Homeschooling is the education of children at home, normally by parents or tutors. This option has advantages but also disadvantages. Once we’ve talked about this topic in class, look at this video in which a man explains its benefits. Then, you may leave a comment: would you like to be taught at home? or would you like to teach your children at home?


58 Respuestas a “Homeschooling

  1. Estefania Exposito

    I wouldn’t like to be taught at home. I think it’s a good system if you want to be prepared academycally because you will receive more attention and you could lear more because it isn’t good system if you also want to learn to work in group, to be sociable, find solutions to your own problems…
    You won’t perepared in life.
    Also I think this system is for parents who are too protective with their sons.
    I couldn’t learn if I know my parents are in the same place with me and they are watching what I am doing , I would be very angry with them because I couldn’t be independent!

  2. Melina Bidart 1º A :D

    In my opinion I think home schooling is a good way to learn for those who are sick or live far from school, I think they have their advantages and disadvantages, because when you study at home you don’t know as many people as in the institute,
    I wouldn’t like to study at home because I like spend time with my school friends cause with them I laugh a lot and I can tell them my problems, but I also think that if I would study at home i could spend more time with my family. 😀

    other thing i like to homeschooling is that I would be much more concentrated on my studies and would get better grades because teacher would be constantly helping me
    with things I understand less however in high school there are many pupils and teachers don’tt always have time to help us. in homeschooling we can choose the timetable and theachers and that’s very good, so… I think they are two good ways to learn but I’m staying with my high school santa ana which is where all my friends and it’s the place where i spend a great time.

  3. Alejandro Cruz García 1º Bach A

    Homeschooling is a very delicate system of education in my opinion.
    I think sincerely that isn’t a good way of learning, because many important values are excluded, for example, as know work in team, confront the problems in the real life, also the people that studies at home will not be able to relate and meet to people your age and the life that they have can be very boring.
    It’s true, it has its advantages but very few and if we look closely we see that cause problems over time. For example: is true, that you have a lot more free time, but this it will create bad habits as a lack of work habits, is also true that you can have a higher academic level but is useless if you do not know to practice with the people, and also has a great economic advantage but to hire a particular teacher who will ensure that you are learning with him, the what you need.
    For me, homeschooling has many more disadvantaged than advantages, although others may like it and choose this type of education.

  4. Celeste 1º Bach A

    I think this is another way to study, another type of learning. Honestly, I’d like to try. It would be something like nobility. Home schooling -^^- But, the only problem is that we wouldn’t have the same sociable life that we.

  5. Meritxell Triviño vera

    Hi,In my opinion, I do not agree with learning at home for various reasons, if you’re not classmates, you can not compete with them to try to excel academically, not develop the social life that is normally created in schools and I think that hurts you in the future social relations.
    But I see well what to learn at home if such necessity if you have an illness that prevents going to school and we all know that studying is a right and an obligation.
    This is my opinion about people who learn at home but I would not change having a teacher at home for all the friends and the good things that have a high school.

  6. Tomas Barroso von Guggenberg

    Homeschooling nowadays can be a great opportunity for families who can’t share enough time together as this gives the possibility to learn at home and to concentrate better than at school. It is proofed that the academic results are higher than in the traditional school system, but I think in Spain it could be very difficult to introduce homeschooling as a generalized system.

  7. Tamara Alonso León.1B Bachto.

    On one hand I think that homeschooling is good because the teacher pays attention only on your homework and explain you better, but in the second hand of homeschooling is a bit boring because the class is more fun learn with your classmates.

  8. Daniel Khabbaz González 1º Bach. B

    First of all, I would say that homeschooling is a very important decision that parents take for their children. It will condition the whole life of their kids. We must see that homeschooling doesn’t allow a complete socialization which children need. A kid has to get related with other kids. Therefore, a child who is got used to stay at home the whole day, in the future he will feel very awkward (for example, when he gets into university) because he didn´t have any kind of these relationships in his childhood. I mean this is a very important and wonderful stage in children’s lifes and parents who homeschool are being selfish with their children.

