend all day saying negative things about it, but I prefer to explain their consequences to make people aware. If one person reads this, understands it and tries to change it, it will be worth it. Because that’s the point. We know the real situation, the consequences that entails. We only need to activate the “Jiminy Cricket”, the awareness, to seek the change. And to do this, it is best not silence, screaming justice.

    Men, we are all equal, you don’t have the right to hit anyone, whether woman, man, child, elderly, black, white. ANYONE

    Women, silence is useless, whispering, talking, shouting, try to say something. No one deserves to suffer. DO NOT SUFFER.

    Society, as Albert Einstein said, “Life is very dangerous. Not by the people who do evil, but by those who sit to see what happens.” DO NOT STAY SILENT.

    As Antonio Bandera said: “If you see something, do something”

  4. Currently, sixty women of each hundred are intimidated or suffer abuses sexual and maltreatment for part their couples lengthwise their life. The half of these abused women are fewer of sixteen years old.

    Each year, two million women are trafficked for her subsequent prostitution. The victims tend to be young women because they are more vulnerable.

    The gender violence wouldn´t must produce in no country, and, above everything, in a developed country. Because of this reality who suffer millions of women, the people have to do campaigns and announcements against the violence, impart lessons of personal defence to women, give class for men for that they don´t intimidate or hit to women and give lessons for pupils, as form of prevention and education.

    This violence of gender must finish now; can’t permit that the men beat up nor bully to women.

  5. The violence is horrible, especially violence against women.
    They are very vulnerable and they suffer a lot of violence.
    Not only physical violence if no psychological violence that it affect a lot of the people life.
    We need to know that both women and men are important in life. Women gives us life and they deserves to live with dignity.
    violence against women occurs when men feel superior to women. The man wants to have the control and a way to get it is abusing the woman. Most cases of violence occurring in the family especially between couples.
    I think that even if you want a lot a person, no one has the right to hurt you.
    I think to prevent violence women shouldn´t keep silent so long . Women are often afraid.
    International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrated to report what the violence against women produce in the society and they should finish with this violence.We are all same and all have same rights.
    Women who experience violence don’t realize.There are expert in helping women who suffer violence but they can also ask for help from a family member.

    Antonio Banderas have right in everything he says in the video. I think we should use this things to reduce the violence..

  6. Haridian González

    The days before and after on November 25 there are many people talking about gender violence, and organizing many manifestations to end this problem.
    But, what happens after this date?
    I’m agree that there is a day against gender violence, because this remember so many people have died because of this and maybe we can raise awareness about the harm it produces.
    But one day is not enough, we must fight it day after day.We will not solve this problem if we only think of the suffering of the victims on November 25.


    Of course, I think it’s important to celebrate this day , because there are a lot of women , in specific the 60 %,they have been battered in their life . this type of violence is in our present , not only physic , also psychologist ,directly or indirectly ; for instance , most advertisement about
    cleaning product , the woman always appear ; another advertisement is when in the TV announces toys’ cars always appear boy children , believe or not all the society are influence of stereotypes indirectly , and this is another kind of violence.
    Besides there are a lot of kind of violence but now I want to talk about the violence by the mobile phones .
    Some teenager use the phone to bullying to other people, even the girls to another girls . The worst of the situation is, there are people who see this kind of action and they don’t do anything.
    From my point of view, it’s occurs when the women have a low self esteem .I think it can be resolve if all of us contribute

  8. “If you see something, do something” I really liked this video because Antonio Bandera tries to open our mind,I think we all have to think “those women are our sister, our mother, our grandmother”. I think we are aware of the situation but none doesn’t do anything and I can’t understand why.
    In my opinion, celebrating that day it’s a good method to remember how they women are feeling. But I also think that 25th of November is every day because violence won’t stop due to a celebration but it would stop if we were fighting against violence each day. One day isn’t anything according to the life of each victim.
    I know one person can’t stop the violence but I would like to give an advice to those women who are victim of violence and it’s based on:” If you are feeling low with the man you are or you love, you will realize that it isn’t a real relationship because a relationship is based on happiness of both. So, if you are feeling low, the best thing you can do is look for someone who really loves you and cares you. Don’t wait more. It would be late to end it. You don’t really know how each person is. And please, don’t keep it to yourself, people can help you”
    The first step is yours. Victims have the solution in their hands because I’m sure if every women told her situation, She would be feel accompained and she would end it by herself.
    If we want, we can. It’s only to put effort.
    Finally, I would like to say that for me, women who have be able to tell it and end it, are my heroines. And they would be the guides of those women who don’t want to tell anything.

  9. Estefanía Guanche

    In my opinion, this kind of violence MUST STOP, as women don’t have done anything to be hit by men. I think it’s a cowardice act, as a man has to hit a woman to feel good!!! IT ISN’T HUMAN!!!!
    I don’t know how a men can do that. I think all men who do it must be in a madhouse, as they are crazy!!

  10. Cristian Francisco Fariña Melián

    I think it´s good to celebrate this day because it is a symbol for the victims and I think that this day will help to fight against the domestic violence and the mistreatment, but I think that if we don´t help this, this day will be useless.


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