  9. Flavio Correa Alfaro

    im not sure about which one is the best.. Both are good in some aspects ..
    I think home schooling is ok because teacher will only teach you, so you will learn more, easier and better way..Also you wont get shy to do some projects because you are the only one student on there.
    maybe the worse thing is that you wont have classmates.., you wont be able to talk to other, so on.
    I really prefer to go to school, althought sometimes i’d like to stay at bed till later.

  10. Jesaid Rojas 1ºBach.C

    I think homeschooling is a good idea because you can have a teacher only for you. You will not getting distraed, you can have a best relation with your parents. However, if I study in homeschooling can’t have classmates and meet people in the high school. 😀

  11. Rocío Jara Rodríguez 1º BACH C

    In my opinion, homeschooling it´s a great option to learn or study without go to school for people with problems of healthy or other problems and It has a lot of advantages like you can sleep more, you have all the atention of the teacher and you can eat something when you want. But I prefer go to school for meet other people and don´t feel alone because if you study at home, later will be a person with problems to have friends.

  12. Raúl Javier Yanes Adrián 1º Bach. B

    I think home schooling is good because you learn much more, but you can´t see and talk to more people and so never grow as a person
    PD: I prefer to study at the institute

  13. Joel díaz Gómez 1 BACH B

    I think home school is good because you do not have to get up early and also learn more. I do not like to study at home because it would meet my friends and I would take him seriously. Study in a school is a fun way to learn.

  14. I think homeschooling is a great way of learn, because is easier to learn something when you have a teacher just for you, and because yo have no distractions and you have more freedom to organize your study time. Another advantage is you can wake up as late as you want and this is all students’ dream jaja.
    In the other hand, go to school is better because you meet with your friends, you’re not alone studying, and you can get more fun. Also, going to school you learn more than just any knowledge of any subject, you learn how to behave in a group.
    Definitively, if we just think in learn, I think is better homeschooling but I prefer go to school because, although you maybe learn a little bit less, you learn how to be a person.

  15. Alejandro Gil Hernández

    This kind of study is interesting but You can’t be with your friends in class enought. That’s really boring.

  16. On the one hand, I would like have a homeschooling because I think a concentration would be greather, also I spend more time with my family.
    On the other hand, I wouldn’t like have a homeschooling because I wouldn’t have a social relationship. Another disadvantaged is the work schedule of my parents, they would have to adapt.
    In case of use the method of homeschooling, there would be any kind of bullying.
    Ultimately, I prefer the regular education.

  17. Omar Delgado ... 1º Bach. B

    I think homeschooling has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, is good because you save money on registration at school, work harder and better, and more. But it’s bad because you have no social relationship or because your parents watching you and that intimidating. I much prefer studying in a school.

  18. I think home schooling is good because you can learn more in less time.
    It also has some bad things, do not have anyone to talk to and can make classes boring.
    This is my opinion.

  19. Kevin Castro 1º Bach A

    I think, the homeschooling has many benefits, the teacher can pay more attention to student, the children would be quieter, the class’s level would adapt to the children’s academic level, the children have more liberty for the class time but also the homeschooling has more disadvantages, the children could meet others children the same age, so this the children become more shy and insecure, the children haven’t more friend because they could meet any people, in the school or high school the children has different teacher, different ways of teaching, and the classmates are helping to the other children who have problem.
    Ultimately, I prefer the school before the home schooling.

  20. Yamary López Crepo 1 bach A

    I think home schooling on the one hand is good because you feel more comfortable, do not spend a same if you say something this bad, but I like to study in class because you make friends, learn things we could not learnt at home course and you travel with your friends and teacher

  21. Samuel Martínez Amaral 1º Bch B

    I think that homeschooling is a doubtful method. On the one hand, you can learn more because you are alone and you have got a personal teacher, but on the other hand, you haven’t got social relationship because you are not going to school with clasmmates. You won’t see your friends every day. The homeschooling has got many advantages as disadvantages.

  22. Laura Arizmendi 1ºA

    I do not like this type of education, because it allows the relationship with classmates and have to be very willing to not distract and you need to have time with your parents to teach. It’s more comfortable, but boring

  23. In my opinion, I think if I study in my house, I can concentrate more and I have to get up so early. In addition, the teacher worry more for me. However, if I study alone can not have friends.

  24. Alejo Daniel Medina Gallardo 1ºBachillerato A.

    I think home schooling is good,because to have a hours more flexible,it was can study the that most you like,to do the life most easy to your parents,but also is bad because it was to prevent the social life by the children and to prevent values fundamentals.

  25. Álvaro López 1ºA

    i think home schooling is good, because you learn faster and is easier for the childrens. But i don´t like it because i like talk with my classmates and is boring be alone

  26. ander santiago perez

    I think this is great because you can study at home and it has some advantages such as sleeping more, you can eat things you want, you can choose the teacher but it also has some disadvantages such as not being with more people, you can not meet your best friends … When I compare the advantages and disadvantages honestly I I keep the school because if not for school I had never met my best friends.

  27. Natacha Méndez 1ºA

    Well I think that to study in each place have their advantages and disadvantages, but I prefer to study at the school. If you study at home you’ll be able to have your own teacher and you’ll be able to pay more attention. You can decide when or at what time to have classes, so you can sleep more time. I think you also have more freedom because if you’re hungry you can eat, you can go to the toilet when you need it and you can decide the day of the exam. However, I prefer to go to school because you can meet people of your same age or different, so you can have a lot of friends. If you study at home it’s very probably you don’t have many friends because you spend much time alone and it would be more difficult to meet people. You can share experiences, opinions or just talk with your friends. When you don’t understand something, you can ask or ask for help from your classmates.
    I think both are good ways to learn but each person should choose what they prefer.

  28. Adan de la Rosa Lugo 1º Bach B

    In my opinion the advantages of homeschooling are economically, not only save money in transport but also in the registration of the school.You don’t going to be stressed because are more flexibility in the timetable. On the other hand the disadvantages of homeschooling are in the teachers. I think the parent can’t be objectives.

  29. Helena Martín, 1ºA

    It’s true that homeschooling has lots of advantages, of which we’ve also spoken in class, but also has clear disadvantages to which perhaps people don’t give much importance.
    On the one hand, if you study at home, you can rest assured that you’re going to have all your teacher’s attention and you won’t be ambarrassed to ask whatever you want. You can also take the time you need to understand each lesson and you can bring your own working pace. We can say that, learning at home, you’d have more freedom. In this way, you make sure to get good grades.
    But there are things that the homeschooling doesn’t give you, but you also need in your life. Going to school gives you the opportunity to meet people, being with your friends and learn from them and also from your different teachers. It teaches you how to work in group, to respect to the other people and learn from the different opinions.
    There are things you can’t learn alone at home with your parents. You must learn to live in society, to live and learn from it. And for that, going to school is the best option, at least, for me.

  30. Lara Pérez 1ºBACH B

    i think that home schooling is more difficult because in the school your friends can help with the homework and if you have doubts with a exam, they can study with you and solve the problems.
    Also you know new people with you can do friendship.

  31. Mónica Hinojosa Barbuzano 1ºA Bach

    I don’t like to study at home because I wouldn’t see my friends, wouldn’t have social life, my parents would be watching more and teaching would be boring.
    I wouldn’t be in my house without leave, that’s my opinion.

  32. Borja González Palmero 1ºBach A

    I think home schooling is a good method to learn and very confortable.But I dont like home schooling because for me is very difficult to concentrate,and I cant see my friends.You have a teacher for only you with this method,and you can stay at home.This method is very good but I dont like it.

  33. Laura Conde 1 Bach C

    I’m used to going to school, seeing my friends, many teachers and have a routine around people. I would find it very boring to my study at home alone but it obviously has its benefits.

  34. Andrea Pérez Quintana 1ºB Bachiller

    In my opinion homeschooling is better because you don’t move out your house, the teacher only pays attention to you, probably you take better marks and you have got a flexibility of schedule. But sometimes you can feel alone, because you haven’t got mates to study.

  35. Klara Hemmerich

    Homeschooling’s got a lot of benefits, some of them are explained in th video, to which you could maybe add that you’d learn way more in one lesson as you’ve got your teachers complete attention, you’d be able to decide how many time you spend on a topic considering on how difficult it is for you, so classes would never be boring, neither so fast you don’t understand half of the things the teachers saying. That sounds pretty good, but I, however, wouldn’t like to be thaught at home or teach my kids at home, because I personally think that learning and getting good marks isn’t the only thing we go to school for. At school you also learn that things will sometimes go faster or slower than you’d like them to, you’ll have to make compromises, you’ll have to work in groups and make things, you’ll have to respect other people’s opinions. So, if I was just interested in getting the highest possible marks, I should totally stick to homeschooling, but, to be also socially prepared I’d much rather prefer to go to school!

  36. Corina Díaz Rivero 1ºC

    To my opinion the homeschooling is a great idea, because you have to leave home for school but a teacher comes to your house. Another advantage is that you have the teacher all to yourself and learn more. Also your parents see as you learn and know how in the subjects.

  37. david aretaga 1ºb-bach

    Well,….in my opinion if you study at home you can get better marks because you stay alone also the advantage is that the teacher is only for you however, you have the problem of being social for the people and that may include not having friends.

  38. javier herrero alonso 1º bach B

    I think study at home is a good idea, and it has more advanteges like you have a teacher only for you,you can make better marks… But I prefer study at school because you met people and study with your classmates.if you study at home you don’t know the opinion the other people about the lesson.and In the school you can enjoy.

  39. Barbara 1º Bach B

    for my home schooling is good but I don’t want for me because I like being with my friends and help us.
    It’s a better education for all where you have more freedom and the teacher is only you, is a better education.

  40. I think home schooling has its good and its bad side, the good part is you would learn more and get better results because you have a teacher just for you and the explanations would be better, but honestly I prefer to study at a school or highschool it’s better because you meet more people, you need to relate to and work in group.

  41. Kristian Martinez 1ºBach B

    I think home schooling its very difficult because learn alone, for me, that´s a big disadvantage, while the teacher teachs only for you, its very good. I prefer study in the school because I ask for help with pupils or teacher if I don´t understand any something.

  42. ERIKA 1 º Bachto

    I think that the homeschooling is very good. for example if you are in the English`s class you aren´t studiying english all the time because you always are talking with other pupils and you aren`t learning english very well.
    On the other hand, if you study in your home you don´t have some mate whom you can to talk and, only you can study english , even if you study english in your home you will be more time with your family and maybe they can to help you in the homework, futhermore of this way they can to learn things about the subject which you are studiying.
    In my opinion, i think that the homeschooling is good, but I would prefer to study in a public or private school.

  43. Alejo Daniel Medina Gallardo

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I think home schooling is good because you can study in a more flexible schedules, go to the learning pace of each person, to study more what you like, but the main problem is that they would learn to live, ie related with other young adoslecentes (of the same age or similar), which is what promotes CooperAcción and shape values ​​in the person.

  44. Miriam Díaz 1º A

    I think homeschooling its great idea because you have a teacher only for you, you dont distract and you study in home, so you can see parents.But I prefer go to school because meet a people and its fun.

  45. Yolanda Díaz 1ºBach B

    I think home schooling is a good idea, you can study in your home and the teacher is your father or mother.
    You can learn more easily, the teacher is only for you, and you can go to the class in the morning or in the afternoon.
    But if my parents want to study at home, I think it would be very difficult for me because I prefer to go to school, and learn with all my friends.
    The person that decide study in your home is a person with luck and the persons that go to the school too.

  46. Yohana Díaz Hernández 1ºC

    It´s a good idea because you have a teacher only for you, it more confortable and you can have more time with exit. But its more fun go to the high school, we haven´t would many friends.

  47. Andrea Díaz García 1º Bach A

    Well, I think homeschooling is good, but I personally wouldn’t like to be taught at home. This can have benefits, but for me there are more disadvantages than advantages. Even so, homeschooling is a good way for the children who have any illness because in this way they can learn things like the other children. Apart from this, homeschooling is good for those parents who think that it can offer a better education than a public school.
    If someone is taught at home, he doesn’t have to worry about wasting time in transport, so he can decide his own timetable and lessons.
    In addition, you have a teacher to yourself, so he can resolve your doubts and questions.
    However, this also has disadvantages because you don’t have friends or classmates. Furthermore if you go to the school you have new experiences and learn much more than at home.
    For all these reasons, I wouldn’t like to be taught at home.

  48. jennifer García Luis 1ºBach, B

    In my opinion, study at home has its advantages and disadvantages, on one side if you study at home things you learn best, i wouldn’t be embarrassed to ask something if I don’t understand it, And on the other hand to study in school this one well for that you know people you are more with your friends. So I don’t know if I would like to be taught at home,for now i prefer to study at school.

  49. I think that homeschooling is a good idea for learn and study because you have a teacher only for you, and you can study at home, it is more comfortable. But in my opinion, I prefer go to the school because I can meet people, relate with more people and so is a fun way to learn.

  50. Adrián 1º bachB

    In my opinion study at home is better for your marks in the future because you stay alone and the teacher is only for you, you can practice more and your parent are sure you are learning; but by the other hand you have the problem of the sociality; you don´t have classmates, and you can´t study in group or make group exhibitions.
    In my opinion I wouldn´t like homeschooling for me bacause will be very bored

  51. Airam Segura Cigala

    in my opinion I wouldn’t like to be taught at home. Even if there are a lot of advantages I’d prefer to be at school and learn together with more people, not alone at home. And I wouldn’t teach my kids at home as in school, I think the worst thing that could happen a child is to grow without friends and social life. I may teach him basic things that he wouldn’t learn at school, such as to walk or talk.

  52. Nerea Díaz Pérez

    I think it is better to study in school because we know people, have fun with them.. and well I think home schooling is best for people who can not go to a school because they live far away .. is also better to study at home and you’re alone but my opinion is that it is better in school.

  53. Daniel Pérez Rodríguez

    It´s ok because we learn differents ways to study but I don´t like homeschooling because is very difficult to learn at home alone.

  54. Alejandro Glez. Alonso

    I think homeschooling is good, but i think that study in a public school, private school or entered school because you can make many friends with whom you can share opinions, studying for an exam, lots of laughts, etc.
    But homeschooling has some adventages as not having to get up for school, rest when you want….

  55. Andrea Sophía Sánchez 1ºBach B.

    Well, on the one hand I think I’d like to be taught at home because first I would pay more attention at every lesson, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to ask something if I don’t understand it, and I would have more time to do my homework and to study for every exam. I also think that I would have better grades and each lesson would last less. But on the other hand I wouldn’t have classmates, I wouldn’t see my friends every day and sometimes I think I would feel alone. So I don’t know if I would like to be taught at home or if I’d teach my children at home. I would like them to have classmates and go to school as I have been doing until now.

  56. Moisés Pérez Mora

    I think home schooling is a good idea, but I never trade it for the study at school because I alway have studied in a school and I think it´s better because you make a lot of friends and you meet people also if you study at home you don´t having fun like in the school. I also think home schooling is better for the people who doesn´t can go to the school for health problems and for the children who don´t spend the time with parents, however, study at school is the best idea 🙂

  57. Patrick de Souza

    I think It’s great because you can learn at home and you don’t spend time on go to school but you can’t go with your friends to school and get jokes with them.
    That’s have a lot of pros or cons but it depends of the person.


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